Simmons ComforPedic

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Simmons ComforPedic
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The Simmons ComforPedic memory foam mattress collection is going head-to-head with Tempur-Pedic. Simmons is running commercials that prompt customers to try Tempur-Pedic and ComforPedic mattresses side-by-side. ComforPedic are available in a wide range of styles each with different layers and features. Owner reviews are quite good and praise ComforPedic mattresses for their ability to alleviate joint pain and limit motion transfer. They are also reportedly very comfortable and don’t sleep hot. On the downside, they tend to be a bit expensive and are also heavy.

Consumers give this mattress good ratings as can be seen in the table below (although conclusions are better drawn from a larger number of ratings):

 Source  Consumer Ratings  #Ratings
 Viewpoints  4.7 stars out of 5  8


Mattress likes and dislikes are as follows:

- Limited motion transfer from one partner to another
- Very comfortable
- Easier to move around in that some other memory foam mattresses
- Sleeps reasonably cool
- Good edge support for a memory foam mattress
- A number of owners report pain relief in back and/or joints

- Has a slight smell for a short while
- Heavy
- Rather expensive (compared to some other memory foam mattresses – see this review)

Amazon carries a wide range of Simmons ComforPedic mattresses and they can be found here .

The ComforPedic collection consists of two main groups:  The Advanced Collection and The Loft Collection.  The Advanced collection includes 5 different models, each with varying thicknesses of memory foam and some have additional layers of latex foam and GelTouch foam.  The Loft Collection is similar but it also includes a special air cooling feature that helps the mattress “sleep cooler”.  Memory foam is known to “sleep hot” and it sometimes does not allow for effective heat dissipation.  A number of manufacturers have developed means of cooling memory foam (such as air vents in the foam for example).

The Advanced Collection
The Advanced Collection of ComforPedic mattresses consists of five different models. 

Blue Sky
- Available in plush or firm
- Regular NxG memory foam, Advanced NxG memory foam and latex foam*
- All foam is CertiPUR-US certified
- Mattress height is 9.5 inches
- Edge support
- Carries a 25-year limited warranty (first 10 years non-prorated, last 15 years prorated)**
- Dry-cleanable stretch-knit fabric cover

*The Regular NxG memory foam has a density of 3.5 lbs/ft3 and the Advanced NxG memory foam has a density of 5.5 lbs/ft3.
**A non-prorated warranty covers the full replacement cost of the mattress during the term while a pro-rated warranty will only cover a percentage of the cost of mattress replacement and this percentage becomes smaller as the mattress gets older.

Free Spirit
- As above but with 10.5” mattress height

- As above but with 12” mattress height

- As above but with 13.5” mattress height

- As above but with 13.5” mattress height
- Also includes a layer of GelTouch memory foam (GelTouch, according to Simmons, provides additional cooling and conformability)

The Loft Collection
The Loft Collection of ComforPedic mattresses consists of five different models.  These are similar to the Advanced Collection but they also include Simmons AirCool Sleep System.  This system provides an additional level of mattress cooling and helps the mattress sleep at a more ideal temperature.

Dreamy Sky
- Available in luxury firm
- EvenLoft surface (creates smooth sleeping surface)
- 1.5 inches of NxG memory foam
- Mattress height is 8.5 inches
- AirCool edge support / mesh border / transflexion core
- All foam is CertiPUR-US™ Certified
- Carries a 25-year limited warranty (first 10 years non-prorated, last 15 years prorated)**

Sparkling Stars
As above but:
- Available in plush
- Mattress height is 9.5 inches
- 2.5 inches of NxG memory foam
- AirCool edge support / mesh border / transflexion core / Hi-performance layer

Enchanting Star
As above but:
- Available in deluxe plush
- Mattress height is 10 inches
- 1.5 inches of NxG memory foam
- 1 inch of GelTouch memory foam
- AirCool edge support / mesh border / transflexion core / Hi-performance layer

Silver Moon
As above but:
- Available in ultra plush
- Mattress height is 11 inches
- 3 inches of NxG memory foam
- 1 inch of GelTouch memory foam
- AirCool edge support / mesh border / transflexion core / Hi-performance layer
- Dry-cleanable stretch-knit fabric cover
Note: The Simmons site doesn’t indicate that the Silver Moon includes the EvenLoft surface

Bright Nights
As above but:
- Available in luxury plush
- Mattress height is 13 inches
- 3 inches of NxG memory foam
- 1.5 inches of GelTouch memory foam
- AirCool edge support / mesh border / transflexion core / Hi-performance layer
- Dry-cleanable stretch-knit fabric cover
Note: The Simmons site doesn’t indicate that the Bright Nights includes the EvenLoft surface

We have noticed that there are a number of different names for ComforPedic mattresses online and a number don’t match those listed above.  Mattress manufacturers and retailers often create consumer confusion by renaming models such that comparison shopping is next to impossible (read our article: Are Mattress Companies Misleading Consumers?). 

As mentioned, these mattresses are not particularly inexpensive and a quick review of them on Amazon suggest prices range from between about $900 and $4700.  

All of the polyurethane foam used in ComforPedic mattresses are CertiPUR-US approved.  This means they have passed environmental, safety and health standards. Specifically they have low VOC emissions, no prohibited phthalates, no mercury, no lead, no formaldehyde, no heavy metals, no PBDE’s (fire-retardents), and no materials than deplete ozone (no CFC’s).



My husband and I bought the Simmons Enchanting Star mattress in January of 2012 and I have to say I'm impressed! It was pretty pricey (just under $2k), but it's been well worth it. The bed we'd had for 5 years before that was initially very comfortable (a pillow-top), but eventually developed dips so severe (despite turning the mattress) that it was aggravating my hubbie's already bad lower back. It was also fairly hot, and we like a cool room (around 50 is our sweet spot). This mattress has held up incredibly well these 5 years, and I haven't even turned it (the salesperson said it wasn't necessary, plus we've got a 25-year warranty). I thought the special mattress pad that came with it would sleep hot (gotta keep that mattress cover on to keep the warranty), but it's not. It doesn't retain heat like our other mattress did, either. Still loving it!
Hate my mattress
Iris - We got the ConforPedic "Somerville Loft-Gel" four years ago. We began to notice a sag almost a year ago. Just spoke with warranty folks. The condition of the sag will be determined not while someone is laying on the mattress. Not sure how that works since the mattress looks great as long as you don't lay on it. We have an option to inspect the mattress ourselves ($25 kit) or they send someone for $36 fee. Has anyone addressed the sag issue with the warranty department, performed the inspection, and if yes what was the outcome?
Well, guess I don't feel so bad. We purchased our comfort-pedic in 2011 and and were told it had a 20 yr warranty. It is so heavy that we can't turn it as you would a normal mattress. But, we have had the same problem - a hole where we sleep- as mentioned above mainly where our butts lay. We are not heavy people. Looking at the bed, it looks great, no tell tale sign of sagging. When you get in though, you get in your 'spot' and stay there. Not worth the money we spent!
The Euston sags so badly on the edges it allows me to fall out of the bed. I have a severe back injury and I need this bed out of my house and my money refunded. I must have a bed that at the very least won\'t throw me onto the floor every night.
We bought the Comforpedic after weeks of trying other types and brands. Well I have tried to pretend I like it because we spent so much money. But Finally after a month my Husband says we got to talk... I hate this matress, its hot, its hard to turn in, its hard to get out of and I still wake up with back aches.. what about you. Well,... I agree with everything, espeically HOT!! We have the air going, the fan going on me, and its 50 degrees out. But we spent so much money $1700. and we do have a year to take it back. So I guess we have no other choice. I have slept better than my last 18 year old matress but I have taken sleeping pills every night too!! So I also noticed if I move to the side in the bed its like moving on a Hard High spot. Takes some time to adjust to the movement in bed. If I am on my stomache it feel like your back is being pushed up. So we have had it about a month now and I guess we are sending it back. An Hours drive away. Plus we lose $300 for restocking. Ugh!!
After a 1 year it sags i spend 2k on this mattress I hope Simmons will replace it with a new one!
I bought the Serta Comforpedic Mystique Queen size after trying many mattress\'s. After only a year it developed a sag. More like a hole were my Butt lay\'s. Being only 185 lbs. I determined it wasn\'t the best choice and am sorry I spent the money.Currently shopping for another mattress and I\'m hesitant to buy another foam mattress.

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