Tempur Cloud Mattress Collection

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Tempur Cloud mattresses by Tempur-pedic are fairly new to the market and combine TEMPUR-ES (a new Tempur-pedic material) with their existing TEMPUR material.  TEMPUR-ES provides a softer pillow-top type of feel while the TEMPUR provides more support.  There are presently two mattress in the Tempur Cloud collection – Tempur Cloud and Tempur Cloud Supreme.  There are plans to add more mattresses to this collection soon.  These are essentially memory foam mattresses. [REF Tempurpedic Mattress Reviews 2010]

The Tempur Cloud Mattress
The Tempur Cloud Mattress uses a single layer of TEMPUR-ES foam on top of a supportive layer of TEMPUR foam.  It also has a single Air Flow System base layer to help with cooling.  Besides providing cooling this base layer, which is fairly thick, also supports the above TEMPUR and TEMPUR-ES layers. The cover of this mattress is removable and washable and the mattress itself is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. The mattresses in this collection also meet federal fire-retardant safety standards

The TEMPUR-ES layer of the mattress is 1.2 inches thick and the foam material has a density of 4.1 lbs per cubic foot.  The supportive TEMPUR foam layer is 1.6 inches thick and it has a density of 5.3 lbs per cubic foot.  The base layer of the mattress (the Air Flow System layer) is 5.5 inches thick.

This is a no-flip mattress (not need to rotate either) and it comes with a “no-skid” bottom to ensure that it stays in place on the mattress foundation.  The Tempur Cloud mattress can be purchased with or without a foundation (box spring) or adjustable base and it is available in a number of sizes.

- Twin
- Twin Long
- Double
- Queen
- King (76” x 80” x 8”)
- Dual King (two pieces)
- California King (72” x 84” x 8”)
- Dual California King (two pieces)
These are not inexpensive mattresses and using the Queen size as a base model the mattress on its own is about 1600USD.  With a foundation it is about 2000USD and it reaches almost 3300USD with the Ergo Adjustable Base.

The Tempur Cloud comes with a 20 year warranty.  Tempur-pedic claim that they will replace or repair a mattress if it is found to be defective, however this does not include a normal increase in the softness of the TEMPUR materials.  

Tempur Cloud Supreme
The Tempur Cloud Supreme is similar to the Tempur Cloud however it has thicker layers of foam.  There are 2.0 inches of TEMPUR-ES foam (4.1 lbs/ft3 density) and 2.0 inches of TEMPUR foam (5.3 lbs/ft3).  The Tempur Cloud Supreme also comes with two base layers of foam (as opposed to one in Cloud basic).  There is one 3.0" thick AirFlow System Base Layer followed by a 4.0" thick AirFlow System Base Layer.  The dual base layers of foam allow for two cooling channels and helps increase air circulation in the mattress.

The Tempur Cloud Supreme is a little more expensive than the Cloud basic and, again considering Queen size, a mattress alone will set you back about 2300USD.  If you add the foundation you are looking at about 2700USD and with the Ergo Adjustable Base the price jumps to a hefty 4000USD.  Like the Tempur Cloud it also carries a 20-year warranty.

These are essentially memory foam mattresses so if you like memory foam you may like the Tempur Cloud collection.  They are also known for limiting motion transfer from one person to another on the bed.  There are limited consumer ratings on these mattresses at this time but a few were found from reliable sources - these are all for the Tempur Cloud Supreme mattress and are shown below:

 Source  Consumer Ratings  #Ratings
 Macy's  1 star out of 5  1
 Epinions  5 stars out of 5  1
 Viewpoints  5 stars out of 5  1

There is also the new Tempur Cloud Luxe mattress which can be found on Amazon.  This is the most luxurious of the series and it uses a thicker layer of TEMPUR-ES foam than the other models.  The Cloud Luxe has a very plush feeling and is about 13 inches thick.  It also carries a 20-year warranty.  It should be noted that for full warranty coverage you must use a genuine Tempur-Pedic foundation with your mattress.

You may also wish to read about Dynasty Mattresses if you are in the market for a memory foam mattress.  They market themselves as the cheaper alternative to Tempur-Pedic


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