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Simmons Mattress Videos

The following video shows the simmons beautyrest commercial with the bowling ball. It is useful to some degree as it shows (in a marketing way) the pocketed spring concept. 

The video below provides a great overview of the Simmons Natural Care Mattress. It is hosted by the Environmental lifestyle expert Danny SEO and it is fairly short and to the point, discussing items like the natural rubber used in the mattress and the wood from managed and sustainable forests. 

Sleep to Live Mattress Videos

This is a short video and it is a commercial, but it does allow you to see what the Sleep to Live diagnostic system looks like and to a small extent what it does.

Bedding Foams Explained

A good video buy a retail outlet in Nebraska. Due to all the marketing noise in the mattress market it is sometimes difficult to fully understand what is what. In this video the basics of foams used in mattresses are explained. Worth a watch.

Mattress Coils Explained

A good video buy a retail outlet in Nebraska. Some basics about the different kinds of "spring" mattresses on the market.

Videos on getting rid of bedbugs

The video below provides a great way to check if bedbugs or other critters are making a meal out of you at night.

This video talks about how to buy the best and safest bedbug powder/solution and then how to use it. This is a well-done video and will likely prove quite helpful if you are in the market for bedbug powder.

The following video shows how an individual used bedbug powder to get rid of his bedbug problem. This is an amateur video but it may be helpful if you are facing this kind of problem. He also indicates that he used a specific powder - it can be found here.

Better Sleep Council provides tips on buying a mattress and creating a good sleeping environment

The Better Sleep Council provides information on finding the best bed

The Better Sleep Council provides guidelines for a great sleep environment

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