Simmons BeautySleep Mattress

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Simmons BeautySleep
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We have done some digging regarding the Simmons BeautySleep series of mattresses and in the following article we provide, to the extent possible, specifications and insights.  The BeautySleep is generally well-liked by owners and is substantially less expensive than the Simmons Beautyrest mattresses.  Unfortunately Simmons isn’t too forthcoming with details regarding the BeautySleep so it's hard to write a fully comprehensive report.  Many large mattress manufacturers provide little useful information about their mattresses thereby making it difficult for consumers.

The BeautySleep is Simmons’ entry-level mattress and as such is substantially cheaper than the Beautyrest line.  One should be able to buy a top-of-the-line, king size BeautySleep mattress for under $1000 and many models are substantially less.  They are generally available in Twin, Full, Queen or King and come in 4 different comfort levels - Firm, Plush, Eurotop and Pillowtop.

These mattresses use coils coupled with several different foam layers to provide support and comfort.  All models, except the entry model BeautySleep, use innerspring technology called the VertiCoil system.  As we understand it, this technology involves creating a helically tied spring using special 13 gauge steel wire that is thinner, lighter and stronger than typical mattress spring wire.  The resulting coils are purported to provide better support than generic innerspring coils. 

The coil count for a queen size BeautySleep is generally 460 (except for the entry model which is 299).  By comparison, coil counts for the Beautyrest (queen size) range from about 800 to 980 depending on the model.

The range of models in the BeautySleep line have been given different names depending on the outlet in which they are being sold so it is very difficult (if not impossible) to provide useful guidelines and specifications on a per model basis - see our article Are Mattress Companies Misleading Consumers?.

However we do know that BeautySleep mattresses are a combination of an innerspring layer and different layers of foam (different types and different thicknesses) depending on the model.  The top (quilting layers) of the mattress are a combination of plush foam, celestra fiber, convoluted fiber and fire retardant fiber.  The padding layers of the mattress use firm foam and some also have convoluted foam, memory foam and blended latex.

Memory Foam
- A 5.0 lbs/ft3 density foam.  Density simply refers to the weight per cubic foot of the material (5 is fairly high with memory foam).  Memory foam moulds to your individual body shape and provides support at pressure points.

Firm Foam
- A 1.50 density polyurethane foam.  This is a durable foam that helps add structure and support.

Convoluted Foam
- A convoluted (egg-carton like) P-50 foam.  Improves air circulation, provides softness and is useful on pressure points.

Celestra Fiber
- Fabric made of polypropylene fibers. Used to encase the quilting layers of the mattress.

- This is soft yet it provides support.  Like memory foam it helps to eliminate pressure points.

With respect to warranties, we have seen 1-year, 3-year and 10-year warranties depending on the model so you will want to check carefully before making a purchase.  Also some of the warranties – like the 10-year – may be prorated.  In this case we noted that the first 3-years are non-prorated but the last 7 ARE prorated.  Ask about this.  You can read about these kinds of warranties in our Mattress Buying Tips article.

Owners report that the BeautySleep mattresses are not very heavy and that they are quite comfortable if a bit firm (depending on the model).  Some consumers wish the mattresses were two-sided and could be flipped, but these are no-rotate, no-flip mattresses. A few folks also commented upon the respectable value for money the BeautySleep represents. 

Finding ratings for the BeautySleep is not easy but some were found on Overstock.com.  The owner ratings were fairly good with an average of 4+ stars out of 5.  Bear in mind this is for a specific model.  A very comprehensive range of BeautySleep mattresses can also be found on Amazon here.



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