LUCID L150 Adjustable Bed Base Review

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Lucid L150
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The Lucid L150 adjustable bed base is currently very popular and is getting favorable ratings and comments from owners. And, as far as adjustable bed bases go, it is reasonably affordable. Owners like that it includes 2 remote controls, that it feels sturdy, that operation is quiet, and that it is very easy to setup (15-20 minutes and sometimes less).  It isn't perfect however and there are complaints that some things just don't work or fail after a short period of time. However, that said, there are far more pleased Lucid L150 owners than displeased.  If you are in the market for an entry level, no frills, adjustable bed base then this one is definitely worth a look...


Consumer Ratings
We found over 1700 owner ratings online - see table below. When a weighted average was applied to these the average score was 93.5 out of 100 (or just under 4.7 stars out of 5). This is a good score and it shows that most owners are very pleased with their Lucid L150.

Source Consumer Rating # Ratings
Amazon 4.7 stars out of 5 1325
Walmart 4.6 stars out of 5 426


Pros & Cons
A thorough review of owner comments has provided the following list of L150 pros & cons.

- Easy to assemble
- Affordable
- Includes 2 remotes
- Many owners say it is worth the money
- Quiet operation
- Feels solid and sturdy
- Simple and easy to use

- Not easy to return
- Some comments about legs breaking
- Frame may squeak when you move
- Some report issues with electronics and mechanics
- Sometimes remote doesn’t work
- Doesn’t include headboard/footboard brackets

What Are Owners Saying?
The reviews and ratings for this adjustable bed are predominantly very good. But that doesn’t mean there are no complaints. We have seen a number of owners report that things just didn’t work. Like remote controls not working, motors not working (sections no longer raising/lowering), legs breaking, etc. But these are far and away in the minority.

Other complaints are more annoyances. The bed squeaks if you move too much, the mattress slides too easily over the base (you can always get a mattress slip pad if you want – see mattress slip pads on Amazon), and the unit is heavy.

Almost everyone states that the bed is very easy to assemble (we have a video showing just how quick and easy it is in our Lucid L300 review).

Lucid L150

Also, there are a host of comments about this adjustable bed being a very good buy.  Many owners seem surprised that they can get a bed like this for such a reasonable price.  In other words, lots of owners feel that this unit provides good bang for your buck. 

The operation - moving the head or foot section up and down - is said to be quiet.  The unit is on the heavy side but that also helps with the stable and solid feeling.  Some describe the L150 as a simple, inexpensive, no-frills adjustable bed base that works.

You can read more L150 owner comments on Amazon.

About Lucid
Lucid has been manufacturing mattresses since 2010 and is another online bed-in-a-box mattress company, like Casper. You cannot go to a physical Lucid mattress store to buy your mattress – there are no such stores. They sell mattresses, bedding, bed accessories, adjustable beds, and even some foam furniture. In terms of mattresses they offer memory foam, latex and hybrid.

You can contact Lucid via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact their customer service group at (888) 975-8243 (9 to 5 Mountain Standard Time – Monday to Friday).

Lucid Adjustable Bed Bases
The company manufactures several different adjustable bed bases: L100, L150, L300, and L600. We wrote about the L300 in another review. The L150 is considered an entry level bed base.

Lucid L150 Adjustable Bed Base
There are three different L150 sizes available:

Queen: 79.5" x 59.5"
Twin XL: 79.5" x 37.5"
Full: 75.5" x 52.5"

You can get a King but a King size adjustable bed is actually two Twin XL beds.

The unit has a steel frame and a capacity of 750 lbs. The bed area of the frame is upholstered and there is both head incline and foot incline. The head incline can be varied between 0 degrees and 58 degrees. The foot incline varies from 0 degrees to 40 degrees.

Lucid L150 head and foot incline

The incline is controlled via a backlit remote control with large easy-to-use buttons. The package includes two remote controls.

As confirmed by many owners, the L150 is very easy to put together and most folks find that they can assemble it in 15-20 minutes. However the bed is heavy (at about 140 lbs) so it is best if there is more than one person for assembly. The unit sits atop six 2-inch diameter metal legs. There is 11 inches of clearance under the bed allowing for a reasonable amount of storage. The L150 is about 14 inches in height when assembled. Many people would like to adjust the overall height of the bed but this is not possible. The leg height cannot be adjusted. If you could find/build shorted legs you could use them (they legs simply screw in) but Lucid does not sell shorter legs.

Lucid Adjustable Bed Legs

The L150 will fit inside most bed frames (but you should take measurements first) and it can sit on both slats or the floor. There is no box spring required.

What you won’t get with your L150
- No USB chargers (L300 & L600 have these)
- Not Bluetooth capable (L300 & L600 have this)
- No massager (L600 has this)
- No underbed lighting (L600 has this)
- No wallhugger feature (none of them have this)

Lucid ships anywhere in the contiguous USA. So you will not be able to receive this Adjustable Bed if you live in Alaska or Hawaii. Also, you cannot get white glove delivery (this generally means you get a delivery crew that will carry the package to a room of your choice, unpack the product, and remove the packing material. In some cases it will also mean they will even move the package up or down a set of stairs).

Note that the frame folds in half and that is the way it is shipped (the underside of the frame after it is folded out is shown below).

Lucid L150 underside

L150 Warranty
The Lucid L150 carries a 5-year limited warranty.


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