Simmons Beautyrest Exceptionale

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Simmons Beautyrest Exceptionale
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The Simmons Beautyrest Exceptionale mattress is one of the higher-end mattresses in the Beautyrest line.  It comes with a high coil density and various arrangements of visco memory foam and latex foam.  Consumers indicate that it is very comfortable but there are concerns regarding its weight as well as impressions that form in the mattress over time. [REF Simmons Mattress Reviews]

The Simmons Beautyrest Exceptionale is one of several different Beautyrest mattresses.  The Beautyrest line of mattresses includes the following:

The Beautyrest Classic
The Beautyrest Anniversary
The Beautyrest World Class
The Beautyrest Exceptionale
The Beautyrest NxG
The Beautyrest Black

The Exceptionale comes with two stories of pocketed coils.  Pocketed coils are springs individually wrapped with fabric.  The lower level of pocketed coil springs are firm and provide support while the upper level of spring are less firm (described by Simmons as “plush”) and these provide more in the way of comfort. 

All-in-all the Beautyrest Exceptionale has a grand total of 1960 pocketed coil springs (980 coils per story).  It should be noted that coil density for mattresses is usually quoted for a Queen size mattress.  Exceptionale coil density for other sizes is shown below:

Full – 1650 coils
King – 2170 coils
Cal King – 2516 coils

Comfort/support options include firm, plush or pillow-top.  Depending on the options one chooses the Exceptionale has various configurations of visco memory foam and latex foam, as well as stretch knit fabrics blended with natural yarns.  The entire edge of the Beautyrest Excpetionale mattress is also encased in 3 inches of high density foam that provides strong edge support (reduces roll-off and provides strong edge for sitting).   

This is a fairly robust mattress and it can support up to 2000lbs of pressure.  It also has a single sleep surface and this means that flipping the mattress is not required (which is likely a good thing as the mattress, according to consumers, is quite heavy).  The Beautyrest Exceptional carries a 10 year warranty.

Simmons rate the Exceptional as a level 3 in terms of motion separation.  The Motion Separation Index (as described by Simmons) indicates how much your partner will feel you moving on the other side of the bed.  The lower the index the more motion your partner feels.  The MSI ratings for several of the Beautyrests are as follows:

Beautyrest Classic  1
Beautyrest World Class  2
Beautyrest Exceptionale  3
Beautyrest NxG Series  4

The Exceptionale is available from most outlets in a range of sizes:

Twin -  39" x 75"
Full - 54" x 75"
Queen - 60" x 80"
King -  76" x 80"
Cal King - 84" x 72"

The mattress can usually be purchased with or without a foundation.  The foundation (box spring) is available in both standard (9 inches in height) and low-profile (5.5 inches in height). 

Consumer Insights
A review of Simmons Beautyrest Exceptionale consumer comments from several quality sites indicates the following common mattress likes and dislikes:
- Comfortable
- Good at reducing the effects of partner motion

- Expensive
- Heavy (King is typically 130lbs or so)
- No handles
- Several comments that over time it leaves body impressions
- Comfort wanes over time



This mattress is unbelievably amazing. I've had two neck surgeries and I am a pretty muscular guy, at 230lbs on average. I'm a side sleeper, and when I bought my first one of these 15 years or so ago I was blown away. I bought another 8-9 years ago, only now is it having a few indentations. Like others have written, I just don't want to let it go - so afraid nothing will ever come close to this again. I travel a lot ofr work and usually try and stay in the better Marriott hotels because i find their beds are the softest, but i still toss and turn all night. St home, i fall asleep and wake up in the the same position - always so rested.

Has anyone found a comparable replacement from Simmons? Is it the Black? I'm moving 4,000 miles in a few weeks and would rather leave this mattress behind and have a new one waiting.

Thank you for any comments...

I bought mine in 2008. I LOVE this mattress! California King and I rotate it every 6-12 mos except for last 14 mos. I started to notice an indentation and rotated it. Doesn't look long term. Yes, it is heavy but it is quality. I am average weight.
We have had out mattress over 12 years. This is the best mattress we have ever owned . It just started getting some indentations the last couple of years. Still I hate to give it up. I have not found another as comfortable yet.
Me too! I love this bed and have had forever. It’s just at the point where the indentations are making for a terrible nights sleep. I’m trying to find the same mattress.
I have had my mattress for 14 years and it’s probaly time to get a new one but I want the same mattress. Hopefully, they are the same as they were. $4k was worth the money. Loved it so much I’m scared to give it up! It’s been moved 3 times and the movers had to fold it. Not good for it, but it’s still wonderful to sleep on but prob too full of dust mites.
I love our mattress we have had it for 12 years now and its just now showing ware. I want to buy the same one again. I weigh 160 and my Husband is 6"4 and 280. Not one bad thing to say about this mattress but I want a new one the exact same. You get what you pay for.
First of all this was the most I had ever spent on a Mattress. Mattress was good for about 2-3 years after that it started sagging by the time we hit 5 years the middle of the mattress was a pit the body aches in the morning started to become brutal. After 7 years it had to be tossed. Disappointed with the purchase to say the least.
Had mine 12 years. Want another
Best Mattress I've ever owned... 12 years & jus now showing signs of some sag.
I'd buy another when I'm ready to replace.
I've had mine like 14 years. It looks and sleeps like new. It is a great mattress if you have a place to put and never move it. My queen size weighs like 300 lbs. You think I'm joking but I'm not. When I need to move it I hire people to do it for me. It's not worth hurting myself.
I've had mine for 16 years. I love it. No sagging, impressions or anything. Just getting too firm for my old body.
I agree that when traveling, we can\'t wait to get home to our own bed. This mattress provides excellent comfort that has not changed with time and is literally better than the high end mattresses you would find in expensive hotel chains. Not sure if this mattress is still available. I\'m keeping mine. 13 years and going strong.
I\'ve had this mattress for 8 years and it started sagging in year 6. I am a healthy/fit adult male (160 lbs) and this mattress was a big disappointment. I would NOT recommend it.
Agreed. Ours started sagging with 2years and I'm about 120lbs and my husband about 180lbs.
I love, love,love my over 13 year old mattress. Still like new. I weigh 200lbs and it is still completely straight on top,no indentations! I could put a tray on it and put a full glass of wine in a stem glass and it wouldn\'t tip over. Well worth the money!!!
12+ years in & no problems. I love my mattress!! When traveling I cant wait to get back to my own bed. After a house renovation (addition of a master suite) hubby wants to upgrade to a king. I don\'t want to give away my mattress!!
Had to replace it, only 7 years old and it cost $4,000 when we bought it 2008, started having problems with it about 4 years ago. Total waste of money.
Piece of Crap! Try to get your warranty after 7 years and never get a call back from Simmons, no wwe ar eat 10 years.
If you like a mattress with plenty of support and a firm feel, this is not the mattress for you. The mattress seemed really comfortable in the store and is comfortable when we get into bed at night, but both my husband and I wake up sore in the morning. I can\'t wait to get out of bed.

The foam does not support your back. I am not convinced that the mattress itself is \"firm\" either. Whether I sleep on my side or back, my back is strained by morning from sinking in too far. Also, because the foam caves in around you, the bed sleeps very warm in summer. We long for our old extra firm mattress.

My husband and I are tall, average weight people with a healthy lifestyle and normally healthy backs.
This mattress is horrible. have only had it a couple of years and it doesn\'t hold up. Body sinks into mattress, foam does not hold my average body weight. Ordering a new mattress today. my body aches everymorning from lack of support from this mattress.

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