Latex Mattress Reviews

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Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress

If you are considering a latex mattress you will want to read more about the Ultimate Dreams latex mattress from Dreamfoam Bedding.  There is little detailed information about this particular company, but we want to introduce this mattress to our readers because it is far and away the best-selling and best-rated latex mattress on Amazon.  Ratings are stellar and owners report that the mattress is very comfortable, well-built, and reasonably priced.  Mattress thickness options are limited however and a few folks report a slight smell after opening the packaging - but this is said to dissipate quickly.

LUCID 16 inch memory foam mattress

This is an overview of the 16-inch LUCID memory foam and latex mattress. We wanted to provide some information on this mattress as it is popular, reasonably priced and getting good grades from owners.  This is an ultra plush, four layer mattress with a 25 year warranty.  It uses memory foam, latex and high density base foam.  It is usually purchased online through Amazon or LinenSpa.

Casper Mattress

Casper launched in 2014 and they are one of a number of mattress start-ups in recent years. They’ve made a bit of a splash in the industry and have received widespread media coverage. The Casper mattress is a combination of three types of foam, including memory foam, and it is delivered directly to your door in a vacuum sealed package. Consumer ratings are fairly good to date and most owners like how easy it is to setup and feel it is good value for money. However some folks find it too firm and also report that delivery can be slow.


Sealy Embody Mattress
Click to see Sealy Embody on Amazon

The Sealy Embody series of mattresses is a new line released by Sealy in Early 2010.  The Embody series includes high-end Latex and Memory Foam mattresses.  More entry-level latex and memory foam Sealy mattress can be found under the “Sealy Brand” line.  The Embody mattress sets are fairly expensive with prices ranging between 2000USD and 3300USD (for a queen size with boxspring).  [REF Sealy Mattress Reviews 2010]

Latex mattresses have been popular in Europe for years but have only just begun to make an impact on the American market. Their availability is currently at its highest around the world and this type of mattress is slowly but surely gaining credibility. Consumer reports have spent little time on latex mattresses in the past but they are now being featured...  [REF Latex Mattress Reviews 2010]

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