Coleman Quickbed 4 in 1

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Coleman 4 in 1 Quickbed
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The Coleman Quickbed 4 in 1 is an inflatable bed that is useful for unexpected guests or camping.   The Quickbed can be used in different configurations to create 4 different sleeping systems.  It gets great marks from consumers and is quite inexpensive (under 40USD at some outlets).  [REF Air Mattress Reviews 2010]

A review of ratings from a number of quality sources indicated that the Coleman 4 in 1 gets very good ratings from consumers.  See table below: 

 Source  Consumer Ratings  #Ratings
 Amazon  4.2 stars out of 5  127
 Walmart  4.56 stars out of 5  165
 Epinions  4 stars out of 5  2

Note:  Walmart also ask each reviewer if they would recommend this product to a friend and in the case of the Coleman Quickbed 96% indicated that they would.

4 in 1 Quickbed Features
The Coleman Quickbed 4 in 1 (which consists of two twin size inflatable mattresses) provides different sleeping surfaces through several different bed configurations:

- As two separate twin sized beds (this accounts for 2 of the “4-in-1”)
- With the two mattresses attached together via a zipper it becomes one large sinlge King Size mattress (this accounts for 1 of the “4-in-1”)
- The two mattresses can be stacked on top of one another and snapped into place to provide a tall twin sized bed (this account for 1 of the “4-in-1”)

The dimensions of each twin bed in inches are 74 x 39 x 5.  The Quickbed 4 in 1 also has a soft mattress top made from suede to add comfort.

It is made from special PVC that Coleman claim makes it 15% more resistant to punctures that normal PVC and it can withstand up to 600 lbs of pressure.  This air mattress inflates with any Coleman Quickpump however it does not come with one and you will have to purchase this separately.  Inflation is managed through the units double lock valve – see the video on inflating the Coleman 4 in 1 Quickbed.

The 4 in 1 is easy to store and it comes with it’s own attached bag that the mattress can simply be rolled into (called the Wrap ‘N’ Roll storage system).  Some consumers do find it hard to get into the bag after it is rolled up however.
A review of consumer comments from several quality sources indicates the following pros and cons related to the Coleman Quickbed 4 in 1:

- Versatile
- Inexpensive
- Comfortable

- Doesn’t come with a pump
- Some consumers indicate they have to inflate the bed frequently (others do not)
- Not always easy to roll up and get into the attached bag

About Coleman
The Coleman company was started in the very early 1900’s by W.C. Coleman and it’s main product at the time was the gas lantern.  Today Coleman hold the esteemed title of the leading manufacturer or outdoor equipment and camping gear.




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