DynastyMattress Adjustable Beds Sleep System with Memory Foam Mattresses

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Legget & Platt Adjustable Bed
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As far as adjustable bed sleep systems go this combination of a Legget and Platt base with DynastyMattress memory foam mattresses appears to be a winner.  It is not too expensive and reviews are absolutely top notch.  If you are looking for an adjustable bed then you should read more about this split-king sleep system.

Our readers have purchased several of these adjustable-bed/mattress combinations.  The reviews are excellent and while the units are a bit pricey (about $2600 - $2700), they are cheaper than those found through a number of other manufacturers like Tempur-Pedic.  This “sleep system” is also coupled with DynastyMattress memory foam mattresses which we’ve looked at a fair bit in the past.  They have a good reputation and customer satisfaction is high.  You can look at some of our reviews of their mattresses here.

Consumer ratings for this sleep system have been found on Amazon and are shown below.  The ratings are top notch although there are admittedly few.

 Mattress Depth  Consumer Ratings  #Ratings
 12 inches  5 stars out of 5  7
 10 inches  5 stars out of 5  2

 You can read some of the reviews on Amazon here and here if you wish

A review of customer comments regarding the base and the mattresses provides the following pros and cons.

- Not too expensive compared to other brands/models
- Assembly is easy
- Includes 2 wireless remotes
- Very comfortable
- Massage features are nice
- Owners report an easing of aches and pains

- More expensive than a regular bed
- Requires some setup
- Memory foam mattresses are a bit heavy
- Memory foam mattresses can have a chemical smell when first unpacked

The adjustable bed component of this combination is manufactured by Legget and Platt, an American company that’s been around for about 125 years and has a significant history with bedding related products.  The adjustable bed is part of Legget and Platt’s classic series and is known as the S-cape adjustable bed.  It is made in the USA.

The S-cape has a 600 lb lifting capacity and includes 2 wireless, back-lit remotes (one for each bed).  It includes a massage feature with both full body and wave massage options.   Bed positions are programmable (so positions can be remembered) and the bed can return to “flat” at the touch of a single button.  The bed can be adjusted into many, many positions but some of the more common ones are shown below. 

S-cape positions
S-Cape positions 2

The adjustable bed also has variable height options and dual-wheel locking casters.  As mentioned, this is a 2-piece split adjustable bed so each person can individually adjust their section.  It also carries a 20 year warrany although the warranty is limited after the first year - you can read the warranty here.  You may also wish to view the S-cape adjustable base owner's manual.

Unlike a basic bed an adjustable bed is an electronic and mechanical device so things can go wrong.  We’ve heard no negative comments to this effect but this is something you won’t run into with a regular bed and should be aware of.  Also the unit requires some setup but owners describe this as fairly straightforward.  Finally, as the 2-piece split bed has two bases it is easier to deliver and move from room to room than a one piece bed.  A typical Legget and Platt adjustable base weighs 150 to 200 lbs. According to marketing literature this combination adjustable bed and mattress is similar to the Ergo Sleep System from Tempur-Pedic.

Following is a video of the Legget and Platt adjustable bed base – this is a generic advertisement from Legget and Platt so it does not necessarily relate to the bed being discussed here but it does show these kinds of units at work. 

The mattresses included with the base come in two thicknesses: 12 inches or 10 inches.  Each is 38 inches wide by 80 inches long.  The 12 inch mattress is medium-firm and the 10 inch is firm.  They are both memory foam mattresses and while the company doesn't expound upon the warranty details we have found literature indicating that they carry a 20 Year limited warranty that breaks down as follows: 100% for 10 years, 40% for 11-15 years, and 20% for 16-20 years. These kinds of prorated warranties are not uncommon in this industry.  Also, should one need to return the mattresses you must pay for the shipping yourself and we imagine that is no small amount given their size and weight..

The 12 inch mattresses include 5 inches of 100% visco-elastic 5.3lb memory foam and 7 inches of high resilience polyurethane base foam. The 10 inch mattresses have 3 inches of memory foam and 7 inches of base foam. Memory foam, originally developed by NASA to increase the safety of aircraft cushions, has the unique ability to mould itself around the body. This ability provides comfort and support at pressure points. The material is also able to recover its shape when the pressure is removed.  You may wish to read more about memory foam in our article on memory foam mattresses.

As memory foam can sometimes sleep hot, these mattresses come with 2 layers of egg-crate base foam which help to increase the air circulation within the mattress and thus reduce mattress temperature.  When the mattresses arrive at your doorstep they are vacuum packed and only about an inch thick. But after they are unpacked and allowed to “rest” for several hours they will expand to their full thickness.

It should be noted that memory foam mattresses often give off a chemical smell when first unpacked, although it generally goes away in a few days.  They are also not lightweight and can be a bit of a chore to move about, but many owners swear by the comfort and support.


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