Simmons Beautyrest TruEnergy Mattress

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TruEnergy Mattress
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The Simmons Beautyrest TruEnergy mattress combines memory foam with the now-famous Beautyrest pocketed coils.  The mattress has a host of cooling features including “AirCool memory foam” with an open cell structure, a breathable mesh border fabric and, in some models, the addition of gel into the memory foam – which provides a combination of cooling and support.  There are presently 12 different models in the TruEnergy mattress line and these range in cost (without foundation) from about $900 to $2300.

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Much of the value of these “reviews” is provided by folks who stop by the website and provide information regarding their experience with a given mattress.  Mattress manufacturers make a point of providing very limited information about their products and, given that mattress names are purposely changed from retailer to retailer, the information can be confusing.  Having said that, we try to dig up as much detail and consumer insights as possible but reader input can be very useful to other site visitors and is also appreciated. In the case of the TruEnergy there is very limited consumer input at this time.

The Beautyrest TruEnergy mattress uses a combination of memory foam and pocketed coil technology.  This combination is advertised as providing pressure point relief as well as good back support.  The mattress also has a ventilated edge system with breathable mesh fabric to help increase airflow and thus dissipate heat - memory foam mattresses sometimes sleep too hot as a result of not breathing well.  These features make up what Simmons refer to as the Beautyrest Recharge Sleep System. You may wish to watch the video below for a better idea of how this is supposed to work but please bear in mind that this video is marketing material put together by (or for) Simmons.

The TruEnergy memory foam – referred to by Simmons as “Aircool memory foam” – has an open cell structure that also helps to dissipate heat.  In addition, some models of the TruEnergy mattress use AirCool memory foam with added gel (termed Geltouch).  Although Simmons does not elaborate, this approach generally involves infusing small gel beads into the memory foam. The gel beads gather in areas of higher pressure thereby providing extra support where needed. Some manufacturers also claim that the addition of gel beads to memory foam helps to increase airflow and remove additional heat.

As the TruEnergy uses coils along with the memory foam, it has a coil count.  The coil count is a measure of the total number of coils in a queen size version of the mattress (this used to be the same as coil density but coil density now refers to the number of coils a mattress would have without the foam encasing).  The coil count of the TruEnergy is 900 and the coils used are Variform Pocketed Coil Springs with Smart Response.  The Variform Pocketed Coil spring system is said to increase mattress strength and comformability via a system of pocketed springs interspersed with rows of both firmer or softer pocketed coil springs.  The “Smart Response” approach is best described in the video below:

The TruEnergy product line includes the following 12 mattresses (approximately from least expensive to most expensive):

Becca – Height is 12.5 inches
Anneliese – Height is 11.5 inches
Gabby – Height is 13 inches
Noelle – Height is 12.5 inches
Iliana – Height is 14 inches
Bryanna – Height is 13 inches
Jenna – Height is 14.5 inches
Kailey – Height is 14 inches
Rachelle – Height is 15 inches
Makayla – Height is 14 inches
Sallie – Height is 16 inches
Zoe – Height is 15 inches

Each mattress has different combinations and thicknesses of the following materials (which are something of a minefield of marketing terminology):

- Evenloft suface with breathable surround
- Quilt design with Geltouch plush comfort foam
- Quilt design with Geltouch plush comfort foam & firm comfort foam
- AirCool memory foam with Geltouch
- Energy foam
- Memory foam
- Firm comfort foam
- Plush comfort foam
- Support foam
- Pocketed coil technology
- Ventilated foam encasement

Pages 5 and 6 of this Beautyrest TruEnergy brochure highlight which materials are provided with each different mattress model.  Ballpark prices we are seeing for these mattresses (queen size) range from about $900 to $2300 without the Triton foundation (it sells for about $250).

The mattresses can be found in several different comfort levels including Extra Firm, Plush Firm, Plush, and Ultra Plush.  They are also available in a variety of sizes: Full, Queen, King, California King, Twin Extra Long, and Split California King.

The TruEnergy is a no-flip, no-rotate mattress that comes with a stretch knit cover.  It is made in the USA and carries a 20-year warranty.  The warranty is 10 years pro-rated and 10 years non-prorated, and for those that want to learn more about pro-rating you can read about it in our article on Mattress Buying Tips.  The mattress also generally includes a boxspring known as the “Triton foundation” which will support up to 2000 lbs and can be found in a 5 inch or 9 inch profile.


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