Kingsdown Mattresses

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Kingsdown mattresses is undoubtedly one of the major players in the bedding industry at the moment and has been for some time. World renowned for their quality products, Kingsdown has been in business for over a hundred years and the company shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. With a wide range of  mattresses, Kingsdown offers some of the most desirable products in the industry today.  [REF Kingsdown Mattress Reviews 2010]

Who Are Kingsdown?

Kingdown was founded in 1904 in Mebane, North Carolina and are still based there today. They actually started out making handmade mattresses. Of course, the company has moved with technology and so no longer does this, but the company is just as popular as ever.  The Kingsdown mattresses available today are said to have a unique sleep system and are highly regarded by those individuals that pen consumer reviews as well as the average person that sleeps on them day in and day out. So what products do Kingsdown offer? 

What Products Do They Offer?

There are three Kingsdown mattresses available. The three different products are as follows (complete with a quick guide to them!):

  • The Kingsdown Body System Mattress – This model combines to older tradition of hand making the mattress and the newer, more modern technology of a full coil system that is designed to offer substantial support to your spine all night long. It maintains your posture from your head to your toes, despite the fact that you are lying down to help prevent joint issues later on n life and daily aches and pains.
  • Perfect Partner – Kingsdown boasts that this is the most technologically advanced mattress in the world. It is actually designed to combat the jolting motion caused when your partner moves during the night by cushioning the movement so that you do not feel a thing!
  • Plush Sense Sleep System – With brand new construction techniques, the Plush Sense Kingsdown mattresses are hypoallergenic and actually breathe, but they still incorporate the full coil system for comfort.

What Advantages Does Kingsdown Have Over The Competition?

Kingsdown mattresses do have very real advantages over the competition. The company boasts that they are acknowledged as industry leaders, which they are, but they remain faithful to their roots and so combine excellent customer service with brand new technology. 

The sleep systems that Kingsdown offers are unique and they do use the latest and most up to date studies and technologies to ascertain that they are offering the consumer a little bit more than their competitors. They cater for all needs and are always open to suggestions and feedback from consumers to help them to get even further ahead of the competition. 

Kingsdown have also received a number of awards, including the Ontario Furniture Manufacturers Association’s Grand Trillium Award and the National Home Furnishing Association’s Award of Excellence.



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