Carolina Mattress Guild

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Carolina Mattress Guild
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Carolina Mattress Guild (CMG) is a small company when compared to the larger outfits like Serta or Sealy, but they still offer a comprehensive range of latex, memory foam, and inner spring mattresses. In this review we look at their memory foam mattress G series. The company was founded in 1991 in Thomasville, North Carolina with only 5 employees but it is now much larger and has two facilities – one in Thomasville and the other in Orlando, Florida. 

CMG offers beds that use sustainable and healthy products such as silk and wool, spruce pine fir, hybrid soy foam, bamboo ticking, organic cotton ticking, and natural latex. The creation of hybrid soy foam uses about 40% less emissions than typical petroleum based foams.  It is also open cell structure which allows the material to breathe and is made with renewable crops.  The heavy fabric used to cover the mattress is known as ticking.  Organic cotton ticking is grown without the use of pesticides and is a renewable and sustainable resource.  The bamboo ticking is made from bamboo pulp fiber and naturally resistant to bacteria and fungus.  It also breathes well and has powerful moisture absorption properties.  Natural latex is derived from the rubber tree and is anti-bacterial and dust-mite resistant.  It is also biodegradable. 

Carolina Mattress Guild mattresses are all made in America – a rarity these days.  See the video below for CNN coverage of this company.

CMG manufacture a large number of models however we will focus primarily on those made with memory foam.  Their memory foam mattresses are known as the G series.  There are three mattresses in this series, the G2, the G3 and the G4.

- Gel memory foam top layer (memory foam infused with gel beads).  Gel beads infused in memory foam are reported to provide additional cooling and also extra support at pressure points.
- The second layer is pure memory foam
- The support core of the mattress is made of soy based foam
- Mattress is resistant to dust mites and also anti-microbial
- Available in twin, full, queen or king
- Ballpark pricing: $400 - $700

- Gel memory foam top layer. Thick layer
- The second layer is pure memory foam that has been perforated to increase air circulation
- The third layer is soy based comfort foam
- The support core of the mattress is made of soy based foam
- Mattress is resistant to dust mites and also anti-microbial
- Available in twin, twin XL, full, queen or king
- Ballpark pricing: $500 - $900

- Gel memory foam top layer. Thickest layer of the G series.
- The second and third layers are memory foam. Combined they are the thickest layer of memory foam in the G series. Perforated to increase air circulation.
- The support core of the mattress is made of soy based foam
- Mattress is resistant to dust mites and also anti-microbial
- Available in twin, twin XL, full, queen or king
- Ballpark pricing: $600 - $1200

Following is a quick (less than 1 minute) shot of the G series beds.

If you want to learn more about pricing you may wish to view these and other CMG mattresses on Amazon.

Online consumer comments regarding CMG mattresses are something of a mixed bag (as they are with many mattresses).  The comments have provided a few common pros and cons and they are listed below:

- The memory foam mattresses do sleep cool. 
- They minimize motion transfer from partner to partner. 
- They limit lower back pain for some folks.

- There are some comments that the mattresses are comfortable at first but get more uncomfortable over time.
- The mattresses are heavy
- A few owners report that the mattresses sag in the middle.

Also, we spoke with some retailers and were told that the G series mattresses had a 15 year non-prorated warranty.  However this doesn’t seem to agree with any of the figures in the Carolina Mattress Guild warranty sheet provided here (unless their warranties have been updated since the publishing of this online document).  In addition, there are reports that the warranty doesn’t cover the mattress unless it is also purchased with the matching foundation.  This may be the case and, according to the warranty we dug up, the limited warranty does not apply to the following:

• Bedding, upon inspection by CAROLINA MATTRESS GUILD, INC., with fabric stains, soiling or burns will make the limited warranty null and void.
• Mattresses and foundations if not purchased as a matching set.
• Bedding sold as is or floor models.
• Failure to use a proper heavy duty bed frame or rails with center supports to the floor. Queen beds should have a minimum of one center leg and Kings two center legs.


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