Simmons Beautyrest Classic Mattress

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Simmons Beautyrest Classic
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The Simmons Beautyrest Classic series is part of the Beautyrest line of mattresses.  The Beautyrest Classic is the most affordable of the Beautyrests (which include the Classic, the World Class, the Exceptionale, and the fairly new NxG series).  There is also the Beautyrest Black luxury collection but this group of mattresses is often considered separately from the other Beautyrests. [REF Simmons Mattress Reviews 2010]

The Classic also has the lowest Motion Separation Index of the Beautyrest mattresses.  The Motion Separation Index (likely a Simmon’s concept) indicates how much your partner will feel you moving on the other half of the bed.  The lower the index the more motion your partner feels.  The MSI ratings for the Beautyrests are as follows:

Beautyrest Classic  1
Beautyrest World Class  2
Beautyrest Exceptionale  3
Beautyrest NxG Series  4

The Classic mattress (queen) has 800 pocketed coil springs (each spring is individually wrapped in fabric) and provides edge support by using thicker wire in the springs near the edge of the mattress (2 rows of 13.25-gauge coils – the other main springs are 15.5 gauge).  In general the more coils in the mattress the more support you will get – the other Beautyrest mattresses (queen) have 980 or 1960 pocketed coils.  The Classic also uses a combination of “premium foams” (Simmons don’t elaborate on the premium foam details) and visco memory foam, and there is also a fire-retardant fiber.

There are firm, plush or pillowtop options with the Simmons Beautyrest Classic mattress.  Firm, as the name states, has a more pressure resistant sleep surface, plush provides a “cushier” sleep surface via the use of the premium and memory foams, and pillowtop uses layers of foam in the top upholstery creating an especially soft sleeping surface.  The Beautyrest Classic mattress also has a single sleeping surface and does not require flipping.

Ratings are hard to come by on this mattress series but Buzzillions has 4 customer reviews that provide an average 4 stars out of 5 for the Beautyrest Classic Baran.  Macy’s has 4 reviews of the Simmons Beautyrest Classic Hawthorne Plush and the consumers rate this mattress an average 5 stars out of 5.



Several years ago we had a Simmons Beautyrest Classic custom built for it to be 1/2 firm and 1/2 softer. It had a pillow top. Looking for something that will sleep the same.
After just 5 years, the sag on my BeautyRest classic is at least 2 inches. The crater is very evident to the naked eye. Very disappointed and looking for another mattress.
This mattress was fine in my early 30s when I slept on my side. Now in my mid 40s and sleeping on my back, it is no longer comfortable.
Mr. Right We have had this mattress for about 7 years and it sags a bit but we still have a great sleep on it. I would buy it again.
Read the literature on the mattress before you make a purchase. It clearly states a 1.5 inch sag in the mattress is to be expected and all the mattresses except the one at the top-of-the-line fall into this category. Their very top mattress will sag .75 inches. If you don't want a saggy mattress, buy a sleep number bed. You will love it and pay much less over time.
I thought it was just me. We purchased a Simmons Beautyrest Edgewood, and I noticed almost immediately that it sagged. I now sleep on an air mattress on the floor...much more comfortable on my back...until we can afford to replace our mattress with a different brand.
We bought the cal. king mattress for our second home. It is the worst mattress. After sleeping on it about 30 times the mattress started to sag and made for a most uncomfortable sleep. It is very cheaply made. Neither my husband nor me are overweight. We will never order another Simmons mattress. Pay attention to all the negative reviews, they are all true.
I have been looking at reviews to get an idea of which bed to buy. I've always used Beautyrest but I see they are sinking from all the foam. Reviewers rarely get any help from customer service. I think I will keep our 10 year old Beautyrest. There must be new management making crappy beds. They are trading on the good names of these old companies, that people trust, to sell a disposable bed
I agree with Mrs. Northern, the worst Mattress I've ever had. I hate to go to bed. I'm in the process of looking for another mattress to purchase, don't know which avenue to take.
Thomas vruble
Bought pillow top Beauty rest mattress worst investment ever . Me and my wife wake up sore backs springs shot an mattress has waves in it less then 8 years old and were not heavy people. We rotated mattress anally to prevent this . Wont recommend this to any one
honestly the most horrible mattress ever. I saw these bad reviews but I was so convinced myself that a mattress with this price can't be so horrible. But now I regret. such a bad exp. Within few days it started to sink in the middle. very hard to sleep in straight. because your body will be tilted automatically. Right now I will be sleeping on floor until I buy a new one becaz this mattress will ruin my back.
All I see are bad reviews for this mattress. I will be a unique reviewer, I guess. I\'ve had the mattress for a year and also have severe sciatica in my back. I sleep wondefully, and it helps a TON with my severe back pain. It is supportive but also so comfortable. I love this mattress. I sleep alone on it, and I am 180lbs and 5\'10\'\'. There are no grooves in the mattress either.
I got a Hawthorne Simmons pillow top I believe in plush firm from Macy\'s in 2009. My back kills me. I realized it was because the bed dips in the middle. I spent over 1000.00$ for my bed. I\'m having an inspector come to look at it because it has a 10yr warranty. I\'m not pleased I may have to replace this mattress. I have been dealing with it for at least 2 years, but I can\'t take much discomfort.
I had a beauty rest classic 2000 extra firm for tons of years. It held up well and was comfortable. I wish they still made that particular mattress as I\'d buy it again.
Me too! So sad they discontinued that style. Best sleep ever
We have owned an extra firm Simmons beautyrest classic for over 15 years and absolutely love it. I am looking for another one, but it is difficult to find one with the \"extra firm\" rating. Does anyone know if they stopped making them?
I just got the ashville plush firm and it is very firm maybe a little too much for me. It has a cloud rating of 2. 1 being the most firm and 4 being the most plush. it is not a bad mattress for the money.
sears sells them
I just bought an extra firm Classic Marnie (queen size) from a furniture gallery in Northern Arizona, so I know they still make extra firm. Mine is not a plush or pillow-top.
I have owned a more expensive Beautyrest for 9 years and have been happy. However have recently purchased the lower line classic series to save money. This matress is not as supportive on lower back -I am concerned
We had the worst experience with this mattress and with Simmons, in general. Not only did it have ruts and sag horribly with 18 months, Simmons would do NOTHING about it despite the warranty. The store where I had bought the mattress had closed, so I had to deal directly with Simmons. They sent someone to my house to \"look\" at it. Honestly now, what can you tell from a mattress by \"looking?\" I invited the person to lay down on it so that they could witness the hammock-like indentations and the hump in the middle, but they said they weren\'t allowed to do that. Not allowed to find out the true problem is more like it! Then in a letter, they essentially insulted my intelligence. I will NEVER own another Simmons mattress, and I will encourage others to stay away from this company as well. Horrible, horrible experience!!
My husband and I have had an absolutely HORRIBLE experience with this mattress. I would NEVER recommend this brand to anyone. Within months of having the mattress, it was obviously poorly manufactured. You could literally see grooves where we laid, and we are not overweight at all. WASTE OF MONEY.
people never get on the internet to praise a product, just to bitch. Just remember that in all of your research.
I have the same problem as Mrs. Northern. I\'ve had the bed for one year and deep, uncomfortable grooves have formed. They get worse every night. I am 6\'5\", but not overweight.
We have had this mattress for two years and we have the same complaint.
I also agree with D. Grant - my back is not well supported (especially since the indent has become a permanent feature.)
I agree with Mrs. Northern. I bought a queen and have a dip in it after only one year. Bought it to replace one I had purchased used and that one was better.

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