Memory Foam Mattresses

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Memory foam mattresses are relatively new products but are extremely popular in the bed marketplace at the moment.  The mattresses have appeared in various homes up and down the country.  They have recently been the subject of many consumer reports, the majority of which have been positive, but yet little is known about what they are and why they are different.  [REF Memory Foam Mattress Reviews 2010]

What Are Memory Foam Mattresses? 

Memory foam mattresses have been around for some time but they have not been easily available to the consumer. This is because they were initially made for NASA to combat the g-force present upon launch (large g-forces can cause joint damage and mobility issues for the astronauts). Of course, they were made of expensive compounds then, which pushed prices astronomically high, but they are now made of polyurethane foam and are more affordable.

The premise behind the memory foam mattress is that it moulds to your individual body shape and retains that shape to offer your body support where it needs it most. Unlike a hard mattress, it does not stiffen joints but instead ensures that they are where they are supposed to be – correctly aligned and supported with the correct amount of pressure dispersed up and down the length of your body.

Why Are Memory Foam Mattresses Different?

Memory foam mattresses are quite different to the rest of the mattress offerings in the market. NASA may never have used the idea, but it has a very relevant medical use today. They have proven to be of great help to bed bound patients in that they prevent pressure sores and related infections because the unique pressure system actually encourages the circulation of blood flow evenly around the body.

The Pros - There are many positives associated with the memory foam mattress, including the following:

- You can choose a memory foam mattress that is the right firmness for you because there is a huge range of varying firmnesses available.

  • - Memory foam mattresses actually last longer than conventional ones.

  • - The memory foam mattress will return to its original shape when you get out of bed so it will adapt to your needs day by day.

  • - It can keep your joints healthier for longer owing to the fact that the nature of the mattress offers sufficient support to take any strain off them whilst you are in bed.

  • - Dust allergies will be less common because the memory foam is actually denser than a regular mattress.


The Cons - However, there are a few issues related to these mattresses as well:

- The memory foam mattress does tend to be more expensive than a regular mattress so it may not be within your budget.


  • - As memory foam is naturally flammable, the chemicals that are used to make it fire retardant may irritate some individuals’ respiratory systems. This is only in a small number of cases but does occur.

  • - Memory foam mattresses do tend to have a unique smell that may put some people off.  The smell does disappear over time however.




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