Simmons Beautyrest Review

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simmons beautyrest world class
Clcik to see the World Class on Amazon

The Simmons Beautyrest mattress line has been around for some time.   It was first introduced in 1925 and has been the flagship product for Simmons ever since.  The Simmons Beautyrest line includes four options:  Beautyrest Classic, Beautyrest World Class, Beautyrest Exceptionale, and most recently the Beautyrest NxG .   [REF Simmons Beautyrest Reviews]

Since this article was written Simmons have introduced the Beautyrest Anniversary.  It should also be noted that there is a Beautyrest Black but it is often marketed and alluded to separately by Simmons (It is their highest end Beautyrest) - for example it does not even appear in their Beautyrest comparison charts. As of mid 2010 the Beautyrest mattress range looks as follows:

- Beautyrest Classic  (typically least expensive)
- Beautyrest Anniversary
- Beautyrest World Class
- Beautyrest Exceptionale
- Beautyrest NxG
- Beautyrest Black Collection (typically most expensive)

Note: You may be interested in the new Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Mattress collection.  These combines Beautyrest pocketed coils and layers of foam.  Check out our new article here: Beautyrest Recharge Review.

The differences between the models is in the spring count, the edge support and the kinds of foam used.  The Beautyrest Classic has a spring count of 800 (this means the mattress has 800 springs individually wrapped with fabric).  The World Class and the NxG have a 980 spring count while the Exceptionale has 1960 – it should be noted that the Exceptionale mattress is a two story mattress that provides 980 coils per story.  (The newer Anniversary has a spring count of 850 - to learn more about this mattress view our new Beautyrest Anniversary article).

With respect to edge support, the Classic uses 2 rows of high gauge springs along the edge of the mattress to provide support, while the World Class and the Exceptionale use 3 inches of high-density foam to surround the mattress.  In terms of materials construction the World Class and the Exceptionale utilize several different types of foam including what Simmons calls “Premium Foam”, Visco Memory Foam and Latex Foam.  The Classic has no latex foam.  The NxG uses a combination of springs (coils) and Advanced Memory Foam.

In mid-1996 Simmons launched another line of the Beautyrest mattress known as the Beautyrest Black.  This line of mattresses contains rather opulent materials such as silk, cashmere and alpaca.  These luxury mattresses will be the focus of another review.

The Simmons Beautyrest became famous for it’s 1995 ad showing a bowling ball bouncing off the mattress while bowling pins set nearby (on the mattress) did not topple.   This ability is due – claims Simmons – to the Pocket Coil Spring technology that provides motion separation and is especially helpful if you are sleeping with a partner.  You can see this video in our mattress video section.

What do Consumers Report?

Consumer reviews of Beautyrest mattresses are limited and not easy to find.  For the Beautyrest Classic consumers on Amazon indicate that the mattress has a tendency to collapse and feel much like a hammock after a short time.  The reviews are not all negative but there are a number of similar comments.    Consumer comments on the Beautyrest World Class (at epinions.com) are not particularly good.  Reviews tend to indicate the mattress gets lumpy quite quickly and can sometimes collapse in the areas of most pressure.  The Exceptionale and NxG have very limited consumer coverage at this time. 

A review of several hundred consumer comments related to a range of Beautyrest models yielded the following likes and dislikes:

Good edge support
Don’t require turning
Isolates partners movements well

A little pricey
Sometimes develop dips and depressions
Often a little too firm

You can check out all the Simmons Beautyrest Matresses on Amazon here if you feel so inclined: Simmons Beautyrest Mattresses

Writers Note:  I would like to point out at this time that mattress manufacturers seem to be creating a plethora of different names – even for the same mattress.  I understand that mattress manufacturers often label identical mattresses with different names - depending on which retail store they are sending them to.  This makes comparison shopping very difficult and, in my opinion, is not good for the consumer.  Additionally the names are sometimes very long and frankly confusing:  “Simmons Beautyrest Baroque Luxury Form Twin XL Mattress SR551” or “Sears-O-Pedic 61696 King Cloud Elite Plush Eurotop II LP California Box Spring Mattress – White”.  Surely this is not helping the consumer.  Perhaps if one cannot comparison shop effectively – and try and find the best/lowest price - it is better for the manufacturers?  Having said that (in a moment of frustration) we will continue to dig through all the “smoke and mirrors” to provide you with the most useful and honest information we can.  For a better understanding of what is going on in this industry you may want to read our recent article entitled "Are Mattress Companies Misleading Consumers?".


Do you have this mattress?  Do you have any comments or input you would like to share with others?  We welcome comments!


Frederick Preziosi Friday, 24 January 2020
Absolute worse mattress I have ever owed. Poor construction and material and warranty is worthless. Within first year had numerous dips and a major depression of multiple coils. They have a million ways out not to replace because they know the product is garbage. Avoid this brand like the plague
If you are looking to buy the Simmons Beauty Rest Mattress that is in the commercial with the bowling ball read this first. I purchased the queen size mattress for myself a few years ago. I am a heavier set lady and this bed is not right for me. First off, the memory foam keeps the heat in. I can't sleep when it is too hot. The memory foam also seems to squish over time and the topper part hangs out over the mattress leaving a big dip that hurts my back! It would probably be great for someone of smaller stature and that could stand the body heat.
Has anyone bought a "hotel 5" and if so what did you think of it?
We bought a double Simmons Beautyrest mattress for our son two years ago which has developed a huge sink hole in the middle. He wakes up every morning with a sore back. We have gotten as far as getting the mattress replaced but they expect us to pay $310 for shipping even though they have a 10 year warranty on their mattress. We do not want a Simmons mattress again as we have read reviews that the replacement mattress will do the same thing. Don't ever buy Simmons/Serta!
I bought 2 Beautyrest Ultra pillowtop/gel Twin EL mattresses for our kingsize bed. My husband got the firm and I got the plush. There was no medium option. After 5 months, I wake up every night with an aching back. I bought these new mattresses to avoid movement transfer and back pain. Getting 2 twins has helped with movement transfer, but I wake up with an aching back after feel my twin is sinking in the middle. Has anyone had the same experience with this model?
We've gone through 2 warranty replacements for our Simmons BeautyRest Vanderbilt king mattress and box springs. Purchased at Macy's with a 10-year warranty, this bed becomes defective consistently after only 2-3 years. It caused shoulder and back pain, with costly trips to the chiropractor before we suspected the bed. The warranty inspectors always find the mattress to have sagging issues and walls that lose rigidity. Because this was supposed to be Simmons' flagship product, we suggest everyone avoid the brand going forward.
we bought 2 twin size mattress/springs sets in august 2017, invoice # 114-010
3349. If you respond to comments you can look up our information.
The first 3/4 months they seemed okay and then the sagging & depressions began to show. We both had back surgery and it began to get worse and the pain has caused many trips for medical attention-only to learn it's the mattresses. We both weigh less than 140#. Your technician said the mattress rates @ less than 1.5 and we have no reason for a warranty claim. He suggested we wait until the depressions are worse & then make a claim again: while we are miserable. Unable to move after trying to sleep in those beds. Disappointed with Beautyrest. We thought we bought the best. Not so. Think our local BBB should know about our situation.

I have a Simmons Beautyrest Royalty Ultra (Queen) that is approximately 15 years old - and it is an AMAZING mattress!!! It is finally due for replacement, but still does not have noticeable sags and will actually be passed down to our son. I am searching for something comparable to this mattress, but in a King...I am glad I read these reviews because I have been dragging my feet on pulling the trigger since all I really want is the same mattress, but new and King Sized! Thank you to all that took the time to review!
What did you find to be equivalent? I have a Simmons Beautyrest Rotalty Firm that I love and I’m only looking bc I want a king... I want exactly the same bed in king and cannot find what the equivalent is! Same as you my bed is still perfect, no sagging etc...just need s bigger one.
Bought a Beautyrest Hybrid Recharge Mattress last year. Slept on it for 3 months then again this year for 4 months. It is totally shot. Sags and dips under your body creating a hole where you sleep. Turned it around about every two weeks but that did not help. Back aches and shoulder pain every day. Worse mattress I ever owned. I will never ever buy another Beautyrest mattress again.
I'm with you jean...I bought the Beautyrest Ultra plush spending a lot of money and after a short time it's developed the dip in the middle even though I was rotating it it cannot be flipped I called out Macy's he measured the dip and they replaced the mattress but it did the same thing again. I was stupid not to change at that time !!! I will say if you were going to try this mattress because you think it feels good in the store be sure that your bed frame has a middle support down the longest part of the bed mine just has the cross supports and those have dipped over time due to the heaviness of this mattress!! all around, my back has been aching and I'm never going to buy this mattress again a waste of time and money repeated inconveniences!!!
Junk. Dips began after just a few weeks. Yes the dipped recovers if you're not lying on it, which they measure the dip for warranty purposes with no one on the mattress! When you lie down, however, the springs collapse and I am lying in a dip with nowhere to go except try to climb uphill. Terrible back pain. No use trying to get reimbursed as dip disappears when mattress is cold. Springs collapse when lying on them. Only makes sense. Will never buy this brand again...never.
gloria wisniews,i Friday, 31 August 2018
I agree complete except my mattress lasted 9 months. Bad back pain, can't sleep on mattress, warranty go for nothing, what a crime, paid $900 for 9 months of sleep. Stay away for this company
i ordered a "plush" Beautirest Silver. I was expecting a soft bed like I tried at the store. When I got the bed it was so hard, like sleeping on concrete. One day and its going back.
I have a beauty rest Vanderbuilt collection and it is the most comfortable mattress ever. It is now about 4-5 years old and there are no signs of wear, no sags, and no changes since day one. Fabulous mattress!
Gabriella M Ciaramella Saturday, 18 April 2020
we want to buy another one of these but they don't make them anymore. If anyone can tell me what replaced it, I would appreciate it
We bought a Simmons Gia two years ago, because I had done a sleep study at a sleep lab, and their beds were the Simmons Hermosa, and it was extremely comfortable, even considering I had all the wires etc all over my head for the study. When we moved, I wanted to start out with a new mattress, and the store we ended up purchasing the Gia from said that it was the same mattress, just with a different name. (As noted in the article). Well, two years in, and I am very disappointed. The mattress has two very distinct and deep sags on both sides. My husband weighs 185, and I weigh 168, and any mattress should be able to support that for at least the eight years that most companies recommend you keep a mattress. I am especially disappointed in Simmons, since that is the brand we have always had for the 27 years we've been married, with no problems.
I purchased a pillow top king Simmons June 2016. December 2016 I exchanged to a firm king Simmons. Today June 2017 I have called Macy's complaining about my last purchase. Both mattress sagged on me in the area I sleep. I only weigh 143. When I get up in the morning my side and back is in pain. I will never purchase another Simmons.
We purchased a Beautyrest black Mariela from Carson Pierre Scott in Chicagoland delivered February 4, 2017. We paid almost $3100 for it so it is not a cheap mattress. After the 1st month we noticed the center of the mattress was sagging in areas where your shoulders and upper trunk where you need most of the support. When we wake up up our neck and upper back started hurting, and we noticed a deep sag in areas mentioned above. We called for inspection. Box springs, frames all other things checked out by inspector and he applied less than 10lb. ( at the most , its a guess, there is no way of knowing how much he pressed) of pressure for less than 5 seconds in various parts of mattress and measured a sag.
Reported from this flawed method a sag of an inch. Everything checked out fine. Where I sleep, has caved in and there is a hump in the middle and sides. Center of bed is still sagging. Hurt all night and sore the next day. Only have had mattress 2 months now, last month awaiting some results from store or Simmons. No reply.
All I can say, do yourself a biggest favor, buy any other brand, sleep on floor without mattress but DO NOT BUY SIMMONS. Its a piece of crap. You ruin your neck and back. We bought our mattress and box spring and frame despite we had excellent condition frame from our previous bed, as sales person wanted to milk last penny, telling us warranty will not be honored if frame is not correct. We lost about $3100 with Carson's on this purchase.
Simmons do not take any stand on their defective mattress either.

I bought a Simmons Beautyrest Imperial two years ago. After about a month it started sagging - after after about 6 months I flipped it, which was good for maybe another month. The indentations just kept getting bigger. In desperation I finally went out and bought a memory foam topper - LOL - I put that in and it sunk into the dip which made it even worse. I tired 'stuffing' the indentations with blankets which helped slightly, then someone suggested I just turn it over - sleeping on the hard underside! I am going to attempt to get in touch with them and complain but after reading all the above comments I am not overly optimistic. I have a slat frame which does have the middle support piece. Am considering replacing it with either a Saatva or a Casper...??? I am single and weigh about 140 pounds. Sick of having sore hips when I wake up.
I have a beautyrest imperial world class. retails about $2400.00 cad First 6mth was like heaven but then the sag started even with center support. I'm single 200lbs(very well proportioned I might add ;). Now its about 4/5years and the sag is terrible. I will not buy another.
Not a happy consumer Tuesday, 21 February 2017
We bought our mattress from Sleep Train Oct 2015 the Beautyrest recharge Pacific series. The mattress was made 7/15/15 as per the tag, The mattress now less than 2 years old and has what we call a hole on one side where you sleep, it sinks in horribly, your back and hips hurt if you sleep on this side, the middle of the mattress is a lump that you can totally see just looking at it. I cant believe what a bad mattress this is and the money we paid for it (over $1000.) I called sleep train and the representative took my information and stated the warrant company will call us for an appointment to come out and inspect our bed for the warranty that is suppose to be 10 years !,Integrated Bedding Group. So a couple weeks later I get a voice message while at work from Intergraded bedding group it was a Friday late afternoon, the representative stated that they have two appointments available a Tuesday or a Saturday, but that she will just go ahead and make the appointment for Tuesday and to call back if that wont work. So a few minutes later I call back and get a voice mail I leave a message that the Tuesday date wont work and I would like the Saturday date that's available . I then looked up the company and sent an e-mail that night. I receive another voice message confirming the date the rep set up and that they would be out between such and such hours. So again I call right back and its a voice mail, I leave another message . I have now called this company over 10 times the voice mail is full wont take messages or call wont go thru ? Never received any email either. After reading all the complaints about this inspection company and the Simmons Beautyrest mattress We are not expecting a good out come. If anyone would like to get started on a class action lawsuit let me know this is a total rip off and consumers need to get together. This is not right ! I will update this once we have gone through the inspection.
I have been looking for reviews on the Beauty Rest "Superb". Has any one owned it yet ?
The mattress companies seem to change their model names weekly! Finding a review of an older mattress can be daunting.
Does anyone know anything about the Simmons Beautyrest 'Lingwood' that was sold a few years ago by Bedzzz Express??? Can't get anyone from the stores I've called to call me back with the information. It was very comfortable and trying to find out what type it was and what the current comparable one is named at any mattress store.
I bought a Beautyrest Crescent Moon made in 2011. It has been horrible
my back hurts. It has sunk where I sleep and when I get on the top or the matterss where it tops in the middle, I feel myself rolling into the sunk part again. I have bought a new mattress- a very different kind. Have tried to give my old mattress away and when they hear the kind nobody wants it.
People should read the reviews before buying this kind of mattress.
Same story here as Dorothy's -- we bought the Beautyrest Crescent Moon in 2011, and it's been causing problems for about 2 years (so, it only lasted about 4.5 years). It's supposed to be "plush firm", but it's not firm at all. Big Pain - especially when you expect a mattress to last at least 8-10 years!!
My husband and I bought this Crescent Moon mattress too! I developed a hole where i sleep but ny husband did not. I weigh quite a bit less then him and my side has the hole! I litterally had to roll up hill to snuggle. We had it replaced by the store for a new Crescent Moon (within about 2 months of owning the first one) just to have the new mattress develop the same sagging sunken in hole! Im proud to say yesterday we bought us new mattresses! Since we have a king, we bought two twin xl that are different. Im hoping by getting a smaller mattress, it will hold up better...but we did buy a different brand! I will NEVER by a Simmons again. A very expensive lesson was learned!
I'm surprised by the negative comments, because we bought a Simmons Beautyrest "Royalty" queen-size mattress 11 years ago (does this line no longer exist??), and my husband and I were just remarking how amazingly great it still is--feels like new! Just the right firmness, no sags. That conversation drove me to look up reviews for a friend who's looking for a new mattress. Has Beautyrest's quality declined in the last 11 years?? We sure have been extremely happy with ours! And it wasn't expensive top-of the line; it was just a regular moderately priced mattress.
I bought this mattress and within 3 months it was sagging so horribly. A tech came out said it was definitely defective amd was sagging 6 inches in the middle but the warranty was voided because of a small stain on the side of the mattress that was there upon arrival from factory. I mean REALLY?! I literally threw away 1000.00. The box spring was defective as well and they refused to replace that too because it was a set and since the mattress warranty was voided then that was too. I honestly dont know how a company could sell such junk to people and then tell you it has a warranty. The warranty...the mattress and the company are a complete joke....and pathetic. I really dont see how theyre still in business and how they sleep at night ripping off paying customers. I will NEVER buy a single thing from this false company. Please do not buy this mattress. Its horrible
Purchased a beautyrest about a year ago and and within a few months it had sags where one sleeps. When you roll to the middle of the bed it's all uphill. I Called the store where we purchased and all they said is that they would refund only a portion of the purchase price. REDICULOUS! What a waste of good money. Spent over $1800 and I have a bed that I feels like I've owned it for 20 years.
Seems like the Mattresses with thick foam have the sagging problem?
I need an extra firm. My 15+ year old Sealy posturpedic extra firm, has never sagged.
In the Black series I am leaning towards an extra firm Calista or Alexia which only have 2-1/2 to 3-1/2" of foam with the new triple wrapped springs.. California king has 1150+ springs..
Anyone one own one of these to comment on whether they also sag?
I wish I had read these reviews before buying a Simmons Beutyrest Diamond mattress. Within 6 weeks it developed a noticeable sag and I was waking up with back pain. I sleep alone and weigh 145 lbs. I contacted the store and they sent a technician to measure it. The store said the dip was only .5 an inch deep so they wouldn't replace it. However, when I contacted Simmins directly, they sent a different technician who agreed to replace it. I hope the next one is better.
Make sure your bed frame has a center support leg, or legs. Large box- springs/mattresses need that down the center of the bed, not just around the edges. It has made a big difference in our current bed.
I agree, I wish I had read this before purchasing as well. I am 135 lbs and also sleep alone. Having the same problem after 2 months of sleeping on it. I sleep on the same side of the bed nightly. When I roll over to the other side it is like rolling up hill!! This is the 3rd mattress I have had in 7 months. The first 2 I selected were NOTHING like the one I tried in the store. After 3 mattresses in 7 months I don't want a replacement. I want my money back!!
We bought a BeautyRest Classic Plush Firm Pillowtop less than 5 years ago, after sleeping on a similar model at a hotel and loving it. My husband, who travels frequently with his work, noticed after the first year of sleeping on this mattress that he wakes up with sore shoulders. I didn't notice it at first and thought he just had some shoulder issue, but then I noticed the same thing about a year later. The mattress doesn't visibly sag but the firmness seems to have given way across the center of the bed. It also creaks when you sit down on the side of the bed. While it is almost 5 years old now, I expected a $1000 mattress to last longer and the problems actually started after the first year. Would not buy this brand again.
This beautyrest bowling ball bed for the top dollar paid is terrible! It actually has a hump right down the middle where you are slipping off to the edge to stay on the bed! I hate this mattress and am sad as I waited a long time to get a new plush mattress and this wasted the little to no money but credit card I used to buy it! Sleep on a mattress in the store for an hour or two before purchasing one! My good advice to all of you!
I have the Simmons beauty rest pillow top and it is awful. Sunk in and now I can\'t use it and the joke of a warranty is \"void\"
Jeannie, you are so right!!
The Beautyrest mattress we purchased two years ago is the worst mattress we have ever owned. After about two months it started sagging. We complained to the store where we purchased it but they did absolutely nothing for us. Now we have two deep depressions with a hump in the middle. We are getting rid of it. Don\'t buy BeautyRest
Two years ago I bought a Simmons Beauty Rest Bryanna Plush Eurotop and within two months it was like sleeping in a hammock. I paid $3,000.00 for the bed. There are impressions on each side of the bed so it is easy to roll into your spot at night. The middle of the bed is noticeably higher whether you are looking at it or move to the middle of the bed for some support after my husband gets out of bed. I have rotated the bed, but that only helped the first time it was rotated. I weigh 150 lbs. and my husband 200 lbs. The store where I purchased the bed came and took pictures etc. but advised me later that the company did not consider it defective. The impression was not deep enough according to their measurements. You should see what kind of impressions laying on it creates! A year after my purchase, I was staying at a hotel for two nights. I was amazed that my back did not hurt in the morning like it does every morning when I get out of my Beauty Rest Bed at home. I even called the motel a few months later to ask what kind of beds they had. Never buy a Simmons Mattress!
I purchased a Simmons Beautyrest recharge brisben mattress set in December 2014....the first month was fine....after the second month It started sagging and I had to start turning it....I\'ve tried countless times with the retailer where I purchased it to have it replaced or refund my purchase price, however they said they contacted Simmons and there\'s nothing Simmons will do about it. this is not a cheap mattress set, the cost of this particular set should stand up better than it has. I previously had a Serta mattress set and it lasted about 6 years before it started sagging.....I am very unhappy and disappointed with this merchandise.
This mattress started to form sink places where we lay. This started several months after we purchased it. I wake up every morning with my hips and back hurting. I am going to buy another brand.
I have the Liliburn Plush in a queen. I\'m a single person and apparently my head weighs 1,000 pounds because the head of my bed seems to develop indentations and sloping no matter which \"end\" of the bed my head is on. The fabric is bunching up under my body so I now have a mattress protect, actual quilted mattress pad, and a bottom sheet but it is uncomfortable as all get out. I am currently struggling to get the retailer and Simmons to warranty the mattress that is less than 2 years old (I have had two warranty inspections already). The retailer is saying it is Simmons decision and Simmons said it was the retailer. I\'m pretty tired of getting the runaround. If I had my choice I would get my money back and go buy a different brand. Especially after seeing that I am not the only one with this issue.
Purchased this mattress in February 2015 and we have 4 inch deviations throughout which is in Simmons warranty a defective product. Will the dealer or Simmons honor their warranty? Of course not because of a mark on the mattress smaller than my fingertip they are saying that it voids the warranty. Well had I known I needed to sleep on plastic to ensure they would do the right thing then I wouldn\'t have wasted my money on this piece of junk that they will do nothing about. I only weigh 115 pounds and my husband is 175 so weight has nothing to do with poor merchandise.

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