Sleep to Live Mattress Reviews

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The Kindsdown Sleep to Live mattress series is very popular right now (yes Sleep to Live is by Kingsdown).  Kingsdown actually have a Sleep to Live Research Center where they study aspects of healthful sleep.  The Kingsdown Sleep to Live Diagnostics system (which they claim took over 15 years to develop, several million dollars of investment, and involved two of the world’s best sleep scientists) allows one to create a customized sleep surface that provides proper support and comfort.  [REF Kingsdown Mattress Reviews 2010]

According to Kingsdown the Sleep to Live Diagnostics System uses 18 key statistical measurements and over one-thousand calculations to determine the sleep surface that will deliver the best in postural support and pressure relief for your body type.  This is a fairly simple 3-step process:

1) Answer a few questions (such as age, weight, height and issues related to back problems)
2) Lay down on their diagnostic bed which uses a computer to capture key data via pressure sensitive pads (creates a digital map of the body and pressure points)
3) Kingsdown uses the output to determine the best mattress for your body type (proper posture support and pressure relief).  The system also determines the proper pillow for you.

The system allows for something called “My Side Technology” made for couples whereby each half of the mattress is made to conform especially to the person sleeping on that side of the bed.  Consumers have indicated that this is really quite effective.  Additionally, a video is available and worth a watch to see what the system looks like - it is a fairly short sleep to live video (about half-way down the page).

The Sleep to Live (Kingsdown) mattresses use individual pocket springs which are supposed to provide proper spinal support and help keep the spine aligned.  A mattress with the right level of support should also ensure better blood flow and ease pressure on joints.  The Sleep to Live mattresses are sold by Sleep to Live stores or Sleep to Live partners.   They tend to be fairly expensive starting at about 1500+ USD for a double but they come with very long manufacturers warranties (often 10 years to Lifetime).

In late 2009 the “Sleep to Live” program began rolling out in Mattress Firm locations throughout the US (Mattress Firm is a premier specialty bedding retailer and they have a growing partnership with Kingsdown Inc.).  Mattress Firm have 475 outlets nationwide and the sleep to live rollout will continue through 2010.  It should also be noted that Mattress Firm also sell Sealy, Tempur-Pedic, Serta and Simmons mattresses.

Check out this page if you are keen to learn more about the Sleep to Live system or just talk to someone about it.

Having investigated several sources of information on this series of mattresses, the entire Sleep to Live marketing concept focuses some on the benefits of getting quality sleep and very much on the potentially damaging health factors related to poor sleep such as reduced short term immunity and long-term health issues.

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