ShipShape Adjustable Bed by Legget and Platt

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ShipShape Adjustable Bed
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Adjustable beds are becoming more and more popular today. They create a comfortable surface for reading, watching tv, eating, sleeping, etc. Some folks also swear they help with joint problems and other sleep related issues. The ShipShape is a lightweight adjustable base and is manufactured by US firm Legget and Platt. Owners report it is very comfortable, sturdy and quiet. It is also not too expensive when compared to some of the competition. Consumer ratings for the ShipShape are top-notch, but bear in mind that this is still an entry level adjustable base and it doesn’t come with any bells & whistles.

Owner ratings are unfortunately limited to one source but there are presently 31 ratings - a respectable number from which to draw a conclusion.  The ratings indicate that most people are very satisfied with their purchase.  See table below:

 Source  Consumer Ratings  #Ratings
 Amazon  4.8 stars out of 5  31

A review of owner comments provides the following likes and dislikes

- Made in the USA
- Assembly is quick and easy
- Lightweight but still seems sturdy
- Motor is quiet
- Creates a very comfortable profile
- Not as expensive as many other adjustable bases

- Although lightweight it still requires 2 people to carry
- Entry level model

You can read more customer reviews on Amazon if you wish.

Many people seem to ask if the ShipShape includes a mattress.  This base does not come with a mattress – it is just a base.  Another very popular question is “Can I use my existing mattress with this foundation?”.  First you have to find out if your mattress is adjustable friendly.  The best thing to do here is to contact the mattress manufacturer.  Many easily conformable mattresses (like memory foam mattresses) will work with the base but if your mattress has a border wire – which you can often feel around the edge of the mattress – it may not work.  Again, talk to the manufacturer.

A number of consumers report that adjustable beds are helpful for their back, neck or hips.  And more than a few owners report coupling this unit with a memory foam mattress for extreme comfort and support.  If you decide on this approach you may wish to consider a mattress from Dynasty Mattress – you can see several of our reviews here.  These memory foam mattresses are reasonably priced and get great reviews from owners.

Who is Legget and Platt?  Legget and Platt is a large US company that has been in business for well over 100 years.  They have an extensive background in the bedding industry and are a leading supplier of mattress springs, coils, bed frames, power foundations and much more.  They are also the world’s largest adjustable bed base manufacturer and have over 130 facilities in 18 countries.

Legget and Platt ShipShape Queen
ShipShape Queen Size

The ShipShape adjustable bed base is a lightweight, adjustable base.  It is also more basic than another highly rated Legget and Platt unit we recently investigated – the Legget and Platt split-king base with DynastyMattress memory foam mattresses.  The ShipShape is the most affordable adjustable base made by Legget and Platt and as such it has virtually no bells and whistles (no massage feature for example).  A number of owners highlight that it is much less expensive than the Tempur-Pedic equivalent.

Legget and Platt ShipShape Xl Twin
ShipShape XL Twin Size

The ShipShape uses lightweight construction and is made from iron and cabinet grade plywood. It is so lightweight that it can be shipped UPS.  It arrives in two boxes and can be assembled at home.  Bear in mind that “lightweight” with respect to an adjustable bed base doesn’t mean that you can pick it up with one hand.  These units still weigh about 150lbs (Queen), so moving the boxes and putting the unit together is essentially a two-person job. 

Assembly is reportedly very easy.  There are a total of 8 bolts and the base arrives with a DVD that shows how to put the unit together, although most owners report that the video is really not necessary.  Assembly time is about 30 minutes. A short video showing assembly is provided below:

The mattress retainer is inserted into the retainer bushings at the foot of the bed.  This helps keep the mattress in place during use.  An image is shown below.

ShipShape Mattress Retainer
Mattress Retainer at foot of bed


The DC motor has a lift capacity of 425 lbs - consider that this includes both mattress and person.  It is also remarkably quiet when in use.  A wired backlit remote controller controls the head and foot of the base.  Note that this controller is wired and not wireless.  It is attached to the base via a cord.  Some owners like this while others do not. 

ShipShape Remote
Wired Remote Controller



The controller is very simple and has three buttons:

Button 1 – moves the head of the bed up or down
Button 2 – moves both the head and foot of the bed up or down
Button 3 – moves the foot of the bed up or down

The head of the bed can move up to 58 degrees while the foot of the bed can move up to 44 degrees.  The base also comes with “free-fall design” which is a safety feature that allows the head and foot of the bed to lower by gravity only.  Dual wheel locking casters stop the base from moving.

The base is 16 inches off the floor and dimensions are:

Twin XL: 16” x 38” x 80” (H x W x D)
Queen:  16” x 60” x 80” (H x W x D)

All electronic components in the base are UL listed.  UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories and this not-for-profit safety group certifies products that meet safety guidelines.  In addition, the ShipShape is FR1633 compliant which means it complies with a federally required flammability standard for bedding manufacturers.

The ShipShape warranty is a little complicated and it has three distinct timeframes:

  • 1st year. Full warranty against defects in the workmanship or materials
  • 2nd year. Limited warranty in which L&P will replace any adjustable bed part found to be defective.  However one has to return the defective part to L&P within 10 days of receiving the replacement part, and you have to pay service and transportation costs.
  • Lifetime. Limited warranty in which L&P will replace defective mechanical bed parts (excluding electronics, electrical components, drive motors).  The same 10 day return and shipping policies as in the 2nd year warranty apply.

For more warranty details we would suggest reading this Legget & Platt warranty document.

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