Queen Celebrity 13” PillowTop Memory Foam Mattress

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Dynasty Mattress Queen Celebrity
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Dynasty Mattress has a number of popular mattresses on Amazon and the 13” Queen Celebrity PillowTop is one of their better selling memory foam units.  It is also getting very good customer reviews.  Owners frequently comment on this mattresses great price, comfort and similarity to the more expensive Tempur-Pedic.  Unfavorable comments are few but some folks mention that it does have an odor after unpacking.  [REF Dynasty Mattress Reviews]

Consumer ratings indicate a very high level of satisfaction with this mattress as can be seen in the table below:

 Source Consumer Ratings #Ratings
 Amazon 4.7 stars out of 5 26

Memory foam mattresses are made from polyurethane which is sometimes called visco-elastic foam. They were originally developed by NASA to help astronauts deal with severe g-forces. In the beginning they were prohibitively expensive but recent advances in technology have made these mattresses more accessible. The term “memory foam” refers to the fact that impressions made in the foam last for some time before the foam reverts back to its original shape. Memory foam is comprised of many tiny air-filled cells that slowly release their air when compressed and slowly refill when the pressure is removed.
The 13 inch Queen Celebrity PillowTop is topped with 5.5 inches of 5.3 lbs density memory foam followed by 7.5 inches of polyurethane base foam, making the entire mattress 5.5 + 7.5 = 13 inches thick.  Memory foam density simply refers to the weight per cubic foot of the material and 5.3 lbs is a respectable density for memory foam. The Queen Celebrity Memory Foam Mattress also has dual airflow which helps to increase the air circulation within the mattress and reduce mattress temperature. Indeed several owners have commented that the mattress does not sleep hot.

Dynasty provides a 20 year warranty on the Queen Celebrity and they also offer a 120 night in-home-trial.  The in-home-trial allows one to experience the mattress for a full 120 days during which time they can return the mattress for any reason.  It should be noted however that this is a vacuum packed mattress and when unpacked it becomes much larger (expands to full mattress dimensions) making shipping back more unwieldy.  In addition, the mattress weighs about 100 lbs.

The Queen Celebrity 13” PillowTop has dimensions (L x W x H) 80 x 60 x 13 inches and comes with a one-hundred percent cotton cover with zipper.  In marketing materials Dynasty Mattress compares the Queen Celebrity to the Tempur-Pedic Celebrity Bed and there are consumer comments indicating the mattress is indeed comparable  - at a fraction of the cost.  Although some owners say it is almost as good as the Tempur-Pedic but not quite.

A review of customer comments has yielded the following Queen Celebrity mattress likes and dislikes:

- Excellent price
- Many owner comments saying it is comparable to a Tempur-Pedic
- After unpacking expands to full size in a matter of hours
- A number of comments indicating it has relieved owners back pains
- Very comfortable
- Most owners feel the bed doesn’t sleep hot

- Heavy
- Gives off chemical smell for a while after unpacking

In general consumers indicate the mattress is firm but still manages to provide a good combination of comfort and support.  In addition, some owners say the chemical smell (noticed after unpacking) can take several days to fully dissipate and a few folks even report up to a week.  It should also be noted that a number of consumers feel the smell is negligible and that it dissipates in a number of hours.  It is difficult to tell if the odor is stronger with some mattresses or if some owners may simply be more sensitive than others.

If you are considering this mattress or others by Dynasty you may want to read feedback on Dynasty Mattress products, shipping and customer service here.


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