Luxury Grand King Memory Foam Mattress

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Dynasty Mattress Memory Foam
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Memory foam mattresses were originally developed by NASA to help astronauts deal with severe g-forces but were prohibitively expensive.  New technology has made this material much more affordable and companies like Dynasty Mattress specialize in memory foam mattresses for the home.  The Luxury Grand King by Dynasty Mattress is popular and reviews on Amazon for this mattress are excellent.  If you are in the market for a reasonably priced king size memory foam mattress you will want to give this one some consideration.  [REF Dynasty Mattress Reviews]

A review of owner comments related to the Luxury Grand King by Dynasty Mattress yields the following common likes and dislikes.  For the most part owners appear to be very pleased with this mattress.

- Feels the same as a Tempur-Pedic
- Much less expensive than a Tempur-Pedic
- New mattress odor dissipates in a few days
- Very comfortable
- Relatively firm
- Many owners claim it is good for their back
- Doesn’t get too hot

- When unpacked sometimes has a chemical odor (some owners mention a strong odor while others indicate the odor is rather faint)

Consumer ratings are very good and are indicated in the table below.  You can also read the comments and see the ratings on Amazon here.

 Source  Consumer Ratings  #Ratings
 Amazon  4.7 stars out of 5  32

Dynasty Mattress markets their mattresses after Tempur-Pedic mattresses.  They indicate that their mattresses “compare” to Tempur-Pedic  and each mattress is associated to a specific Tempur-Pedic model.  The Luxury Grand King is said to compare to Tempur-Pedic’s GrandBed.

The Luxury Grand is quite a thick mattress at 14 inches.  It is made with seven different layers of foam – 3 layers of polyurethane base foam and 4 layers of memory foam.  The polyurethane foam makes up a full 8 inches of base material and the visco-elastic memory foam accounts for the other 6 inches of mattress depth.  The memory foam used in the Luxury Grand King is 5.3 lbs density.  Density simply refers to the weight per cubic foot of the material.  One likely wants a minimum of 2.5 lbs density in a Memory Foam Mattress and 4 lbs is quite common at this time. NOTE: Dynsaty Mattress sometimes market their products through "SilverRest Sleep Shop" on Amazon.

Memory foam mattresses have a reputation for holding in body heat and this can sometimes be uncomfortable.  Denver Mattress has built a dual airflow system into the Luxury Grand for mattress cooling and consumer comments seem to indicate that it works.  Owners don’t feel the mattress is too hot.

This king size mattress comes with a 4-way zipper cover that has a satin-like fabric on the sides and a stretch-knit top.  It is the typical dimensions for a king size mattress, namely 80 x 76 x 14 inches and it has a gold braid around the edges (for aesthetics mostly).  The Dynasty Mattress site indicates that they provide a 10 year warranty on the Luxury Grand King although Amazon for some reason shows the mattress carrying a 20 year warranty. 

Dynasty Mattress also has a 120 day in-home trial.  This allows one to return the mattress to the Dynasty Mattress warehouse up to 120 days after you receive it for a full refund.  The mattress must be clean, in good condition and you must provide the receipt.  The trick here is that you have to get it back to the Dynasty Mattress warehouse yourself and you will likely have to ship it.  Also, when these mattresses are shipped to the customer they are vacuum packed into a reasonably sized package but after unpacking they expand to full-size.  Shipping it back to the warehouse may not be cheap.  Having said that, most owners are happy with their purchase and don’t seem to have to resort to shipping the mattress back.

The Luxury Grand Queen also gets great consumer ratings on Amazon and is the same mattress just queen size -14 x 60 x 80 (inches).  The Luxury Grand Queen is well priced at under a thousand dollars.  It carries a 10 year warranty and the same 120 day trial.


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