Sealy Mattresses

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In the consumer marketplace today, it is all about branding and the one brand that is synonymous with bedding is Sealy mattresses. Sealy is a brand known worldwide for quality and a good night’s sleep, and many people really do need it because we all live in a world where stress is king and individuals cannot seem to relax. Although some individuals do not believe that a mattress can make all the difference, many folks beg to differ!  But what are Sealy mattresses and what is behind the company?   [REF Sealy Mattress Reviews 2010]

About Sealy Mattresses

The first of the Sealy mattresses was made in 1881, although it was not called a Sealy mattress back then. Daniel Haynes was actually a cotton gin builder and created a cotton mattress for himself before making similar ones for his friends. He patented the mattress when it began to get popular and sold it on to various other manufacturers, and this was where the Sealy brand came from. Despite almost going out of business during the Great Depression Sealy mattresses built the company back up again and finally became a privately owned company in 1989. 

Although Sealy mattresses are not the best-selling in the United States, it is now the biggest company in terms of manufacturing in the world. This will give you a quick introduction to the world of Sealy mattresses and its products. 

The Sealy Products

  • Mirrorform – This is the newest of the Sealy mattresses sleep systems. Each and every mattress in this range features five different zones in order to fully support your body from top to toe. The mattress will ensure that your spine remains aligned all night long. As well as being supportive, the material is unique and extremely deep so that it will fully support the body.
  • Posture Pocket – This Sealy mattresses model features new technology in that every spring within the mattress has its own little pocket to nestle in so that it remains comfortable for you throughout its lifetime. The surface is never broken or lumpy and thus you can fully relax on it.
  • Posturepedic – This is one of the most popular mattresses in the world. It features a completely unique innovation, the Triple Offset sprung mattress. This is actually a hinged spring that is designed specifically to give you extra support. This was one of the first mattresses to combine comfort and support and is a bestseller worldwide as a result. There is a whole range of these particular Sealy mattresses so that you can choose the best possible ones for you.

There are several other types of Sealy mattress but the above three are the main ones. The others are only sold in specific countries, but Sealy has an edge over its competition worldwide, but how and why? 

Sealy Advantages And The Competition

Sealy mattresses are synonymous with quality and offer a household brand worldwide. This is the main edge that they have over the competition. Very few other mattress manufacturers are known all over the world for their high quality. This has directly led to Sealy being the largest manufacturer of bed products in the world. They have successfully combined quality with comfort for years and years, and now technological innovation has been added to that list. Sealy have also expanded their range to include the mattresses for many different needs.




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