Futon Mattresses

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Owning one of the many futon mattresses that can be found in most good furniture stores seems to be the latest fashion craze in terms of home furnishings. Originally from Japan, the futon mattress is known primarily for its comfort but, like many things that have been brought to Europe and America from Asia, it has been adapted for modern Western homes.  So what exactly are futon mattresses?  [REF Futon Mattress Reviews 2010]

What Are Futon Mattresses? 

The nature of the individual futon mattress largely depends on the type of futon that you wish to buy. There are both Japanese and Western futon mattresses available but they barely resemble each other.  The traditional futon mattresses are from Japan and are placed on the flooring of the bedroom. They are fairly thin compared to modern mattresses, but they are extremely comfortable and versatile because they are purposely designed to be folded up and put away during the day. 

However, Western futon mattresses are completely different and not recognisable from looking at the mattresses that they were originally based on. Western futons tend to masquerade as chairs or sofas that fold out into a bed. This is also convenient because it can easily be stored during the day if you only have a little room to spare. 

Why Are Futon Mattresses So Different? 

Futon mattresses are different because they pay more attention to convenience than comfort and versatility than support. Both Japanese and Western futon mattresses can be folded away and are not designed to remain as a bed for the duration of their existence. Instead, they are meant to be folded for storage or ease of movement and space saving. 

Unlike many of the mattress types out there at the moment, there is no medical credibility to add to their existence, just practicality and, these days, fashion as well.  They will not ease your joints or support your frame, but the Japanese ones seem luxurious, whilst the Western futon mattress allows you to sit during the day and sleep at night.

The Pros 

There are several positive features and benefits that are associated with futon mattresses, regardless of whether they are Japanese or Western, and they include the following: 

  • Western futons are space saving and can be convenient as they offer an extra bed at no cost in terms of space within your home to move around. Just simply fold it back into a chair or sofa when you have finished.
  • Japanese futons are extremely comfortable and can actually help you to get a good night’s sleep. You do tend to sink into them, but they are extremely relaxing.
  • Western futon mattresses can be very cheap and infinitely affordable so if you happen to be on a budget then investing on one can really help you to save money.
  • Futon mattresses do not ten to wear easily. They will last a long time because they are so durable and resilient.

The Cons 

There are also some very valid negatives associated with the futon mattress, including the points outlined below: 

  • Japanese futon mattresses can be extremely expensive, but this is largely because of the fashionable element rather than what they are made from! A traditional futon mattress from Japan is quite cheap and many begrudge paying the difference.
  • Futon mattresses are not supposed to be left out all day because this makes them susceptible to dust mites, which can bring on allergies and asthma attacks. This is obviously depending on the severity of your allergy but it is possible
  • A Western futon is not as comfortable as a regular bed because it folds into another form and thus has to be able to bend.
  • You must take the time to air a futon in direct sunlight to allow it to breathe but this is not always convenient.



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