Airlay Futon Mattress

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Airlay Futon
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There is little written about the Airlay Futon mattress, however the Queen size version is a best-selling futon mattress on Amazon.  Amazon offer this in twin size, queen size and full-size.  It is marketed as a quality mattress available at a low price.  [REF Futon Mattress Reviews 2010]

The thickness of the Airlay Queen size futon mattress is 8 inches.  The mattress has a 4 inch core of 2.8 lbs/ft3 density Airlay foam as well as several layers of natural cotton batting.  According to the manufacturer the mattress will be much thinner when first unpackaged and can take up to a week to fully expand to its 8 inch thickness.  It is vacuum packed and boxed before being shipped.

The mattress is only available in white but of course one can choose a queen size futon cover in a style of your choice.  It is recommended that a cover be used.    The mattress uses a 6.5 oz cotton casing that is similar to a lightweight canvas.  This Airlay mattess is made in the USA and also complies with California code 603 fire safety requirements.  These requirements are met in part via the addition of non-toxic boric acid (a fire retardant) to the cotton.

What is Airlay foam? Much like the mattress itself there is little written about Airlay foam, but several sources indicated that it is a foam made from pure cotton and poly fibers bonded together by heat (thermally bonded).  There are a number of attributes associated to this product:

- has a longevity twice that of standard foam
- less expensive than polyurethane
- helps the futon retain its shape (Airlay foam springs back to it’s original shape)
- eco-friendly
- durable
- does not release volatile chemicals into the air
- will not break down over time when exposed to air.

Consumer comments indicate that this is a comfortable futon mattress but it is not particularly firm.  There are few consumer ratings available for this product but those that do exist give the Airlay Queen Size 8" Futon Mattress an average of 4 stars out of 5.




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