Simmons Beautyrest Review

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simmons beautyrest world class
Clcik to see the World Class on Amazon

The Simmons Beautyrest mattress line has been around for some time.   It was first introduced in 1925 and has been the flagship product for Simmons ever since.  The Simmons Beautyrest line includes four options:  Beautyrest Classic, Beautyrest World Class, Beautyrest Exceptionale, and most recently the Beautyrest NxG .   [REF Simmons Beautyrest Reviews]

Since this article was written Simmons have introduced the Beautyrest Anniversary.  It should also be noted that there is a Beautyrest Black but it is often marketed and alluded to separately by Simmons (It is their highest end Beautyrest) - for example it does not even appear in their Beautyrest comparison charts. As of mid 2010 the Beautyrest mattress range looks as follows:

- Beautyrest Classic  (typically least expensive)
- Beautyrest Anniversary
- Beautyrest World Class
- Beautyrest Exceptionale
- Beautyrest NxG
- Beautyrest Black Collection (typically most expensive)

Note: You may be interested in the new Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Mattress collection.  These combines Beautyrest pocketed coils and layers of foam.  Check out our new article here: Beautyrest Recharge Review.

The differences between the models is in the spring count, the edge support and the kinds of foam used.  The Beautyrest Classic has a spring count of 800 (this means the mattress has 800 springs individually wrapped with fabric).  The World Class and the NxG have a 980 spring count while the Exceptionale has 1960 – it should be noted that the Exceptionale mattress is a two story mattress that provides 980 coils per story.  (The newer Anniversary has a spring count of 850 - to learn more about this mattress view our new Beautyrest Anniversary article).

With respect to edge support, the Classic uses 2 rows of high gauge springs along the edge of the mattress to provide support, while the World Class and the Exceptionale use 3 inches of high-density foam to surround the mattress.  In terms of materials construction the World Class and the Exceptionale utilize several different types of foam including what Simmons calls “Premium Foam”, Visco Memory Foam and Latex Foam.  The Classic has no latex foam.  The NxG uses a combination of springs (coils) and Advanced Memory Foam.

In mid-1996 Simmons launched another line of the Beautyrest mattress known as the Beautyrest Black.  This line of mattresses contains rather opulent materials such as silk, cashmere and alpaca.  These luxury mattresses will be the focus of another review.

The Simmons Beautyrest became famous for it’s 1995 ad showing a bowling ball bouncing off the mattress while bowling pins set nearby (on the mattress) did not topple.   This ability is due – claims Simmons – to the Pocket Coil Spring technology that provides motion separation and is especially helpful if you are sleeping with a partner.  You can see this video in our mattress video section.

What do Consumers Report?

Consumer reviews of Beautyrest mattresses are limited and not easy to find.  For the Beautyrest Classic consumers on Amazon indicate that the mattress has a tendency to collapse and feel much like a hammock after a short time.  The reviews are not all negative but there are a number of similar comments.    Consumer comments on the Beautyrest World Class (at epinions.com) are not particularly good.  Reviews tend to indicate the mattress gets lumpy quite quickly and can sometimes collapse in the areas of most pressure.  The Exceptionale and NxG have very limited consumer coverage at this time. 

A review of several hundred consumer comments related to a range of Beautyrest models yielded the following likes and dislikes:

Good edge support
Don’t require turning
Isolates partners movements well

A little pricey
Sometimes develop dips and depressions
Often a little too firm

You can check out all the Simmons Beautyrest Matresses on Amazon here if you feel so inclined: Simmons Beautyrest Mattresses

Writers Note:  I would like to point out at this time that mattress manufacturers seem to be creating a plethora of different names – even for the same mattress.  I understand that mattress manufacturers often label identical mattresses with different names - depending on which retail store they are sending them to.  This makes comparison shopping very difficult and, in my opinion, is not good for the consumer.  Additionally the names are sometimes very long and frankly confusing:  “Simmons Beautyrest Baroque Luxury Form Twin XL Mattress SR551” or “Sears-O-Pedic 61696 King Cloud Elite Plush Eurotop II LP California Box Spring Mattress – White”.  Surely this is not helping the consumer.  Perhaps if one cannot comparison shop effectively – and try and find the best/lowest price - it is better for the manufacturers?  Having said that (in a moment of frustration) we will continue to dig through all the “smoke and mirrors” to provide you with the most useful and honest information we can.  For a better understanding of what is going on in this industry you may want to read our recent article entitled "Are Mattress Companies Misleading Consumers?".


Do you have this mattress?  Do you have any comments or input you would like to share with others?  We welcome comments!


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