Mattress Maintenance

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Mattress Maintenance
A few basics related to maintaining your mattress and increasing its life-expectancy.

MATTRESS TURNING - Many spring mattress require turning as the constant pressure on one side of  a mattress leads to dips and compression areas.   Turning a mattress can sometimes be an issue with some of the larger mattresses (some of these are very heavy).  If turning a mattress may be problematic for you then there are quite a few “no-turn” mattresses on the market – these are built such that they only have the one sleeping surface.  Latex and Memory Foam Mattresses are usually considered “no-turn” mattresses but it is still good practice to turn them.

The frequency of mattress turning should be about once every three months or so.  This practice will actually help extend the life expectancy of the mattress.

MATTRESS AIRING - If you have just purchased a new mattress it is often a good idea to air it for several hours (maybe 4 hours or so).  This allows any potential condensation to evaporate and in some cases it also helps to alleviate any odors.

MATTRESS MOVING - If you are moving a sprung mattress it is also important not to roll or bend it.  This can permanently damage the spring, rods and other internal structure of the mattress.

MATTRESS COVER -  Use a mattress cover.  This will protect the mattress from perspiration and any spills/stains – mattresses typically absorb moisture and this will reduce the life of your mattress and in some cases could even invalidate the warranty.

Mattress Safety
If this is an area you wish to look into further the Sleep Products Safety Council has lots of good information on mattress safety.


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