Serta Mattresses

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Serta mattresses are amongst the most renowned mattresses in the world and can be found in bedrooms up and down the United States, as well as in bedrooms all over the world. Sales are high as a result of the major technological innovations that they use, with the customer service aspect also being high on the priority list. This combination is extremely impressive for potential customers and provides two good reasons why people convert to the Serta mattresses in the first place! They also provide good reasons as to why Serta keeps customers for years and years, but who are Serta and what can Serta mattresses offer?  [REF Serta Mattress Reviews 2010]

Who Are Serta?

Serta mattresses has been in business for over seventy years now and have consistently provided consumers with comfort and value in its products. Over the last thirty years or so, Serta has prided itself on creating its own technological advances so that they provide only the best products and their reputation has gone from strength to strength as a result. But what Serta mattresses are available now?

Serta Mattresses

  • Perfect Sleeper – This is the best selling mattress in the United States at the minute because it is good value for money. It is extremely supportive and comfortable as well. In short, it provides everything that the average person needs for a good night’s sleep to begin the next day bright eyed! This mattress is of course flame resistant so you are kept safe all night.
  • Luxury Response – This choice of Serta mattresses does not contain any innersprings. Instead it combines the latest technologically advanced foam layers to provide the most comfortable and inspiring mattresses available. There are latex and memory foam options for you to choose from.
  • Perfect Day – This is the best of the Serta mattresses. It is literally at the top of the range. It blends comfort with technological innovation to provide an invigorating night’s sleep.

The Advantages Of Serta Mattresses

Serta mattresses have many advantages over the other manufacturers of mattresses, both their direct competition and other manufacturers the world over. The first is the fact that they have a world-renowned designer working with them to help give them the edge. Vera Wang has offered her services to help design mattress products that offer a measure of style as well as the technology and comfort. 

Serta also has the best selling mattress in the United States at the moment. The Perfect Sleeper has been the most popular mattress for a number of years and this shows no signs of wavering as the competition attempt to surpass them in terms of popularity. Serta is also the fastest growing manufacturer in the United States, so they are setting a blazing trail for others to follow. 

Finally, Serta always have good offers and promotions on their products to attract new custom. Very few other manufacturers do. Their Internet service is also fast and efficient so they can get the offers out to the public a lot quicker. Once many of the customers come over to Serta, they often don't go back.



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