Westin Heavenly Mattress

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Westin Heavenly Mattress
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The Westin Heavenly Mattress is manufactured by Simmons and is quite popular with an almost cult-like following. The mattress was unveiled at Westin Hotels in August of 1999 and in the first week over thirty guests asked if the beds could be purchased.  Today the Westin Heavenly Bed (mattress, box spring, pillows and bedding) is found at all Westin Hotels worldwide and over 30,000 have been sold. [REF Simmons Mattress Reviews 2010]

Consumer Sentiment
A review of several sources indicates that most consumers like the Westin Heavenly Mattress.  See consumer ratings below. 

 Source  Consumer Ratings  #Ratings
 Viewpoints  4.09 stars out of 5  22
 Epinions  3.0 stars out of 5  10


Consumer comments also yielded these common likes and dislikes related to the Westin Heavenly Mattress:

- Unlike most other mattresses you can try this one out for a night (visit a Westin Hotel)
- Comfortable (plush feeling yet somehow still firm)
- Isolates body movement well
- No flip design

- Expensive
- Some reports of sagging
- Heavy

The Westin Heavenly Bed comes with a box spring, pillow-top mattress, down blanket, three sheets, five pillows, bed skirt and duvet.   They can be purchased through Westin’s online store as well as at Nordstrom’s (note: Amazon also have a large array of Westin Heavenly Bed products available).  The Westin Heavenly Mattress itself is a medium-firm, thirteen-inch, pillow top Simmons mattress that uses the patented pocketed coil design (each spring is encapsulated in it’s own pocket of material).

The Westin Heavenly has 850 pocketed coils.   For comparative purposes the Simmons Beautyrest Classic (the entry level Beautyrest) has 800 pocketed coils while the next step up, the World Class, has 980.  All coils counts are based on a queen size mattress.

The Westin online store offers Complete Heavenly Bed Sets and each includes the mattress, box spring, 2 feather/down pillows & 2 hypoallergenic pillows with cases, 1 decorative pillow with cover, 3 sheets – flat / decorative / fitted, duvet cover & insert, down blanket, and bed skirt.   There are also several different Complete Heavenly Bed Sets:

1) 230 Count Cotton Blend Bed & Bedding Set
- Westin Heavenly Mattress
- Box spring
- Cotton/poly blend: 230-thread count deep pocket fitted sheet, decorative flat middle sheet with taupe piping, top flat sheet, and pillow case pairs.

2) 230 Count Cotton Bed & Bedding Set
- Westin Heavenly Mattress
- Box spring
- 100% Egyptian cotton: 230-thread count deep pocket fitted sheet, decorative flat middle sheet with taupe piping, top flat sheet, and pillow case pairs.

3) 300 Count Cotton Bed & Bedding Set
- Westin Heavenly Mattress
- Box spring
- 100% Egyptian cotton: 300-thread count deep pocket fitted sheet, decorative flat middle sheet with taupe piping, top flat sheet, and pillow case pairs. Made in Italy.

4) 300 Count Cotton Stripe Bed & Bedding Set
- Westin Heavenly Mattress
- Box spring
- 100% Egyptian cotton: 300-thread count, white-on-white striped deep pocket fitted sheet, top flat sheet, and pillow case pairs. Made in Italy.

The complete bed sets are typically available in Queen, King and sometimes California King mattress sizes.  Pricing for the different options ranges from about 2700USD to 3500USD.  Purchased separately the Westin Heavenly Mattress is cheaper than purchasing the entire Bed Set and can be found in the following sizes:

- Twin 38"x75"
- Full 53"x75"
- Queen 60"x80"
- King 76"x80"
- California King 72"x84"

Also you have a choice of matching box spring.  Either standard (at 8.75 inches) or low-profile (at 5.5 inches).  The mattress warranty is for 10 years (against workmanship defects).  This is perhaps a little shorter than one would expect.  Many other mattresses have a 20-year warranty or sometimes even 30 years.



jim vickaryous and michelle mi Monday, 14 October 2019
we ordered a Weston heavenly bed and it never was delivered.they had wrong zip code for shipping . could have driven 200 miles to pick it up and I said no put the right zip code on it and ship to us they said no it has to be returned and I will be charged 20% restocking fee plus 240.00shipping .around 500.00 out of my pocket for something not my fault and they don't give a damn . we will be filing complaint with better business bureau filing a protest thru our credit card company and anyone else who might listen
OMG - I can't believe we've all had this same issue - I had the cal-king version for many years and just loved it - a solid comfortable bed that I looked forward to melting into every night. I travel for work and know what the real deal is. I ordered a Queen thinking it was a no-brainer but this bed is nothing like the ones in the hotels or what I had in a King. I am so disappointed! Super squishy and sags. You can't site on the edge it squishes to the floor.
Do not ever buy this mattress and don't buy ever a mattress from a vendor who will not take it back!!!
I was disappointed that this bed starting sagging horribly after two years. Downright painful to sleep on. I am 150 lb.s. Two years is a relatively short time for such an expensive mattress to break down. I'm getting rid of it and bought a Saatva mattress and foundation.
Purchase from Nordstrom and its sags bad, I'm 159 hubby is 165 I have stayed in many hotels in my work travel and for sure this is not the same it's terrible!!!!! Don't buy it. Hoping Nordstroms steps up and takes care of me.
Did Nordstrom back you? I also purchased one from there and it is horrible with the sagging in the middle.
I bought mine from Nordstrom. They made me go thru the dealer first to see if they would replace it and the dealer did. Unfortunately the replacement bed is not as comfortable as our original. They said the new mattresses are partly foam :/
People, this is the worst mattress ever. And Pottery Barn is the worst place to buy it from. The mattress started sagging in no time flat. For this price, which for a king was close to 3 grand by the time taxes and delivery fees were paid, Pottery Barn didn't feel it was even necessary to send somebody to look at it. Beautyrest keeps saying contact your dealer. I tried to see if like so many other mattress manufacturers, they warranty their products for so many years but it doesn't seem they do. So since we can't spend 3 grand on a mattress every other year, we sink in the very visible holes at night and wake up miserable in the morning. Meanwhile the $550 queen mattress we bought at Slumberland when our kid went to college is going strong after 10 years.
bought the heavenly bed 2 weeks ago. It is already sagging badly on both my side and my wife's side. I weigh 200 lbs. and my wife weighs 110 lbs. For the price, this is totally unacceptable. We will no doubt have to buy another bed in just a few months.
We have been Heavenly Bed customers for over 15 years...our first bed (Cal-King) was amazing-we replaced it after 7 years only to discover they have changed the bed design. After receiving the second bed, same size we started noticing sagging for both my husband and I-while he is a big guy and is why we buy quality beds-I am not over 125 lbs-so there shouldn't be sagging on my side...we were able to capture the sagging but sticking rulers and applying gentle-slight pressure-otherwise air fills the gap and it looks like there is no sagging and yet the hole exists...they warrantied our mattress and sent a new one and unfortunately the same thing occurred within the first year...the only problem is that the replacement warranty is even more stringent. The only promise to this policy whole thing is that wee bought our bed through Nordstrom who has 100% guarantee and is willing to take the bed back. After researching online complaints the King size beds seem to be the most problematic...although maybe those were the first size to get redesigned...DO NOT BUY THIS BED!!!
I am done with the Heavenly Bed. Nine years ago I bought a King Size and have been extremely happy with the support and comfort. Six months ago, I purchased a Queen Size for the other bedroom and am very disappointed, convinced that it bears no relation to the earlier excellent model. It provides poor support and is uncomfortable. Not the same manufacturing process, I'm convinced. Look elsewhere.
Westin (and SPG) should be ashamed. Several months ago my husband and I purchased a Westin Heavenly Bed for our home. Starwood properties are my hotel of choice when I travel, which is more than 100 days a year. One of the reason I choose Starwood properties is the quality of the bed. It is consistently comfortable, I sleep well, and I wake up refreshed.

The Westin Heavenly Bed is garbage. Not only is not the same bed as in the hotels, it started to soften and develop sags within 3 months. It's so bad now that both my husband and I wake up with backaches every morning. Sleeping through the night has become difficult.

Researching the Westin Heavenly Bed online over the past few days, I learned that our experiences were confirmed by many, many others. The reviews stink. Neither Westin (Starwood) nor Simmons (the manufacturer) acknowledge that the bed is not the same. Despite numerous complaints, Westin refers all of them to Simmons, who sends out "inspectors" to check for sag. If it does not sag more than 1 1/2 inches, the company does not consider it to be defective.

The FAQ on the Westin website states, in response to the question "What if I don't like the bed?": "We are certain that you will love your Heavenly® Bed. The bed is made for your order and cannot be returned." Oh yeah? What if I HATE my Heavenly Bed?

This experience is enough to have me reconsider my loyalty to the Starwood brand. Shame on them for putting your name on such a shoddy product and doing nothing to help those of us who are experiencing problems.
I\'ve had similar bad experience as above. I purchased the Westin heavenly mattress at Pottery barn. I\'d heard a few bad reviews but enough good reviews to try it.
I\'d slept at Westin hotel several times and had no problems. ITS GOT TO BE MADE DIFFERENTLY FOR THE HOTELS, as this bed is truly the worst bed I\'ve ever slept on at this point! I\'ve owned for two months and the slope/ sagging is significant!
The first month of owning the bed, I told everybody how fantastic it was...and gradually It changed for the worse. I\'m battling with Pottery Barn at present in regards to returning this bed. They have asked for photos...( I\'ve tried to capture sagging,but I\'m no photographer. ). They said they cannot see significant sagging. ( I\'d sure like them to sleep on it for a week! )Two weeks have gone by and now I\'m being transferred to another department. I\'m in pain at mid back and neck...NEVER have I experienced pain in these areas. PB is aware of this yet still, it\'s taking a long to get this resolved. I have sent them bad reviews from consumers reports...wish I\'d read these sooner. I\'ve purchased an aerobed and as soon as it arrives I\'ll be using it and placing this mattress in middle of my floor till they hopefully they pick it up.
Like Jim & Meghan above, we purchased the Heavenly Bed mattress and box spring and have had serious problems with sagging. In the last 12 months, we\'ve actually had three of the mattresses in our master bedroom because they all sagged more than the warrantee allowed within the first 8 weeks on both my wife\'s and my side. I\'m not allowed to discuss how the company handled the situation, but at this point I\'m shopping for another brand.
We had purchased the Heavenly Mattress from Pottery Barn two years ago and regret the purchase. Since then the mattress has sagged considerably, making it impossible to get sleep. The mattress is so uncomfortable that we sleep in the guest room now. Wish we had considered something else; forewarned is forearmed.
Pottery Barn sells the Westin Heavenly by beautyrest as well.
Yes you can purchase at Macy\'s and they are having an amazing sale.
I have had a Westin Heavenly Bed for about 8 years and absolutely love it. I have one in the guest room and anyone who has ever slept thinks it\'s great. I want to downsize from a queen to a full to maximize space and am afraid to buy anything else, but they are so expensive. Since the Heavenly bed is made by Beautyrest, does anyone know if it is also sold under another by Beautyrest?

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