Futon Mattress Reviews

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Shiki Futon

The J-Life Shiki Futon is a traditional Japanese futon.  Reviews are not plentiful but a few exist on Amazon and they are fairly good.  This futon mattress comes in a range of sizes and has a 5-year warranty.  [REF Futon Mattress Reviews 2010]

Airlay Futon

There is little written about the Airlay Futon mattress, however the Queen size version is a best-selling futon mattress on Amazon.  Amazon offer this in twin size, queen size and full-size.  It is marketed as a quality mattress available at a low price.  [REF Futon Mattress Reviews 2010]

Owning one of the many futon mattresses that can be found in most good furniture stores seems to be the latest fashion craze in terms of home furnishings. Originally from Japan, the futon mattress is known primarily for its comfort but, like many things that have been brought to Europe and America from Asia, it has been adapted for modern Western homes.  So what exactly are futon mattresses?  [REF Futon Mattress Reviews 2010]



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