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Colgate Classica Crib Mattress

Dubbed by many outlets as “the most recognized and popular foam crib mattress by name in America”, the Colgate Classica I Crib Mattress, gets very good reviews from consumers.  This mattress has received accolades from many sources, and there is now an eco-friendly version available.  [REF Crib Mattress Reviews 2010]

Airlay Futon

There is little written about the Airlay Futon mattress, however the Queen size version is a best-selling futon mattress on Amazon.  Amazon offer this in twin size, queen size and full-size.  It is marketed as a quality mattress available at a low price.  [REF Futon Mattress Reviews 2010]

Intex Airbed

The Intex Raised Air Bed is well rated by consumers and is also quite inexpensive.  It provides a very convenient and portable sleeping solution for house guests.  Some folks like it so much they use it for a permanent bed, although several indicate it is more comfortable if you add a mattress topper.  [REF Air Mattress Reviews 2010]

Coleman 4 in 1 Quickbed

The Coleman Quickbed 4 in 1 is an inflatable bed that is useful for unexpected guests or camping.   The Quickbed can be used in different configurations to create 4 different sleeping systems.  It gets great marks from consumers and is quite inexpensive (under 40USD at some outlets).  [REF Air Mattress Reviews 2010]

Stearns & Foster Mattress
Click to see Stearns & Foster on Amazon

Stearns & Foster presently offers several sleep sets.  These range from the entry level Traditional Mattress to the upscale Golden Elegance Mattress that includes materials such as cashmere, merino wool and Mongolian horsehair[REF Stearns & Foster Mattress Reviews 2010]

Stearns & Foster was founded in 1846 by the two partners George S. Stearns and Seth C. Foster.  At the time the company was located in Cincinnati, Ohio and was involved in manufacturing upholstery for horse drawn carriages. They are now providers of luxury mattresses[REF Stearns & Foster Mattress Reviews 2010]

When interviewed, many sleep specialists report that the most important factor in a good night's sleep is the mattress that you are using.  It can make a world of difference.  Your mattress can also be at fault for any back pains or stiff neck difficulties you are experiencing.  This was the main reason that the Englander Mattress Company ventured out into the consumer world, and to help bring people a more restful night's sleep.  [REF Englander Mattress Reviews 2010]

The Tempur Pedic AlluraBed is an expensive memory foam pillow-top mattress that can be purchased with a foundation and also with an electronically adjustable base.  It comes in an array of sizes and is well-liked by consumers, but still has a few drawbacks that are typical of memory foam mattresses. [REF Tempurpedic Mattress Reviews 2010]

Tempur Cloud mattresses by Tempur-pedic are fairly new to the market and combine TEMPUR-ES (a new Tempur-pedic material) with their existing TEMPUR material.  TEMPUR-ES provides a softer pillow-top type of feel while the TEMPUR provides more support.  There are presently two mattress in the Tempur Cloud collection – Tempur Cloud and Tempur Cloud Supreme.  There are plans to add more mattresses to this collection soon.  These are essentially memory foam mattresses. [REF Tempurpedic Mattress Reviews 2010]

The Tempurpedic Celebrity Bed is fairly well liked by consumers however it is, like many Tempurpedic mattresses, quite expensive.  People tend to like the level of comfort and support provided by the Celebrity but like a lot of foam mattresses there are issues related to heat and initial mattress odor. [REF Tempurpedic Mattress Reviews 2010]

Serta Shyreton mattress

The Serta Shyreton Pillow Top Mattress is a firm mattress with soft upholstery applied to the sleeping surface on one side.  It is designed to provide support (via it’s high density coil count and construction) as well as comfort through the Pillow Top.  These mattresses cost approximately 1000USD (more or less depending on features and the retailer) and have a 10-year warranty against manufacturers defects.  [REF Serta Mattress Reviews 2010]

Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress

The Serta Perfect Sleeper Ashwood Mattress is one of the less expensive Serta mattresses.  That is not to say that it is inexpensive but rather that it is at the less expensive end of the Serta mattress spectrum.   It was created specifically for department stores who wanted to feature quality bedding at an affordable price.  The Perfect Sleeper series of mattresses is Serta’s best-selling mattress series and was also rated by Consumers Digest as a Best Buy[REF Serta Mattress Reviews 2010]

Sealy Embody Mattress
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The Sealy Embody series of mattresses is a new line released by Sealy in Early 2010.  The Embody series includes high-end Latex and Memory Foam mattresses.  More entry-level latex and memory foam Sealy mattress can be found under the “Sealy Brand” line.  The Embody mattress sets are fairly expensive with prices ranging between 2000USD and 3300USD (for a queen size with boxspring).  [REF Sealy Mattress Reviews 2010]

Sealy Baby Ultra Mattress

This crib mattress gets excellent customer ratings and because this mattress is quite popular, a fairly large number of ratings and consumer comments are available.  For the most part consumers feel that this coil mattress is very comfortable and also well priced, however there are some that feel it is too soft and sometimes doesn’t fit well in the crib.  [REF Sealy Mattress Reviews 2010]

Not to be confused with the Simmons Deep Sleep Twin Air Bed, the Simmons Deep Sleep series of mattresses are marketed as durable, comfortable and affordable.  These mattresses are indeed more affordable than the Simmons Beautyrest line.   They get respectable ratings from consumers but some still feel the mattresses are a little pricey. [REF Simmons Mattress Reviews 2010]

Westin Heavenly Mattress

The Westin Heavenly Mattress is manufactured by Simmons and is quite popular with an almost cult-like following. The mattress was unveiled at Westin Hotels in August of 1999 and in the first week over thirty guests asked if the beds could be purchased.  Today the Westin Heavenly Bed (mattress, box spring, pillows and bedding) is found at all Westin Hotels worldwide and over 30,000 have been sold. [REF Simmons Mattress Reviews 2010]

Simmons Beautyrest World Class

The Beautyrest World Class is the middle of the road Beautyrest mattress.   It is a level up from the Classic and the new Anniversary models but not quite as high-end as the Exceptionale, NxG or Black.   Some consumers like the comfort of the mattress but there are also complaints[REF Simmons Mattress Reviews 2010]

Simmons Natural Care

According to Simmons there are three different Natural Care mattresses in this collection:  the Belmore Forest, the Branch River and the Pikes Peak.  However, as is typical in the mattress industry, the mattress has name variations depending on which retailer you visit.  The Natural Care collection is marketed as eco-friendly mattresses that provide a perfect balance of sustainability, style and comfort.  [REF Simmons Mattress Reviews 2010]

Simmons Beautyrest NxG

The Simmons Beautyrest NxG mattress combines both the Simmons Beautyrest Pocketed coil concept (individually material wrapped coils) with advanced memory foam.  Simmons claim this combination provides the “ultimate Beautyrest experience”. [REF Simmons Mattress Reviews 2010]

Simmons Beautyrest Classic

The Simmons Beautyrest Classic series is part of the Beautyrest line of mattresses.  The Beautyrest Classic is the most affordable of the Beautyrests (which include the Classic, the World Class, the Exceptionale, and the fairly new NxG series).  There is also the Beautyrest Black luxury collection but this group of mattresses is often considered separately from the other Beautyrests. [REF Simmons Mattress Reviews 2010]

Dynasty Mattress

One of the best-selling mattresses on Amazon (and also one of the highest rated by consumers) is the “Queen 12 inch Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress with 5 inch Viscoelastic Memory Foam” by Dynasty Mattress.  Dynasty Mattress manufacture relatively high quality memory foam mattresses and provide them for a fair bit less than the bigger brand names.  [REF Memory Foam Mattress Reviews 2010]

Sealy Posturepedic
Click to see Sealy Posturepedic on Amazon

The name Sealy came from the town of Sealy in Texas where a man by the name of Daniel Haynes started making mattresses from pressed cotton in the 1880’s.  Sealy Corporation is the largest bedding manufacturer in North America and sells through some 7000 retail outlets.  It is well known for it’s Posturepedic line of mattresses which was first introduced in 1950.    [REF Sealy Mattress Reviews 2010]

In the consumer marketplace today, it is all about branding and the one brand that is synonymous with bedding is Sealy mattresses. Sealy is a brand known worldwide for quality and a good night’s sleep, and many people really do need it because we all live in a world where stress is king and individuals cannot seem to relax. Although some individuals do not believe that a mattress can make all the difference, many folks beg to differ!  But what are Sealy mattresses and what is behind the company?   [REF Sealy Mattress Reviews 2010]

Serta mattresses are amongst the most renowned mattresses in the world and can be found in bedrooms up and down the United States, as well as in bedrooms all over the world. Sales are high as a result of the major technological innovations that they use, with the customer service aspect also being high on the priority list. This combination is extremely impressive for potential customers and provides two good reasons why people convert to the Serta mattresses in the first place! They also provide good reasons as to why Serta keeps customers for years and years, but who are Serta and what can Serta mattresses offer?  [REF Serta Mattress Reviews 2010]

In a world full of choices, Tempurpedic mattresses provide consumers with a whole host of them in their extensive, technologically advanced range of bedding products. Known all around the world for their ability to help ease painful and aching joints, Tempurpedic mattresses has become a famous household brand in an amazingly short period of time thanks to its patented memory foam designs, which have certainly provided the market with innovation and consumers with a well designed product. This article will give you a quick introduction to Tempurpedic and its products to give you an idea of what they can do for you.   [REF Tempurpedic Mattress Reviews 2010]


The Kindsdown Sleep to Live mattress series is very popular right now (yes Sleep to Live is by Kingsdown).  Kingsdown actually have a Sleep to Live Research Center where they study aspects of healthful sleep.  The Kingsdown Sleep to Live Diagnostics system (which they claim took over 15 years to develop, several million dollars of investment, and involved two of the world’s best sleep scientists) allows one to create a customized sleep surface that provides proper support and comfort.  [REF Kingsdown Mattress Reviews 2010]

Kingsdown mattresses is undoubtedly one of the major players in the bedding industry at the moment and has been for some time. World renowned for their quality products, Kingsdown has been in business for over a hundred years and the company shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. With a wide range of  mattresses, Kingsdown offers some of the most desirable products in the industry today.  [REF Kingsdown Mattress Reviews 2010]

Denver mattresses are undoubtedly popular in the United States but are also equally undoubtedly one of the lesser-known brands out there. There may be any number of reasons for this but more and more homes are beginning to discover just what Denver mattresses can offer them. You can combine comfort, value and support all in the one package without being patronised and told what is best for you.  Read on to learn more about this brand of mattress.  [REF Denver Mattress Reviews 2010]

AeroBed for Kids

Air mattresses are also known as airbeds and are essentially inflatable mattresses.  They are a popular choice for camping, as a portable mattress, or for home use (often temporary sometimes not).  They can be deflated and easily stored.  Airbeds tend to be larger air mattresses that are often meant for guest use or even permanent beds.  [REF Air Mattress Reviews 2010]

Owning one of the many futon mattresses that can be found in most good furniture stores seems to be the latest fashion craze in terms of home furnishings. Originally from Japan, the futon mattress is known primarily for its comfort but, like many things that have been brought to Europe and America from Asia, it has been adapted for modern Western homes.  So what exactly are futon mattresses?  [REF Futon Mattress Reviews 2010]

Latex mattresses have been popular in Europe for years but have only just begun to make an impact on the American market. Their availability is currently at its highest around the world and this type of mattress is slowly but surely gaining credibility. Consumer reports have spent little time on latex mattresses in the past but they are now being featured...  [REF Latex Mattress Reviews 2010]

Memory foam mattresses are relatively new products but are extremely popular in the bed marketplace at the moment.  The mattresses have appeared in various homes up and down the country.  They have recently been the subject of many consumer reports, the majority of which have been positive, but yet little is known about what they are and why they are different.  [REF Memory Foam Mattress Reviews 2010]

Crib mattresses are of great interest to parents and parents-to-be today because the days when a mother or father could walk into a store and purchase any crib mattress are gone. As a result of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), there have been many health and safety guidelines associated to these mattresses, and parents are far pickier about the mattress that their little one sleeps on. Fortunately this has brought more choice to the marketplace than ever before, but you now have to do your due diligence before heading out to buy a crib mattress.  [REF Crib Mattress Reviews 2010]

There are many mattress companies in the world today, but one of the most popular is Simmons mattresses. Simmons mattresses are widely available in furniture and bedding stores up and down the country and have been for some time as a result of their 130-year plus history. With a great reputation and a lot of consumer trust, the modern Simmons products have a lot to live up to because the products produced in the past really did establish a quality that very few other companies replicated. As such, Simmons mattresses is undoubtedly one of the best companies around for many reasons, but we should start with whom Simmons are...  [REF Simmons Mattress Reviews 2010]

simmons beautyrest world class
Clcik to see the World Class on Amazon

The Simmons Beautyrest mattress line has been around for some time.   It was first introduced in 1925 and has been the flagship product for Simmons ever since.  The Simmons Beautyrest line includes four options:  Beautyrest Classic, Beautyrest World Class, Beautyrest Exceptionale, and most recently the Beautyrest NxG .   [REF Simmons Beautyrest Reviews]

In this Simmons Beautyrest review we explore the Simmons Beautyrest Extraordinaire. The Extraordinaire is an air bed (or airbed), which is essentially an inflatable mattress.  Airbeds are a popular choice for camping, as a portable mattress, or for home use (often temporary sometimes not).  They can be deflated and easily stored or transported.  There is no exact terminology for these products but “inflatable or air mattresses” tends to refer to the smaller units while “airbeds” refers to the larger units that are often meant for guest use or even permanent beds.   [REF Simmons Mattress Reviews 2010]

Simmons Beautyrest Black

The original Simmons Beautyrest Mattress was launched in 1925.  Today they have a high-end luxury line of Beautyrest mattresses know as the Simmons Beautyrest Black Mattress collection.  There are four different models in the collection: Olivia Plush, Perla Pillow Top, Alyssa Firm, and the Alisanne Plush Pillow Top.  [REF Simmons Mattress Reviews 2010]



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