Tempurpedic Mattresses

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In a world full of choices, Tempurpedic mattresses provide consumers with a whole host of them in their extensive, technologically advanced range of bedding products. Known all around the world for their ability to help ease painful and aching joints, Tempurpedic mattresses has become a famous household brand in an amazingly short period of time thanks to its patented memory foam designs, which have certainly provided the market with innovation and consumers with a well designed product. This article will give you a quick introduction to Tempurpedic and its products to give you an idea of what they can do for you.   [REF Tempurpedic Mattress Reviews 2010]

An interesting development:

In the October 2009 issue of Consumer Reports magazine they rated mattress brands based on approximately 13,500 consumer responses.  The responses were only for new mattresses purchased between Jan 2005 and June 2009.  Tempurpedic topped the list with the most satisfied consumers.

About Tempurpedic 

Tempurpedic Mattresses is one of the newest mattress companies in the United States and, as such, it is amazing that the company is as well known as it is today. Founded in 1992 by Robert B Trussell, Tempurpedic was borne out of the introduction of memory foam into Europe a few years earlier. NASA had originally invented memory foam but did not actually use it and so it was available for other uses. Trussell saw it as a perfect material for a revolutionary mattress that could help to ease the aches and pains of the individual in the modern world that come as a direct result of stress and wear and tear. 

Tempurpedic mattresses have gone from strength to strength since their invention and will continue to do so well into the future. However, it is especially important to note that the company does not just operate within the United States. It does have active distribution all over the world. 

The Products 

There are several Tempurpedic mattresses in the range today and they are as follows: 

  • Combi – The Combi mattress is heat sensitive and so will actively work to cool your body down when you do get too hot overnight. As a result, it will ensure that you do not become uncomfortable and is extremely resistant to damage. It is guaranteed for fifteen years as well so you can enjoy a good few years’ sleep.
  • Combi HD – This is particularly high-density foam but works the same way as the Combi Tempurpedic mattresses. This is available in a number of sizes so you are guaranteed to get one for your bed.
  • Deluxe – This of the Tempurpedic mattresses range is quilted, combining comfort with the technology present in the other mattresses for the individual that is more concerned about getting the best of both worlds. It is thicker than the other mattresses from Tempurpedic. Again, it is heat sensitive and retains it shape extremely well. 

There is also an overlay from the Tempurpedic mattresses range that you can purchase if you are happy with your existing bed and simply want to give it a boost.

The Advantages 

Tempurpedic mattresses do have some viable advantages over the competition, and fairly compelling ones at that. The first is that they are actually the only mattress manufacturer that is endorsed by NASA and actually certified by the Space Foundation itself. This gives it a credibility that no other manufacturer has. To add to that, over 25,000 health care professionals, including doctors and surgeons, have recommended Tempurpedic mattresses. This is as good a reason to pick one as any! 

There is also a market for Tempurpedic mattresses that has international scope. They are bestsellers in the United States but also sell well in various other areas all around the world. The boast that they can get rid of back, joint and neck aches and pains forever also helps of course! The claims are believable and accurate and so this also aids business and gives them an edge on the market competition that exists. Clinical tests and consumer reviews have proved as much so enjoy the comfort and rest that Tempurpedic mattresses can offer.



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