Dynasty Mattress King Celebrity

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Dynasty Celebrity Mattress
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The king size Celebrity mattress by Dynasty Mattress is another winner.  It is a best-seller on Amazon and customers there rate it a very high 4.5 stars out of 5.  According to Dynasty Mattress the king size Celebrity (or King Celebrity as it is sometimes called) is the equivalent of Tempurpedic’s CelebrityBed mattress.  It is just a whole lot less expensive.  [REF Dynasty Mattress Reviews]

If you are interested in comparing this mattress to a Tempurpedic you may wish to read our review of the Tempurpedic CelebrityBed to get a better idea about what Tempurpedic offer.  A Tempurpedic CelebrityBed king size goes for about $3500USD or more, while the King Celebrity from Dynasty is under $800USD.

The King Celebrity has dimensions 12 x 76 x 80 inches.  The 12 inches of mattress height are the result of 2 inches of pillow top foam, followed by 3 inches of 100% viscoelastic memory foam, all upon a base of 7 inches of high polyurethane base foam.  The density of the viscoelastic memory foam used in the King Celebrity has a density of 5.3 lbs per cubic foot and this is the same density of foam used in the Tempurpedic CelebrityBed.  Also, both the Tempurpedic CelebrityBed and the King Celebrity have dual channels of airflow built into the mattress to help with cooling.

Dynasty Mattresses are vacuum packed and shipped direct to the customer and shipping times seem to be quite good according to consumer comments on the mattress.  Upon opening the packaging the mattress will “blow up” to its proper size in a matter of hours.  However quite a few folks indicate that it does give off a chemical smell for several days after it is opened.  But almost everyone also highlighted that the odor does go away with time.

Dynasty Mattress is becoming quite well-known for their affordable versions of Tempurpedic-like mattresses.  In fact some consumers say they have tried a Tempurpedic mattress in the store and they really cannot tell the difference between the Tempurpedic and the Dynasty. 

Consumer comments regarding the King Celebrity by Dynasty Mattress are mostly favourable although there are some areas of contention.  A review of these comments from quality on-line sources yielded the following common likes and dislikes:

- Almost as good as Tempurpedic at a fraction of the cost
- Delivered quickly and very compact (vacuum packed)
- Comes with nice fitted mattress cover
- Many people indicate they are sleeping better when using this mattress
- Service from Dynasty considered very good (many happy customers)

- Latex-like smell upon first unwrapping mattress (but goes away in a few days)
- Mattress may be a little soft for some

The Celebrity King comes with a four-way zipper washable mattress cover and a 20 year limited warranty.  Dynasty Mattress also provides a 120 day in-home trial whereby the mattress can be returned for any reason within 120 days of purchase.  However some folks have indicated that it is quite large and not easy to send back if you wish to.  You have to pay for the return shipping.

As indicated above consumers were pleased with the service they received from the company.  It may be worth noting that Dynasty Mattress has a storefront on Amazon (see Dynasty Mattress Storefront) and they have received a 4.9 star rating out of 5 stars by no less than 525 customers.  Not bad.  If you are looking for a smaller memory foam mattress you may wish to read our review of the Queen 12 inch Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress.



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