Serta Perfect Sleeper Ashwood Mattress

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Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress
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The Serta Perfect Sleeper Ashwood Mattress is one of the less expensive Serta mattresses.  That is not to say that it is inexpensive but rather that it is at the less expensive end of the Serta mattress spectrum.   It was created specifically for department stores who wanted to feature quality bedding at an affordable price.  The Perfect Sleeper series of mattresses is Serta’s best-selling mattress series and was also rated by Consumers Digest as a Best Buy[REF Serta Mattress Reviews 2010]

Consumers have indicated that they like the Serta Perfect Sleeper Ashwood Plush Mattress.  It gets very favorable ratings from consumers at several sources:

 Source  Consumer Ratings  #Ratings
 Amazon  4.8 stars out of 5  4
 Target  4.76 stars out of 5  17

In addition, the mattress gets few complaints and a list of common consumers likes and dislikes are provided below:

- Very comfortable
- Well-constructed
- Plush but not too soft
- Strong handles

- Cannot be flipped
- Some comments that it is a bit stiff/firm at first

The firm version of the Perfect Sleeper Ashwood also gets fairly good reviews and ratings – although not quite as good as Perfect Sleeper Ashwood Plush.

The least expensive of all Serta mattress series is actually the Sertapedic series which starts as low as about 350USD.  The next step up is the Perfect Sleeper series.  These start at about 750USD (according to Serta).  There are a number of differences between the Perfect Sleeper Series and the more expensive Serta mattresses.  In general it has a lower coil count, less comfort features and a shorter warranty (not true in all cases but true in most).
The Serta Perfect Sleeper Ashwood Mattress is an innerspring mattress with coils that are interconnected, an approach which Serta claims help to reduce motion transfer and to provide spinal support.  The coil count for a queen size mattress of this model is 532. 

The Ashwood has what Serta calls an “Advanced Comfort Quilt” layer, which is a layer of egg-crate foam and fibers that provide cushioning.  This quilt rests upon several tiers of comfort foam.  The plush mattress itself is 11 inches in height but with the double beam foundation (that comes with the mattress set) the total height of the mattress & foundation is 18.25 inches.  There is also a firm version of the Ashwood and it has a mattress height of 10 inches. 

The Ashwood - which is made in the USA – complies with the standards for fireproofing under the TB603 California fire code standard.  Serta Perfect Sleeper mattresses carry a 10 year warranty.




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