L.A. Baby Organic Crib Mattress

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LA Baby Organic Mattress
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The L A Baby Organic Cotton 2 in One Orthopedic Crib Mattress is a well-priced organic mattress.  It is also an innerspring mattress with 2 sides: one for the newborn and the other for the infant at 18+ months.  Consumers like the 25 year warranty and the fact that it is durable and well-built however some feel that it is not quite firm enough.  [REF Crib Mattress Reviews 2011]

L.A. Baby is a division of Amwan, a company that manufactures and distributes juvenile furniture.  It should be noted that L.A. Baby mattresses are sold exclusively to distributors and retailers and the company does not sell directly to the general public.  This appears to be a fairly small company that manufactures quality baby products.

The L. A. Baby Organic Crib Mattress sells well on Amazon and according to L.A. Baby their inner spring mattresses all have several quality characteristics such as:

- The foundation uses heat-tempered heavy gauge coil springs
- Coverings are triple laminated, tear resistant and water resistant. 
- Coverings are also non-toxic and anti-microbial
- Border rods are used and provide extra strength and support
- There is a cloth or vinyl binding along edge seams that provides strength
- Air vents in the mattress keep it breathing and fresher
- Cotton batting is used for additional comfort
- Edge support is provided by flex-edge clips
- Mattress meets federal and state flammability standards
- Made in the USA

Several consumer ratings were found for this mattress and they can be seen in the table below:

 Source  Consumer Ratings  #Ratings
 Amazon  4.2 stars out of 5  9
 Costco  4.2 stars out of 5  6
 Simply Baby Furniture  4.3 stars out of 5  4

Ratings are quite good for this particular L.A. Baby mattress although we have seen some other crib mattresses that rate higher (see our Crib Mattress Reviews section).

This L.A. Baby organic mattress has two usable sides.  One for the newborn and one for the toddler (designed for infants 18 months or older), so the mattress grows with the child.  The firm side is for infant use and the softer side is for the toddler. 

The mattress comes with a polyester Jacquard fabric cover.  Jacquard is a raised design or pattern that is actually woven into a fabric, unlike designs that are printed on the fabric.  The Jacquard fabric cover is both anti-bacterial and water resistant.  Mattress coils are composed of 15.5 gauge steel and there are 240 coils in the mattress.  Border rods are 6 gauge steel.

The springs in the mattress are covered by two layers of 100% organic cotton for comfort (the mattress contains no chemical foams or fillers).  A third layer of is used as a fire barrier and it is composed of 85% cotton and 15% poly fiber treated with boric acid.  There are also no phthalates, polyurethane foam or toxic chemicals used anywhere in this mattress.

The dimensions of the Organic 2-in-One mattress are (in inches) 52 long x 27.5 wide x 5.75 deep, and it carries a lengthy 25 year warranty.  This orthopedic crib mattress also meets the California Bureau of Home Furnishings safety requirements.

A review of consumer comments from several quality websites indicates the following common owner likes and dislikes.  In general people really like this mattress and consider it is an excellent buy for the money but some feel that it is just not firm enough.

- Well constructed (seems durable)
- Comfortable
- Not too heavy
- Uses organic materials
- Long warranty
- Seems to fit most cribs well
- No odor or chemical smell
- 2 sides is a great idea

- Mattress is “springy”
- Could be firmer



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