Latex Mattresses

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Latex mattresses have been popular in Europe for years but have only just begun to make an impact on the American market. Their availability is currently at its highest around the world and this type of mattress is slowly but surely gaining credibility. Consumer reports have spent little time on latex mattresses in the past but they are now being featured...  [REF Latex Mattress Reviews 2010]

What Are Latex Mattresses? 

Latex mattresses have been in existence since before the outbreak of the Second World War and have evolved over time to incorporate the latest technologies. The latex mattresses that are in stores at the moment are the most advanced and comfortable that they have ever been and are gaining popularity as a result. 

Latest mattresses are just that – mattresses that are made of latex, whether natural or synthetic. You can get mattresses that are either natural or synthetic, or indeed a mixture of both. There have been various methods of making them over the years as technology has evolved, but prices have routinely been high. Although still high today, the prices have come down somewhat and are now more affordable for the average consumer. 

Why Are Latex Mattresses So Different? 

Latex mattresses are very different from regular mattresses because they have two different systems going on within the one package. There is the layering system and the zone system. The former actually features layers made of different materials, from latex to memory foam to cotton, which is designed to give the owner a high level of comfort. The mattress will mould to the individual form and will move as he or she moves as well so you will never be uncomfortable. 

The zone system, on the other hand, offers extensive support. The zones are designed to offer the correct level of support to different areas of the body, so you will have one level of support under your shoulders and a completely different level of support under your hips. As a result of this amazing breakthrough and the comfort brought to the table by the layering system, you get an unparalleled mixture of support and comfort that few other types of mattress can replicate.

Also, a great video on the manufacturing process behind latex mattesses has been put together by Englander Sleep Products and it is worth the watch to better understand where latex comes from and how it is used in mattresses.  You can see the video below:

Latex mattresses do have their distinct advantages over the competition, including the following: 

  • Latex mattresses will last far longer than any other type of mattress out there today. It is durable, resilient and extremely hard wearing.
  • The latex mattress offers support exactly where you need it because of the zone design. It will offer varying degrees of support depending on the different layers under various parts of the body.
  • With no springs, you are not likely to get uncomfortable spots at any time whilst you have a latex mattress, unlike the sensation that you eventually get with a traditional mattress.
  • The layering of the mattress ensures that you get a good night’s rest. You remain comfortable because the layers move with you and offer a degree of resilience that is not possible to achieve with other mattresses.

However, the list of positives above do not rule out the very real negatives there are, of which the first is the most important: 

  • Many people have latex allergies and so this kind of bed would not be suitable for them in the slightest. In fact, owning latex mattresses can cause serious reactions for those allergic to the material.
  • If the latex mattress is synthetic then it often has an odd smell to it. It does go away in time but it may put you off the mattress to begin with.
  • Latex mattresses can be expensive, depending on the material used and the firmness of the mattress. Natural latex mattresses do cost that little bit more but do tend to be slightly more comfortable.

UPDATE - 2012

Also, for those interested, in the course of our research we found a very highly rated and reasonably priced mattress on Amazon.  The mattress is called the Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress.  A queen size can sometimes be found discounted for about $600 and there are presently 30 reviews from owners.  The average of all the reviews is an extremely high 4.97 stars out of 5.  Essentially everyone but one person gave the mattress 5 stars out of 5.  One person gave it 4 without citing any reason for the missing star.

Folks report liking the mattress for the following reasons:

- Company provides great customer service
- After purchase you are contacted to customize the mattress firmness level
- Mattress doesn’t sleep too hot or too cold.  It stays at a comfortable temperature.
- Great body support
- Comfortable
- No odor
- Includes a very nice bamboo cover
- Excellent price for a latex mattress
- Made in the USA

But to be clear this is not a 100% latex mattress.  It is a combination of talalay latex and high density foam.  The mattress is also available in a number of different sizes and you can see them all here .


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