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When interviewed, many sleep specialists report that the most important factor in a good night's sleep is the mattress that you are using.  It can make a world of difference.  Your mattress can also be at fault for any back pains or stiff neck difficulties you are experiencing.  This was the main reason that the Englander Mattress Company ventured out into the consumer world, and to help bring people a more restful night's sleep.  [REF Englander Mattress Reviews 2010]

The History
The founder of the company, Max Englander, began marketing the Englander Sleep Products in 1894.  His goal was to provide a mattress that would provide a more comfortable experience while sleeping.  The Englander company was the first to introduce the continuous coil unit, as well as selling full size and twin size sets separately.  While the company has changed hands and ideas throughout the years, the original vision of comfort has remained true.

The first time the company changed owners was in 1961.  This is the year that Union Carbide acquired the company.  The new owners began focusing more on the inner coils in the mattress.  However, it was not until 1992 when Englander officially held the propriety rights to the "heaviest gauge coil unit" in the industry.  Two years later the Englander Company celebrated their 100th anniversary while passing the 100 million dollar mark.

Englander changed hands for a second time in 2002 when purchased by England Inc., a subsidiary of La-Z-Boy.  However, the new owners decided to keep the Englander name due to its long standing customer history, just as Union Carbide did.  The latest change of ownership came in 2005, when licensees purchased the company and formed "Englander Sleep Products, LLC."  This, in turn, launched a brand new logo and line of innovative products that continue to be popular today.

Nature's Finest Latex Sleep System
The 100% natural latex rubber mattress was made popular by Englander for the first time in 1996, with the launching of their Nature's Finest model.  This helped revitalize a section of the mattress industry that had declined in previous years.  Soon after, mattress companies all over the world were selling natural latex mattresses as competition.

The Nature's Finest latex mattress, as it is called by Englander, is made with pure and natural rubber latex.  According to the Englander company, it is nature's "most durable cushioning material".  Technically speaking, it conforms to your body to provide comfort both luxuriously and in an orthopedic sense.  The most important factor is that it is completely natural and safe for the environment.  Natural latex has also been said to keep you more cool in the summer and warmer in the winter. 

Viscopedic Memory Foam
The Viscopedic Memory Foam mattress came soon after the latex reintroduction.  In 1997, Englander brought the Visco Elastic Memory Foam onto the market.  The secret is in the antimicrobial fibers.  According to the Englander company website, the Viscopedic memory foam has a more responsive cell structure to provide complete luxury.  In turn, it reduces your need to toss and turn by relieving certain pressure points that cause discomfort.

Due to the antimicrobial fibers, the memory foam returns back to its original form after each use.  It also keeps your movements from disrupting your partner's sleep.  Englander refers to this as their "No Motion Transfer" feature in the Viscopedic mattress. 

Synergy Fusion Foam Collection
In 2005, the Synergy Collection was introduced.  It is a collaboration of the Visco-Elastic memory foam and Englander's natural rubber latex.  Therefore, it has all of the natural elements and eco-friendly characteristics of the original latex mattresses, but with a more luxurious feel.  According to Englander, it has the same heat and body temperature sensitivity of the viscopedic mattresses, but with a more natural and pure quality of the Nature's Finest mattress.   

Posture SupportPlus
The Posture SupportPlus line was designed for those who are athletically built or of a plus-size stature.  The mattress is formulated with a patent-pending "dual coil" that provides extra support.  The top coils form to your body while the heavier bottom coils provide the support and extra durability.  An added characteristic of each Posture SupportPlus mattress is a steel edge support system, "soy-based" visco memory foam, and pure rubber latex. 

Hotel Collection
Englander embraced the business portion of the mattress industry by forming a relationship with hotels all over the world.  The Hotel Collection is a 2-sided innerspring line of mattresses with a heavy duty coil section.  There is also the same steel edge support that is in the Posture SupportPlus line for added durability.  You can find Englander Hotel Collection mattresses in the following hotels: Sheraton Hotels, Hilton, Club Quarters, Marriott, Peninsula, Soho Grand, Sofitel, and Nine Zero.



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