Sealy Brand Mattresses

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Sealy manufactures the Posturepedic mattress, the Embody mattress and have also recently taken over the Stearns and Foster line of mattresses.  They also manufacture a group of mattresses called Sealy Brand mattresses.  These are Sealy’s “no bells and whistles mattresses”. [REF Sealy Mattress Reviews]

There are several different mattress types within the Sealy Brand mattresses.  These are the innerspring mattress (starts at 399USD), the memory foam mattress (starts at 699USD) and the latex mattress (starts at 999USD) – pricing is all based on queen size.

Sealy Brand Traditional Innerspring Mattress
This innerspring mattress uses twice-tempered coils and can be purchased with two different coil counts - 420 coils or 667 coils.  There are also a number of other mattress options available to the consumer:

1) Exterior fabric and quilting options: Woven quilt top, stretch knit top, stretch knit top over silk and wool
2) Memory foam option:  One can add a layer of memory foam to the mattress
3) Innerspring options: Sealytech innersprings, PostureTech innersprings.  (note: PostureTech springs are the more expensive but the difference between the two spring types in unknown as Sealy only describe them in the most vague of terms)
4) Mattress edging options:  Advant-Edge System or Advant-Edge System Plus. (note: Again no real descriptions available – just marketing noise)
5) Box spring option:  Box springs are available in the standard 9 inch height or a low profile 5 inches in height.

The different options range in price (for a queen size bed) from about $399 to $699USD.

Like most mattresses the Sealy Brand Innerspring comes in a wide variety of sizes including:
- Twin
- Twin extra-long
- Full
- Full extra-long
- Queen
- Split-queen
- King
- California king. 

One can also choose from four different mattress comfort levels including:
- Firm
- Cushion Firm
- Plush
- Ultra Plush. 

The Firm comfort level provides the most support while the Ultra Plush is very soft.

The Sealy Brand Innerspring Mattress carries up to a 10 year warranty.  Please note that other Sealy Brand mattresses have a “full” 10 year warranty.  Before you buy an Innerspring please ask the retailer about the warranty.  

You may wish to check out Amazon’s long line of Sealy Mattresses.

Sealy Brand Memory Foam Mattress
Described by Sealy as having the “distinctive conformance of memory foam on a budget”, this is indeed one of the less expensive big brand name memory foam mattresses (although if you are into memory foam you may want to check out Dynasty Mattresses).

The Sealy Brand Memory Foam mattresses start at about 700USD and provide a layer of memory foam as well as 6 inches of a high-density foam core.  There are no comfort options with this mattress but it does come in several sizes including twin, twin extra-long, full, full extra-long, queen, split-queen, king and California king.  It also comes with a box spring in the standard 9 inch height or the low profile 5 inch height.  It carries a full 10-year warranty.

Sleeping on a memory foam mattress is a very different feel from sleeping on an innerspring mattress.  It may be worth the time to read a little bit about memory foam mattresses if one is leaning in this direction.

Sealy Brand Latex Foam Mattress
Sealy describe their Sealy Brand Latex Foam mattress as an entry-level latex mattress, and compare the feel to that of an innerspring mattress.  Like the Sealy Brand Innerspring it comes in four different comfort options: Firm, Cushion Firm, Plush and Ultra Plush.  Even though this is considered “entry-level” latex mattresses do not typically come cheap and the Sealy Brand Latex Foam Mattress starts at about 1000USD.

It is also available in a wide variety of sizes including twin, twin extra-long, full, full extra-long, queen, king and California king.  A standard or low profile box spring is available and it carries a full 10-year warranty.


Editor’s Note: Sealy seems to have made an effort to limit practical information about their mattresses, at least online.   Finding specifications and detailed mattress information is nigh on impossible for much of Sealy’s stable of mattresses.  What can be easily found is mostly marketing noise.  This is a hallmark of the mattress industry it seems.



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