Sleep to Live Mattress Reviews

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The Kindsdown Sleep to Live mattress series is very popular right now (yes Sleep to Live is by Kingsdown).  Kingsdown actually have a Sleep to Live Research Center where they study aspects of healthful sleep.  The Kingsdown Sleep to Live Diagnostics system (which they claim took over 15 years to develop, several million dollars of investment, and involved two of the world’s best sleep scientists) allows one to create a customized sleep surface that provides proper support and comfort.  [REF Kingsdown Mattress Reviews 2010]

According to Kingsdown the Sleep to Live Diagnostics System uses 18 key statistical measurements and over one-thousand calculations to determine the sleep surface that will deliver the best in postural support and pressure relief for your body type.  This is a fairly simple 3-step process:

1) Answer a few questions (such as age, weight, height and issues related to back problems)
2) Lay down on their diagnostic bed which uses a computer to capture key data via pressure sensitive pads (creates a digital map of the body and pressure points)
3) Kingsdown uses the output to determine the best mattress for your body type (proper posture support and pressure relief).  The system also determines the proper pillow for you.

The system allows for something called “My Side Technology” made for couples whereby each half of the mattress is made to conform especially to the person sleeping on that side of the bed.  Consumers have indicated that this is really quite effective.  Additionally, a video is available and worth a watch to see what the system looks like - it is a fairly short sleep to live video (about half-way down the page).

The Sleep to Live (Kingsdown) mattresses use individual pocket springs which are supposed to provide proper spinal support and help keep the spine aligned.  A mattress with the right level of support should also ensure better blood flow and ease pressure on joints.  The Sleep to Live mattresses are sold by Sleep to Live stores or Sleep to Live partners.   They tend to be fairly expensive starting at about 1500+ USD for a double but they come with very long manufacturers warranties (often 10 years to Lifetime).

In late 2009 the “Sleep to Live” program began rolling out in Mattress Firm locations throughout the US (Mattress Firm is a premier specialty bedding retailer and they have a growing partnership with Kingsdown Inc.).  Mattress Firm have 475 outlets nationwide and the sleep to live rollout will continue through 2010.  It should also be noted that Mattress Firm also sell Sealy, Tempur-Pedic, Serta and Simmons mattresses.

Check out this page if you are keen to learn more about the Sleep to Live system or just talk to someone about it.

Having investigated several sources of information on this series of mattresses, the entire Sleep to Live marketing concept focuses some on the benefits of getting quality sleep and very much on the potentially damaging health factors related to poor sleep such as reduced short term immunity and long-term health issues.

Note:  If you are frustrated by the mattress industry you may want to read our article "Are Mattress Companies Misleading Consumers".

Jessica I. 3 weeks ago.
Best bed I have ever had. I have had my Sleep to Live 200 Blue for about 9 years now and still love it. I don't have any dips that everyone is mentioning and ever since I purchased it I have not had any lower back pain. I love that you can roll to the very edge and not feel like you are going to roll off and the fact that it conforms to my body makes it so comfortable (similar to a tempurpedic, but don't like the feeling of those when I move). I recommend this bed to everyone I talk to that is looking for a new bed. Don't forget to rotate the bed as it helps make it last longer.
Our sleep to live expensive mattress was good for about a year. After that, it went downhill with deep body imprints. We are light-weight people, too. The Company came to our house and kept telling us it was not bad enough. It was awful. DO NOT BUY
We bought a Sleep to Live Mattress (series 500) about 9 years ago from 'Bensons for Beds' in the UK. It very quickly developed two deep dips on each side (my side was deeper than my wife's of course!). We complained and received an elaborate 'Kit' to measure the depth of the dips! The kit comprised of a weighted cord, a measuring card and a single-use camera !!! We were able to prove that the sink-holes in the mattress were excessive and we were supplied with a replacement mattress free of charge. The faulty mattress was removed free of charge as well. The replacement has been fine but is coming up to 10 years old so is probably ready for a change.
We bought this matress about 9 years ago. It’s the best matress we ever sleep on. It’s little pricey, but worth every penny. My husband side is yellow 200 series and my side is green 200 series. We are shopping for two more for ours two kids. Hope I can find them
Chicago and frustrated
I purchased this so-called Sleep to Live bed system May 2015. and its by far the worst major purchase I've made. Within1.5 years the mattress had dips, it's nearly impossible to turn over to a new position during sleep as theres no firmness for you to do so. Thr bed is not comfortable and was only semi- comfortable for the first year or so because it was so-called new. The bed system was way over-priced and was in no way worth the price. Talk about getting duped out of your money that is what happened when I purchaes this horrible over priced hunk of junk. Art Van furniture where I bought this garbage bed from should be ashamed for the elaborate presentation done by the salesperson as this Sleep to Live system is an absolute fraud, absolute poor quality item and a total waste of money...Please dont buy any Sleep to Live bed system unless you want to throw your money in the trash can.
DO NOT BUY!!!! What a way over priced hunk of junk and very poor customer service and the warranty is ridiculous! And dealing with the company is like pulling teeth! This product is nothing but garbage! Total Scam, after only a year my bed has dips on both sides that when you sleep at night you feel like you are sinking into a hole, and forget about even going near the center it’s hard as a rock divider sticks out like a sore thumb. And the whole warranty process is a joke they come over with a tiny sponge block and string to determine your dips...what a joke, it’s diping because it’s not supporting your weight correctly not a sponge block that weights nothing. This is by far the worst purchase I have ever made in my life! Now I am stuck with a horrible way over price piece of junk that now I wake up every morning with back and neck pains I never had before! Please DO NOT waste your money!
We are putting our customized Sleep to Live Series 700/500 to the curb right this minute. After 5 years it offers nothing but
dips. Nobody will stand behind this “lifetime warranty” DO NO WASTE YOUR MONEY
I have had chronic back pain for 45 years. In 2012, I bought a Gold Sleep to Live bed, it is amazing! Even after all these years, I love this bed, it is so comfortable, I sleep through the night and wake pain free every morning. Every time I travel, I can't wait to get home to my bed...I love my bed. I will say, I had a surgery that kept me in bed for about 3 months, I'm a big girl, I did make a bit of a dent in the bed so I rotated it am sleeping on the other side. I'm looking for a new bed as I'm getting married and need a king, I will be buying another Sleep to Live. I did not get the bed the store recommended, which was a much firmer model, I know I need a soft bed to eliminate pressure points.
Do not buy!!!

We bought a sleep to live 400 about 9 years ago. About 3 years ago we finally gave in and got it warranty replaced due to my husband and I constantly falling into the middle - very poor back support and caused back aches bfor both of us.

We thought it was a one off and upgraded our replacement to the sleep to live 1000 series (top of the range $10000 mattress).
Unfortunately it has also now got the same issues!!!

As the warranty is 10 years from original purchase date our protection for these subpar products runs out next year.

I've asked for a refund but it is not a part of the warranty.
I've asked for a replacement but have been told no.
I've asked for the warranty to at least be extended because I have NO faith this mattress will last, and again got told no.
I've been given a repair only. On a $10k mattress!!! After this issue has happened twice on two separate mattresses!!!

I have been very clear if it happens again I will go to Australian consumer Law for a refund.

This product is a waste of your money and should be avoided at all cost.
I’m just reading these comments now as I wait for the delivery of my new Sealy mattress. Like the rest we have 2 distinct body impressions and a wall in the middle the of the mattress. We’ve had the 400 series about 8 years. My husband had back surgery 2 years ago and I just had the same surgery a month ago. The crater is not helping my recovery. What are the chances we both needed surgery ?? Worst mattress ever!!! My 15 year old beauty rest in our guest room gets compliments from anyone who sleeps on it!
Bought a 10gglz and it is amazing compared to my old mushy Tempur-Pedic mattress. I have been sleeping on the sleep to live bed for 6 weeks and I couldn’t be happier. Mine is the blue color and my wife’s is green. You can feel where it changes to her side but that is only to be expected as they are different.
WOW - wish I read these reviews before i purchased this bed. Had a backache from day 1 of sleeping on this. they came out after 6 months and we exchanged for the firmest because the mattress was sinking. I wake up in agony ever morning. Because of the pillow top we can't flip it but we do rotate it often. So Ive been trying to get my moneys worth after paying $4,000 for at Sleepy's in 2010. Well this week the pain in my back is so bad from this bed - I'm done! I Friend just recommended The Westin Heavenly Bed - going to read those reviews first. DO NOT BUY THIS BED _ WORST EVER!!!!
NotSleepingInMichigan Tuesday, 21 November 2017
LISTEN TO THE WARNINGS AND STAY AWAY. I would recommend not buying this brand. We bought one after taking their "sleep test" and were fooled into buying. I am in agony every night and Art Van will not refund or swap out the mattress for a replacement. Stay away if my experience says anything.
Which mattress did you purchase? The model numbers at Art Van (I know, I didn't want to go there either...) are 2.0, 3.0 etc.
Bought a mattress about 3 years ago, spending three times the price for an average super king because I like a firm bed and partner likes a softer one. Within 13 months there was a ridge in the middle and my side had deep indentation despite my 113 pound frame.Decided the pain was too great so bought two single matrasses. Couldn't get the thing downstairs so we cut it up in the bedroom. Full of pieces of upholstery foam surrounding about 10 huge, bare (not pocketed) metal springs. Looked like the inside of a very cheap settee, not a top of the range mattress. What a rip-off!
BUYER BEWARE!!! Kingsdown is a joke! Hardly any warranty. They say lifetime. This mattress has no life. It's a back breaker. It takes me half the night to try and sleep on this. Have had the kingsdown sleep to live 800 series mattress for 8 months now. I started realizing that I wasn't getting proper sleep 7 months into this purchase when I went to my new home in Florida and spent three weeks there. Originally I was going to sleep on an air mattress. Instead I wound up sleeping on an old chaise lounge left in my apartment. I felt like a new man that morning. For three straight weeks I felt great. I just got home up in Michigan and within three days my back pain and pelvis injury came back and now I can barely move again. I had a specialist from art van come by two days ago and he didn't see anything wrong with the bed thus no exchange. Now I'm stuck with this $3,700.00 mattress (that I struggled very hard to come up with the money for) and a very bad back and pelvis issue that is not going to go away unless I use the old chaise lounge. Sad
Michael McGrath Tuesday, 25 July 2017
Series 600. Bought one 3 years ago for summer home up North from Art Vann. Loved it. 2 years later called Art Vann up North to order another one for delivery here in Central Texas. Now understand we only slept in these beds 6 months per year due to living on 2 places.
The one here less than 2 years old is sagging in middle and and side of bed. Started 3-4 months ago all of a sudden. Have to grit my teeth to go to bed every night my back starts spasming and hurting so bad. After Ibuprofen (which I'm not to take due to cardiac and renal problems), Tylenol and a sleeping pill an hour later I start to relax.
Tried to get exchange from A. Vann with run around, run around. Finally sent a ? Matress Inspector out last week, who did not see the sagging and took numerous pictures ???? My wife finally Told him to sit down on the bed and OMG he found there was sagging. He'll do paperwork and Art Vann will get back to us in a few weeks. Called Art Vann several days ago and dealt with a total snotty, have an attitude customer service agent who said they would get back to us in the future, WOW !!!
My question is : how many of you have contacted the manufacturer about your mattress problem and is that Kingsland ? Was your problem solved to your satisfaction?
What is the telephone and or website to cantact to get these problems resolved.
Thanking y'all in advance
Terrible mattress! Art Van is a terrible company too they gave us the run around trying to exchange out of this mattress even though we purchased the $149 satisfaction warenty and the stupid $125 bed cover which is required to make the warranty valid. Spent my nights sleeping on the couch because this bed was comparable to sleeping on the floor! I have ZERO back issues as I do yoga and Pilates's and the sales guy at Art Van was trying to convince me my back hurt because it was out of wack! So now the sales people think they are medical professionals? LOL!!! Long story short I swapped for the Serta Hybrid bed.
I made the biggest mistake ever in convincing my husband to set foot in Art Van. We got the 600 series in December of 2014 and it started sagging less than six months later. We've called about 4 times since and all they do is send someone to measure and always say say that it's not sagging enough for them to exchange it. The mattress has a huge hump in the middle . It's ridiculous that they charge so much for a crappy mattrrss and don't even honor the warranty. All they do is give us the run around. I chopped up my Art Van card and will never,ever shop there again. We're forced to lay on $2,000 worth of trash and it's not fair! I'm about ready to have a bond fire with this set.
We bought a Sleep to Live 400 Series Green/Blue king size mattress and box spring set in 2011 at Sleepy's. We wanted a Kingsdown specifically, because when my "Princess and the Pea" daughter needed a new bed, she tried out many brands and decided on the Kingsdown. Her bed was the most comfortable ever. When we were looking for a new bed for ourselves, the model she had was no longer available, so we got the 400 series. This was very comfortable and great for my lower back arthritis. However, after about 6 years, the softer side was sagging at the edge and a big bulge developed out the side. The set had a 10 year warranty, so I checked with Mattress Firm (who bought out Sleepys'), and got the number for Kingsdown warranty service. I provided to Kingsdown some information that they requested, and was told that we will have our set replaced under the warranty. We have a choice of choosing a new set from Mattress Firm, which would not be a Kingsdown as they don't sell the brand there, or getting a new Sleep to Live 400 series delivered from Kingsdown. We really like the comfort of the Kingsdown set so we are going to go with this option, even though we can't try out the current model. I will try to provide an update to this thread after the new set arrives, but I am happy that the Kingsdown company is honoring the warranty, and that they were courteous and helpful throughout the process.
Grays15, I am in the same situation, I wanted to know your outcome before I make my decision. Do you like the new bed? Was there any issues with delivery? I have read some posts that kingsdown didn't honor the transaction because of the smallest stain on the mattress.
We had the 400 series king size for 7-8 years and got rid of it today. It was the worst $3,000+ we ever spent. We woke up sore every morning. The mattress sagged and cratered. The delivery men for our new bed had trouble getting it down the stairs because it was folding itself in half! Never would I recommend this bed to anyone!
Our series 400 Red is quite a letdown. Purchased at Sleepy's after hunting all over for something we could agree on, we found this...and it was great for about a year. It's been six years now and this bed has been replaced by a twin (for the husband) from Heilig-Meyers that is older than the hills and since I am moving out, I'm purchasing a memory foam/latex hybrid from an online retailer. The "cratering" we've experienced has been awful! There is literally a 3" ridge in the middle of the mattress that divides the areas we slept on. It looks like a molehill. I understand how body impressions work, but this is an unreal ridge! If I roll over in the night it's just there, like a wall of foam. I weigh only 150, and he weighs about 220 his side is still not as "impressed" as mine! He has already told me he's trashing the bed once I'm moved, which is fine. The mattress was shot two years ago! We paid over $3K for the system in 2011 and we've both said multiple times that it was a colossal waste of money. I would never, ever recommend this to anyone. You can only rotate it, which we did, but it made absolutely no difference in the body impression problem. And the bed squeaks, which I contribute to a poorly constructed foundation. Do not purchase this bed. Do your homework. Better values, and a better sleep experience are out there, just know that price does not guarantee quality or longevity. What a joke!
We have had the exact same experience. I would have felt less scammed than if I had given my money to a Nigerian prince. We've had manufacturer's reps out twice, but no relief.
My husband and I bought this bed approx. 3 years ago. It is the 600 series. Biggest mistake we've made! This $4,900 rip off is no longer comfortable and is sagging. Seriously? It's 3 years old! The beds you could buy at Big Lots last longer! This bed kills your body! I sleep on the couch now which is way more comfortable than this overpriced rip off is! Save your money and never mind their sleep diagnostic system. I regret spending so much on such a cheap product!
Bought the 700 series 6 years ago....my wife and I HATE this bed. We justified spending thousands thinking we'll get what we paid for. Were we ever wrong! The pillowing effect is over 2" deep and we have to roll uphill to get out of bed.

Uncomfortable, painful on the neck, back & knees.
We have had a king size Sleep to Live mattress from Kingsdown for 5 years and would not recommend this mattress. We have over a 2 inch sag on both of our bed sides. It is like rolling up a mountain to get to my wife's side of the bed. At $ 3000 , this is not a cheap mattress.
I am struggling with my mattress recently it sags and the last time I was told it wasn't quite at its mark yet. I just took pictures again and we are talking about a full 2 inches in drop in the middle. I have a bad back as it is and this is causing me more pain! I am not happy with the company what so ever. I ve been getting the run around and now that Sleepy's is bought out I have to fight with the company alone and all the BS that is coming along with it. I don't deserve to treated this way. I spend over $2000 for a 10 year warranty and they won't do anything about it! Stay away from buying this bed all together.
What a terrible mattress. Its less than 5 years old and my wife and I wake every morning with a sore back. When we sleep in a different bed, no back pain. There is a huge divot in the center of the mattress that we both roll into at night. This mattress was very expensive and based on all the negative reviews, we're not the only ones who are completely disappointed with this bed.
Sleep to Live mattress was a great investment! Both my wife and I sleep well and have totally different support needs. Well worth the investment...it is an investment!
I don't understand all these negative reviews. I've had my series 9gvl for just over 2 years. Now I understand some of these are 5 +years, but this mattress is incredible. I've never slept better. It is conforming, cool, soft, and supportive. I've slept like a baby since the first day I got it. Would absolutely purchase again.
Great mattress. I bought a Sleep to Live 9GVL mattress in March, 2016. I can say honestly that the price is a serious hurdle to overcome, but if you are focused on getting a good night's sleep, I highly recommend this.

Some sales people might say "THIS MATTRESS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE," which I admit, is pretty questionable at best. What most people don't realize, is that buying a nice mattress is equivalent to buying a new treadmill. You get out of it, what you put into it. What I mean to say is, if you are looking for a good night's sleep, there are at least a dozen other factors that play into your sleep health (exercise, watching TV in bed, pre-existing conditions, poor diet, caffeine consumption, etc.). Make a decision for YOURSELF if you want a good night's sleep.

I am sorry if it sounds like a rant... but this mattress has changed my life, because I PUT WORK into getting a good night's rest.

I have had this mattress for 8 months now... I have not noticed anything "breaking down" or the mattress coming apart?? I wonder what the other people in the other reviews are doing to their beds?

Purchase this mattress, and there will still be an adjustment period, especially if you sleep on a spring mattress... but this mattress will not disappoint you. I trust the Sleep to Live Institute. They have made an honest customer out of me!
What is the 9gvl? We have a 600 green/red but I've not heard of the 9gvl and it's the one getting the good reviews. I'd like to check it out.
I have been sleeping on my Sleep To Live mattress for about a year now and it's the BEST sleep I've had in my life! I go to bed tired, fall asleep within 5 minutes, stay asleep all night, and wake up ready to take on the day's challenges feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, with energy to spare. I love this mattress so much I want to have it line my casket when that day arrives!!
Great mattress really changed the way I sleep. Was expensive but turns out it is worth it. Would buy another.
We bought a Sleep to Live Series 600 Kingsdown King size Mattress about 3 or 4 years ago, this is the WORSE MATTRESS we have ever had. What a waste of $3000.00 dollars. I wish I would have looked at the reviews before i spent and bought this awful mattress. My husband wakes up and his shoulders are sore, it goes on and on. It sinks in and no support. Of course, they had us laid on their little computerized bed and said that my husband needed the blue or my side should have a green or something like that. NEVER, NEVER AGAIN, i WILL BUY A MATTRESS THAT I CAN'T RETURN IF I AM NOT HAPPY WITH IT. I DEFINITELY SAY YOU SPEND A THIRD OF YOUR LIFE ON THIS PRODUCT AND IT SURE AS HELL SHOULD BE HAPPY WITH IT OR IF NOT, I SHOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO RETURN IT, BUT I WAS NOT.
Worst bed ever. Base casters kept falling off and broke wood surround as caster not in a metal case. Mattress 700 lumps bumps and beca me too uncomfortable to sleep on. I persuaded my husband to part with £2000+ as mattress to be so wonderful. 2 years put up with it. Niw throwing out. What a waste!
Bought a 600 series mattress 7 years ago. I loved it for the first 5 years. But have been trying for the last two to get it replaced. It has sunk in so bad in both sides with a huge hump in the middle. I am in so much pain I can't sleep more than an hour or two at a time. When I get out of bed in the morning, I hurt from head to toes. The worst waist of $4000 ever! Having a Kingsdown rep come out Sunday. I'm crossing my fingers that this time they will consider the measurements worth replacing.
My husband and I have had an 800 series for 10 years. Best bed ever. About to buy another.

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