Tempurpedic Celebrity Bed

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The Tempurpedic Celebrity Bed is fairly well liked by consumers however it is, like many Tempurpedic mattresses, quite expensive.  People tend to like the level of comfort and support provided by the Celebrity but like a lot of foam mattresses there are issues related to heat and initial mattress odor. [REF Tempurpedic Mattress Reviews 2010]

Consumer ratings for the Celebrity mattress are not plentiful but some were found and these are provided in the table below: 

 Source  Consumer Ratings  #Ratings
 Viewpoints  3.85 stars out of 5  34
 Epinions  4.33 stars out of 5  3


Additionally a number of common likes and dislikes regarding the Tempurpedic Celebrity were noted: 

- Soft as well as supportive
- Comfortable
- 20 year warranty

- Does retain some body heat
- Expensive
- Heavy mattress
- May smell for first week or so (some folks claim longer, some shorter).
- Cover is not removable and not washable
- Cover may “grab” bed sheets (some people indicate that using a mattress cover from Gotcha Covered solves this problem).

The Tempurpedic Celebrity Bed (or CelebrityBed as it is formally called) has an ultra plush pillow-top layer.  It also has cashmere blended into the cover that, according to Tempur-Pedic provides both comfort and cooling.  This cover is also treated to ensure that it is resistant to dust mites and other allergens.  However, as noted by a number of consumers, and indicated on the Tempur-Pedic website, the cover cannot be removed nor can it be washed.

The Tempur-Pedic Celebrity mattress is one sided and does not require flipping or rotating.  Although a number of consumers indicate that after sleeping in one spot for several months the memory foam material will get softer in that area.  They suggest changing sleeping positions occasionally to help keep a consistent wear pattern.  This is something that Tempur-Pedic are clearly aware of as their warranty states that it “does not include a normal increase in softness of the TEMPUR® pressure-relieving material”.

The Celebrity mattress is comprised of several layers of different foam materials:

- 2 inches of TEMPUR-Top foam (5.3 lbs per ft3 density) – this is the soft material on top of the mattress.  Tempur-Pedic call this the “comfort layer”.
- 2.8 inches of TEMPUR foam (5.3 lbs per ft3 density) called the “support layer”.
- Two 4.3 inches AirFlow System “base layers” which support the TEMPUR foam and TEMPUR-Top foam layers and also provide air circulation. Tempur-Pedic sometimes call this a “Dual Airflow System”.

The Celebrity Bed is available in a number of sizes:

- Twin Long
- Queen
- King
- Dual King (comes in 2 pieces)
- California King

As mentioned previously (and as with most Tempur-Pedic mattresses) this bed/mattress is not cheap.  A Queen mattress will set you back 3600USD and with the box spring (which comes in both high profile or low profile) the set will be about 4000USD.  If you wish to have an adjustable base this too can be added to the package but the price of a Queen mattress with the Ergo Adjustable Base is approximately 5300USD.

The Celebrity mattress is non-skid and naturally resistant to dust mites and allergens. The warranty on this mattress is 20-years, however it should be pointed out that years 1 through 10 are full coverage while years 11 through 20 are prorated coverage.  For more details you can read about this kind of warranty in our mattress buying tips.



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