Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed Review

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Lucid L300
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The Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed receives very high grades from consumers.  As a matter of fact, if we average the consumer ratings we found, the score would be 94/100.  Owners are very pleased with the easy setup, the built-in USB ports, the quiet operation, and the reasonable price.  In addition, the bed is reported to ease some aches and pains (like back or joint pain).  Lucid customer service is also good and their customer service reps are attentive – no small thing these days.  However, the L300 does not have the “wall hugger” feature, and you will need a couple of people to move it (it is a little on the heavy side).
Consumer Ratings
We found owner ratings on a few websites (see table below).  These are some of the best ratings we’ve seen for an adjustable bed, and most owners appear to be very happy with their purchase.
Source Consumer Rating # Ratings
Amazon.com 4.7 stars out of 5 327
Amazon.ca 4.6 stars out of 5 13
Walmart 5 stars out of 5 16
What Are Owners Saying?
A thorough review of the many owner comments has yielded the following pros and cons:
- Very easy to assemble
- Remote control is simple
- Flashlight on remote is handy
- USB ports are a great feature
- Moves quietly
- Many folks report pain/ache relief
- Not too pricey
- Lucid provides good customer service
- Does not have wall hugger feature
- Not easy to move - fairly heavy
- Only 1 position memory on remote
- Leg height cannot be adjusted
- Some folks experience mattress slipping/moving
Probably the most frequent comment about this adjustable bed is how easy it is to put together.  Most folks are very pleasantly surprise that all they have to do is unfold the bed, screw on 4 legs, attach the mattress retainer rod at the base of the bed, then plug the unit into the wall.  It is very quick and easy – 5 to 10 minutes.  We’ve got a video below showing the quick setup of the L300 (bear in mind this is promotional material but it does show the basics).
Another feature that people seem to love is the flashlight built into the remote.  It is a small thing but it is surprising how many people really find it helpful when they don’t want to disturb their partner or when they need to get up at night.
The USB ports on either side of the adjustable bed on the outside rail are popular.  Some owners like to use phones, tablets, laptops, etc in bed and the ability to charge them is very handy.
There are quite a few people who report that sleeping on the Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed has reduced back pain, sciatica, hip pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, etc.  This is especially the case with folks who have back pain.  Some even report that their pain has been eliminated. 
Lucid L300 Queen
Almost everyone says that the bed moves slowly and very quietly.  There is no squeaking or loud motors.  This is particularly helpful if you are running two of these units side by side and you wish to move one.  It is sufficiently quiet that you will likely not wake your partner.
Good customer service is no small thing these days and there are multiple reports of Lucid providing very good service.  Some folks have had issues with their adjustable bed and when they called Lucid they got an actual customer service representative (not just recordings) who made every effort to solve their problem.  We’ve seen such comments as “they go above and beyond what is necessary”, “never had such amazing customer service”, “customer service representative was fabulous”.  These are very good signs – especially today when good customer service is hard to find.  They are known to be polite, to find solutions, and to address concerns quickly.  They also ship out parts if needed.
People are pleased that the remote is simple and easy to use.  There are just a few buttons and it is obvious what they do.  It’s also nice that Lucid provides the batteries for the remote.  This is another small thing but folks appreciate it.
One thing some people don’t like about the remote is that it has only 1 programmable position.  Some people have multiple favorite positions – perhaps depending on whether they are sleeping or watching TV or reading or whatever.  However, the remote will only memorize 1 position.  It would have been nice to have 2 or even 3.
This is not a lightweight adjustable bed.  When the bed is in place the weight is typically a good feature.  However, when this arrives on your doorstep it will take at least two people to move it.  And it may be difficult to get up a set of stairs. 
One should be aware that this bed does not have the wall hugger feature.  There are some complaints about this and some people wish they had known beforehand that this feature was not provided.  When the head of the bed is lifted some folks are frustrated that they can no longer easily reach or access their side table and others don’t like the gap between the bed and the wall.
Lucid L300 King
We’ve also seen a few comments (not many, but some) that the mattress slips on the bed.  We have noticed that the most prominent solution to this problem (should it occur) is to buy a mattress grip pad.  After some digging around on our part you may want to see a page showing mattress grip pads on Amazon.  They are typically not very expensive.
Finally, some owners report being frustrated that the legs on this bed cannot be adjusted.  Some people feel the bed sits too high and they would like to drop the bed down.  However, you cannot do this.  The legs are a fixed size (12 inches) and there are also two built-in legs in the middle in case you are thinking you will just find shorter legs to screw into the bed.  The built-in legs would be difficult to remove.

ASIDE - Will this work with my mattress?
The most common question we see related to the Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed is “Will this work with my mattress?”.  There are so many different kinds and sizes of mattress that there really isn’t a single answer.  This adjustable bed does indeed work with most mattresses but there are some that will not work well with this unit.  The most common and probably best answer is “Contact your mattress manufacturer and ask!”. 

About Lucid
Lucid is another online bed-in-a-box mattress company like Casper.  You cannot go to a physical Lucid mattress store – there are none.   Lucid carries a fairly wide range of mattresses and products.  They sell mattresses, bedding, bed accessories, adjustable beds, and even some foam furniture.  In terms of mattresses they offer memory foam, latex and hybrid.  According to the Lucid website they have been manufacturing mattresses since 2010.
You can contact Lucid via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact their customer service group at (888) 975-8243 (9 to 5 Mountain Standard Time – Monday to Friday).

Getting Your Adjustable Bed
You can find the L300 on the Lucid website or on Amazon.  Lucid ships anywhere in the contiguous USA.  So you will not be able to receive this Adjustable Bed if you live in Alaska or Hawaii.  Also, you cannot get white glove delivery (typically means you get a delivery crew that will carry the package to a room of your choice, unpack the product, and remove the packing material.  They will often even move the package up or down 1 set of stairs).  In this case once the package is delivered you are on your own.  The unit is a little on the heavy side for one person so some help moving it will likely be necessary. 
The L300 is shipped to your door and when unpacked you simply unfold it and assemble (as mentioned earlier assembly is very easy and quick).  Lucid state that this adjustable bed is “5 minutes from box to bed”.
It comes in Twin XL, Queen and King.  But be forewarned - King really means two Twin XL’s side by side - see image below. 
Lucid L300 dual twin XLs
Some folks have received two Twin XL’s after ordering a King and been upset.  However two Twin XL’s are easier to lift and move.  In addition, with two Twins you get two remotes so each bed can be adjusted independently or the remotes can be synchronized so the entire bed moves as one.  Be careful though – you do not want a King size mattress on 2 Twin XL bases unless you intend to synchronize the bases.  If you want independent movement you will need 2 mattresses.
The Twin XL has dimensions: 79.5 x 37.5 x 15 inches.  It weighs 118 lbs. (Twin XL shown below)
Lucid L300 Twin XL
The Queen has dimensions: 79.5 x 59.5 x 15 inches.  It weighs 144 lbs. (Queen shown below)
Lucid L300 Queen
The L300
The bed has six 12-inch legs.  Two are built-in but you must attach the other 4.  They simply screw in but they are 12 inches long and this length cannot be adjusted.  There is also a retaining bracket that attaches to the foot of the bed.  This bracket helps keep the mattress in place and prevents it from slipping or sliding when you are adjusting the bed.
Lucid L300 Assembly
The bed has two USB charging outlets on the sides which are very handy (see below).  The frame of the L300 is made from steel and polyester and is upholstered in a neutral charcoal gray color.  It has a 750 lb weight capacity.  Note that this adjustable bed does not have the wall hugger option.
Lucid L300 USB ports
Both the head and foot of the bed can be adjusted.  The head of the L300 moves from 0 degrees (flat) to 60 degrees.  The foot adjusts between 0 degrees and 45 degrees.
Lucid L300 Range of Motion
You will also receive a remote control with your L300 (comes with two 9-volt batteries).  The remote is backlit for use at night and has the following options:
- Raise Foot
- Lower Foot
- Raise Head
- Lower Head
- Memory Position (moves the bed to your pre-programmed position)
- Flat Position (returns both the foot and head of the bed to a 0 degree incline)
- Flashlight (turns on light built into front of remote)
Lucid L300 remote control

Potential Adjustable Bed Advantages
We have noticed some interesting statements in the L300 promotional materials. 
- Helps reduce snoring
- Helps relieve congestion
- May improve issues related to sleep apnea
- Good for expecting mothers (relieves swollen ankles, depressurizes lower back, good position for breast feeding)
- Good for those who suffer from back pain (provides back support)
- Improves digestion (by inclining head it reduces acid reflux)
How accurate these are is perhaps up for debate but they do show some of the potential advantages of adjustable beds in general.
Following is a quick 1-minute overview video of the L300.  Again this is essentially an advertisement but it does provide a some quick information.

The Lucid L300 carries a 10-year pro-rated warranty.  It is important to understand the difference between a pro-rated warranty and a non-prorated warranty as it can make a significant difference to your reimbursement should you run into problems down the road.  A non-prorated warranty covers the full replacement cost of the product during the full term of the warranty.  A pro-rated warranty will only cover a percentage of the cost of the product replacement, and this percentage becomes smaller as the product gets older.  We have seen many mattresses with pro-rated warranties.
Adjustable Bed / Mattress Bundles
We have found that there are options to buy the L300 with a mattress.  Available bundles include:
L300 with Lucid Twin XL 10 inch latex hybrid mattress (see price on Amazon)
L300 with Lucid Queen 10 inch latex hybrid mattress (see price on Amazon)
L300 with Lucid King 10 inch latex hybrid mattress (see price on Amazon)
L300 with Lucid Twin XL 12 inch latex hybrid mattress (see price on Amazon)
L300 with Lucid Queen 12 inch latex hybrid mattress (see price on Amazon)
L300 with Lucid King 12 inch latex hybrid mattress (see price on Amazon)
The mattresses in the above bundles all get very good consumer ratings and have individually wrapped steel coils, cooling gel memory foam, and a layer of responsive latex.  They come with a two-tone mattress cover and carry a warranty similar to that of the L300.

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