Dynasty Mattress’ Twin Memory Foam Mattress for Kids

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Dynasty Mattress for Kids
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Dynasty Mattress, the popular alternative to Tempurpedic, is manufacturing a memory foam mattress for kids – the Visco 4 Kids 7" Twin Memory Foam Mattress.  It is getting good reviews (although reviews are limited) and is available through Amazon.  Consumers like the fact that they can get a quality memory foam mattress for their kids at a reasonable price, and that the mattress is firm yet still comfortable.  Like all of their mattresses Dynasty Mattress compare this to a Tempurpedic.  [REF Dynasty Mattress Reviews 2011]

Due to the limited number of consumer reviews, likes and dislikes related to the mattress are hard to come by but folks have said that they love the mattress because it is a quality memory foam mattress and it is not too expensive.   It can often be found for between $200 and $250.  People find the mattress comfortable yet firm, but some mention that it carries that memory foam smell for a short while.  Also, folks like the cover that comes with the mattress as it is very soft.

For those not familiar with memory foam we provide an excerpt from out mattress guide below:

MEMORY FOAM MATTRESSES - These mattresses are made from polyurethane which is sometimes also called Visco-Elastic Foam.  They were originally developed by NASA to help astronauts deal with severe g-forces.  They were prohibitively expensive in the past but new technology has made these mattresses more accessible as of late.  The term “memory foam” refers to the fact that the impressions made in the foam last quite a while before the foam reverts to its original shape.  Memory foam is comprised of many tiny air-filled cells that slowly release their air when compressed and slowly refill when the pressure is removed. 

You will often see several measurements related to these mattresses: density and depth.  Density simply refers to the weight per cubic foot of the material while depth is just the thickness of memory foam.  You probably want a minimum of 2.5 lbs density in your Memory Foam Mattress with 4 lbs being the most common at this time.

The Visco 4 Kids mattress uses 5 lbs density visco-elastic memory foam and consists of 2 inches of memory foam on top of a 5 inch polyurethane base.   This mattress comes in blue, pink or green and has a 100 percent cotton cover (with zipper) that can be removed and washed.  Memory foam mattresses can sometimes be hot to sleep on but the Visco 4 Kids comes with a dual air flow cooling feature that helps circulate air through the mattress.  The Visco 4 Kids mattress is advertised as anti-microbial which essentially means it inhibits the grown of bacteria, fungi or protozoa.  All memory foam is naturally anti-microbial and resistant to most allergens. 

This is a twin mattress and has dimensions (Length x Width) 38 inches x 75 inches.   It typically ships to 48 states excluding Hawaii and Alaska and carries a 10 year warranty.

As mentioned, Dynasty Mattresses are often compared to Tempurpedic and are seen by some as the less expensive alternative to Tepurpedic.  The Visco 4 Kids mattress likely compares to the Tempur-Pedic Original Bed or similar (Tempurpedic Original Bed is no longer available but there are similar Tempurpedic mattresses now on the market).

Also, it may be worth noting that Dynasty Mattress has a storefront on Amazon (see Dynasty Mattress Storefront) and has received a 4.9 star rating out of 5 stars by no less than 595 customers. 



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