Serta Gel Foam Mattress

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Serta Gel Foam Mattress
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Serta manufactures a memory foam mattress with a rather special approach.  It uses gel beads inside the memory foam to increase support and provide additional cooling.  The mattress does not appear to be widely available but we have seen it at a few retail outlets including Amazon where comments and ratings from owners are very good.  The mattress is also not too expensive.  [REF Serta Mattress Reviews]

Memory foam mattresses are becoming more and more popular and they presently dominate the best-selling mattress lists on sites like Amazon.  We have looked at many memory foam models and manufacturers including Tempurpedic, Simmons (their NxG model), Sealy (the Embody series), Dynasty Mattress, Sleep Innovations, Sarah Peyton and Best Price.  One manufacturer we have not yet looked at is Serta and it turns out they are selling a highly rated memory foam mattress – the Serta 12” Gel Foam 3-Layer Mattress.
Serta is the second largest mattress manufacturer in the world and their flagship product is the Serta Perfect Sleeper.  They are a privately held company with manufacturing plants in the US and Canada.  Their bedding products can be found in 60 different countries and in 2011 they began manufacturing memory foam with the addition of gel beads – a new concept in the memory foam mattress arena. 

The Serta 12 inch Gel Foam mattress has been rated 4.0 stars out of 5 by consumers on Amazon and the 10 inch version has also received solid ratings (4.3 stars out of 5).  A review of owner comments has provided the following insights into the mattress:

- Long warranty
- Chemical smell does not linger long
- A number of owners report less aches and pains after using the mattress
- Quite firm
- Sleeps cool

- Slight chemical smell when first unpacked (common with memory foam)
- Mattress is fairly heavy (just under 90 lbs)

We have noticed that some new memory foam mattress owners have difficulty getting used to “sinking” into the mattress and find extra effort is needed to turn or roll over.  This is a common comment from folks experiencing memory foam for the first time.  Most people get used to this quite quickly but some do not and never really like the feel of these mattresses.

The Gel Foam material found in this mattress involves infusing small gel beads into the memory foam.  The gel beads gather in areas of higher pressure thereby provided extra support where needed.  Also, the gel, according to Serta, is capable of increasing airflow in the mattress thus helping remove extra heat and creating a cooler sleeping mattress - typical memory foam sometimes sleeps hot.  Indeed, consumer comments confirm that this new "gel foam" lives up to its marketed abilities of reducing mattress heat and providing better support (relieving pressure points).

The mattress is shipped vacuum packed and arrives in a fairly small box.  But when unpacked it quickly expands to its full size.  It is not light however and the 12 inch version weighs almost 90 lbs. It can be purchased in a range of sizes from Twin, Full, Queen, King, to California King and it comes with its own stretch polyester cover.  It is also a one sided mattress so flipping it isn’t an option.

The Serta 12-Inch Gel Foam mattress is a 3-layer mattress.  The layers are as follows:
- 2.5 inches of gel memory foam
- 2.5 inches of textured foam
- 7 inches of base foam

The Serta 10-Inch Gel Foam mattress has the following layers:
- 1.5 inches of gel memory foam
- 1.5 inches of textured foam
- 7 inches of base foam

We have seen this mattress marketed online with a 10 year warranty but we have also seen other figures.  Several Amazon buyers have indicated they were pleased with the lengthy “20 year warranty”.



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