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expensive mattress
The Hastens Vividus - One seriously premium mattress

In the market for a premium mattress?  Look no further, but you may have to break open your piggy bank for some of these.   This group of top end mattresses includes some of the most expensive mattresses on the market today.

Shifman Mattresses
The company was founded in 1893 in New jersey by Abraham and Samuel Shifman.  They manufacture premium bedding.  Their mattress are made by hand and include a buttonless tuft through all layers of the upholstery and the innerspring, high grade cotton, French tapestries, Belgian damasks, eight way hand tied boxsprings, tempered steel springs and more.  It is said that these mattresses take about 9 hours to make (where the industry standard is less than an hour).  Their top of the line model goes for about 12,000USD.

Their website is not particularly useful but you can view it here.

These guys are pretty high-end and a browse around their website is fairly impressive.  They are a family run company and have been producing handmade beds for 4 generations.  The company carries the Royal Warrants of Her Majesty The Queen and The Late Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.  Other companies that have held Royal Warrants include Rolls Royce & Bentley Motorcars, Aston Martin, Burberry Limited, Royal Doulton, Jaguar Motorcars, and Steinway & Sons.  You can read about royal warrants here.

Some of the mattresses manufactured by Hypnos have 4000 individually wrapped coils, woolen tufts, cashmere, silk, lambswool, cashgora, talalay latex, solid brass air vents and a kiln dried hardwood poplar frame.  Prices for Hypnos mattresses are very hard to come by but their more expensive models are in excess of $10,000USD.

You can view brochures of the Heritage and Regency collections below:


Their site can be viewed here.

Magniflex is Italy’s largest mattress manufacturer and were founded by Giuliano Magni over 50 years ago.  They market themselves as makers of environmentally and technologically advanced mattresses. 

They also manufacture a 24,000USD mattress called the Magniflex Gold Mattress. The Gold Mattress is a 22 carat gold yarn covered mattress.  According to Magniflex this will improve your health as gold possesses a natural resistance to bacteria, is anti-inflammatory, anti-stress and resistant to dust mites.  This mattress also uses the Magniflex Memoform Core.  You can read more about the company here.

Founded by Earl S. Kluft,  this company creates what they call “personal luxury mattresses”.  Their collection is handmade and uses Belgian fabrics, New Zealand Joma wool, pure staple cotton and Talalay latex.  These are innerspring mattresses that use pocketed Ellison & Robbins steel springs.

The Kluft collection consists of 4 different mattresses.  The Kluft Palais Royale, the Kluft Beyond Luxury, the Kluft Royale Sovereign and the Kluft Luxury Latex.  These are sold at a number of outlets including Bloomingdales.  We haven’t done extensive research on these mattresses but word on the street is that some of them sell for 33,000USD+ (although many are less).

You can check out Kluft mattresses here.

Vi-Spring is a British high-end mattress maker and their mattresses are built individually, to order, entirely by hand.   They are all made at their factory in Plymouth, England.  These are individually pocketed innerspring mattresses with each spring being made from vanadium steel and wrapped in calico cotton. 

Material used in the mattresses includes blended lambswool and cotton, long-stranded black horsehair, lambswool, silk, mohair and cashmere, and covered with your choice of Belgian ticking.  Their models include the De Luxe, Prestige, Sovereign, Viceroy, and Bedstead Mattresses.  They will even engrave your name on a brass plate and put in on the box spring if you feel so inclined.  According to some sources on the net these mattresses start as low as 2000USD but can go as high as 50,000USD.

You can read more about them here.

Finally, there is Hastens which was founded in 1852 in Sweden.  They are Sweden’s oldest bed manufacturer and have been handcrafting beds for the past 150 years using only natural materials.  They are also the supplier of beds to His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.  Materials used in their mattresses include horsehair, cotton, wool, and flax.  Springs are tempered steel and the bed frames are solid pine from the forests in northern Sweden.

Their collection consists of frame beds, continental beds and adjustable beds.  Their Vividus model (a continental bed) goes for about 60,000USD.  This bed takes craftsmen between 140 and 160 hours to make.  Each bed is built to order and signed (yes signed) by a Hastens master craftsman.  You can read more about the Vividus mattress here.

Savior Beds 
Savior Beds has been around since 1905 when they were manufacturing beds for the Savoy Hotel in London.  Today they have stores worldwide – including the USA (New York).  Savoir Beds recently announced that they will be making a limited run of their new Royal State Bed.  This bed retails for about $175,000.  Only about 60 beds will be made, celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation.  It takes about 16 weeks to receive one after you order. 

The Royal State Bed is handmade with only the best materials including silk, leather, Mongolian cashmere, and curled Latin American horse tail.  One can also have a family crest (if you have one) embroidered into the mattress by the Royal School of Needlework.  Over 600 hours of work go into the Royal State Bed.  You can check out the video below to see how this is done (in case you really want to buy one).  You can visit their website here.

Do you know of any other premium mattresses that should be listed here?  Let us know!


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