Sealy Posturepedic Mattress Review

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Sealy Posturepedic
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The name Sealy came from the town of Sealy in Texas where a man by the name of Daniel Haynes started making mattresses from pressed cotton in the 1880’s.  Sealy Corporation is the largest bedding manufacturer in North America and sells through some 7000 retail outlets.  It is well known for it’s Posturepedic line of mattresses which was first introduced in 1950.    [REF Sealy Mattress Reviews 2010]

Pricing for a Sealy Posturepedic queen set today ranges from $499 to $2199 in the US but depends on the retailer.  There are 3 different series at this time – Preferred, Reserve and Signature.

The Preferred (queen) has a coil count of 736, sculpted foam pressure relief inlays.

The Reserve (queen) has a coil count of 782, combined memory foam and sculpted foam pressure relief inlays and stronger mattress perimeter support than the Preferred model.

The Signature (queen) has a coil count of 782, combined memory foam latex pressure relief inlays, posture channels to help support lumbar region and back of the legs and stronger mattress perimeter support than the Preferred model.  You can view a large selection of Sealy Posturepedic Mattresses at Amazon.

The Sealy Posturepedic mattress can be purchased in a range of sizes and comfort levels.  Sizes range from Twin to the larger California King:

- Twin
- Twin Extra Long
- Full
- Full Extra Long
- Queen
- Split Queen
- King
- California King

Boxsprings are also available and come in a standard 9-inch height or a low-profile 5-inch height.

Comfort levels one can choose from include:

- Firm (substantial support)
- Cushion Firm (substantial support but with quilted softness)
- Plush (soft cushioning surface)
- Ultra Plush (enveloping softness)

Sealy also created an Orthopedic Advisory Board in 2006.  The board is comprised of orthopedic surgeons, researchers and the like.  Sealy claims that with the help of this board they have managed to create a “revolutionary push-back support system” that they use on all the new Sealy Posturepedic mattresses.  This system apparently distributes weight away from the heavier parts of the human body thereby relieving pressure from these areas.

What are consumers saying about the Sealy Posturepedic Mattress?

Epinions gives the Sealy Posturepedic Mattress 3 out of 5 stars – out of a total of 62 reviews.  Those that rated the mattress highly pointed out items such as free delivery, a feeling of support all over, and that the mattress was very comfortable.  The cons mentioned by those that purchased the mattress include that the mattress is very heavy, the warranty is one-sided, and that body indentations are created after a short while.  The Ciao website has only 2 reviews and gives the Sealy Posturepedic 5 stars out of 5.

There is also a Sealy Baby Posturepedic mattress that gets very good reviews.  Epinions has 12 reviews and consumers have rated this mattress 5 stars out of 5, while Amazon has 5 reviews and rate it 4.2 stars out of 5.  This is a fairly firm mattress with 220 coils, strong edge support (uses steel border rods) and a triple laminate fabric and non-allergenic sleeping surface.  The farbric protects against bacteria, mold, mildew and wetness.



I LOVE my Sealy Posturepedic matress. I purchased the firm & have the best night sleep we have had in a long time. I also received a sealy cooling gel pillow that is out of this world!! Thank you so much.
Bought a Sealy Gel series 3yrs ago. It has been one of the worse buys I have made. Was not top of the line but all means not bottom either. It has sunk in so bad when u lay in it. Had a tech come out and said the indent is only 3/4 inch but when u lay in it now u sink.
I left a comment about the sealy posture pedic plush but I haven't seen it yet
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We don't have any comment from you in our comments list. I don't think it was sent. You may wish to try again.
my new mattress smells like 5 can's of frebreze was sprayed on it. what's this about?
Worst mattress we've ever owned. Definitely not worth the money. Our Sealy Posturepedic Proback Titanium started to get indents within 6 months, and the edges completely gave way after a year. Just don't buy it. Waste of money.
i purchased a sealy mattress and was the worst investment. I had the mattress replaced twice by sealy and second mattress was worse than the first one. Sealy advise that they are not going to replace the mattress again. Do not buy from sealy
I purchased a Sealy Posturepedic Kingsdown in 2000. I have just relocated to another state and got rid of my old mattress and box spring even though it was very comfortable. I figured since it was 17 years old, it was time for a new set. Reading all these bad reviews has me reconsidering what I was planning on buying.
Buy organic with real latex foam it will cost 1,000 more but it is healthier than foam from China dirt cheap garbage foam full of flame retardent chemicals memory foam doesn’t last compared to natural latex that will last and much healthier!!!
Aubrey Allmond Friday, 24 June 2016
Sealy Posturepedic 'Harrisburg' 10/10 warranty, made 12/2014, bought 1/2015, started to get bad indentations within 9 months, submitted warranty claim 6/2016 because it got so bad. Denied because it is 'normal for bedding of this style.' Additional mention, the one small stain on the mattress "voids the entire warranty".
DO NOT BUY FROM SEALY. I have a tag on my bed showing 03/06/2009 and they will not warranty it because I don't have the receipt. The store I purchased it from is no longer in business to get a copy from them. My house flooded and the receipt was damaged.(wet)
Holly I am in the market for a new mattress, after reading these reviews I am staying away from Sealy. Thanks for the reviews
We bought 2 sealy mattress\'s 1 twin. 1 full. The full I had for 2 months and it started to sag. Brought back to warehouse. They said I had to upgrade, which I did spent $1,200 on another, gave me only a credit of only $300 from old. UGH, This new one is not even a year old. It is sagging , feels like springs coming threw. The top is like bunching up into mounds. Uncomfortable.They will not take it back. The twin mattress is worse. In fact it is also ayear old and is shot. Can\'t even sleep on it. same as the full but worse. We have spent so much money on Sealy mattresses and can;t even get our money back. We will not even exchange again. Not worth it. Just wasted our money and have to sleep on crap until we get enough to buy new again. Should not have to buy a mattress in 1 year. Cheaply made. Wish someone would do something. Can\'t get anywhere with anyone.
my pillow top mattress is a huge sponge! It absorbs ALL the condensation & is falling apart at the seams in layers. I would not recommend this bed to anyone. Its a waste of hard earned money.
We purchased the Sealy Collingdale Plush and in seven months we had deep impressions on each side and it\'s very mushy and non supportive. Our first attempt at a warranty claim was denied. We will be buying a different brand. The Sealy brand is NOT what it used to be and the warranty is useless.
I exchanged from a previous mattress set to my Sealy. Bad decision. Within 2 yrs I hv to rotate the heavy mattress which does NOT have handles on sides. It has body indentations and gives me back and hip pain.
We purchased our Sealy Posturpedic \"Star Dust\" Luxury Plush Pillowtop about 5 years ago. We paid extra to have it delivered and set up by the furniture store, so that our warranty would be good. THEY did not put the middle support under it. When I complained to the store mgr. that the bed was horribly uncomfortable, he explained that the bed nor the warranty would be any good, because we didn\'t purchase that support. Well, we didn\'t know we needed it, and we paid the \"professionals\" to set the bed up. So now we\'re in pain every morning from tossing and turning on the hills and valleys this $1,000.00 bed has to offer us each night. I feel like I\'m sleeping on a torture rack. Never another Sealy. With all these complaints, we all deserve at least an apology from the company. They should be ashamed.
My wife and I bought a Sealy Posturpedic and loved it for about a year. A few months later it started to sag where we slept. I\'m 6\'2\" weighing about 205. We called Sealy and they sent a technicial out to measure - we were 1/4\" shy of the standard. We waited and tried again a year later except this time they refused to do anything because of a stain. I\'ve never been more uncomfortable. It\'s been about 6 years now and I\'m going to bite the bullet and look at anything but a Sealy as a replacement. The springs blew out at the 1 year mark.
I just had the retail store\'s service contractor out again to inspect my second Sealy mattress in one year. Both collapsed in the middle, and it is like sleeping in a ditch. The first one turned to mush in less than 6 months. I upgraded two steps to a better quality mattress, and chose the \"firm\" grade. Same thing happened in less than two months. It has been a battle with the retailer to get the mattress to sag enough to meet their requirements for a return under warranty. If I could get any other brand, I would. Our other bed has a Posturepedic that is 5 years old, and it is fine, but it looks like Sealy is making garbage these days. The new stuff is a waste of money.
Worst mattress ever purchased from Macys after two months it sunk in the middle and Macys replaced it.The new mattress after 2 years same problem .When you get in bed or move it makes alot of noise.I have RA and this mattress makes the pain worse.
Purchased a Sealy Belizzi King size mattress in May of 2012. The warrantee stated that it must be on a firm surface. In September, I went back to the store (Washington Square in Tigard Oregon) and complained that the mattress was extremely compressed. They gave me a number to call for a \"third-party\" appraisal. They came out in October and said we would hear back from them in 10 days. We still had not heard anything, so I called today. They said that the warrantee was denied - that the king -size frame was damaged and that the underlying frame was not adequate. They said they would give me 30% off on a new mattress and boxsprings! No way! The mattress was not worth anything! Will NEVER buy a Sealy again!
we had our first sealy replaced under their warranty and dealt with Sealy direct as the dealer went out of business. Took forever for them to come out and they gave us a hard time with replacement, but accommodated us under the warranty. That mattress had indentations and the pillow top shifted, now the new mattress just over a year later has the ridge in the center with body impressions over 2 1/2 inches. Springs pop and we only have crappy nights on this bad bed!!!!!
We have had our Sealy Posturepedic Reserve for 3 years and it too sinks in middle of both sides. It\'s a king so both my side and husband\'s cave in during the night with hump between us. Not sure if it\'s just the memory foam on top or springs but terribly uncomfortable. First year didn\'t notice problem but worsen with age. Would never recommend it.
purchased a sealy P. at Costco $1400.
After a year huge mountain down the center and hammocks on both sides. kept another year procrastinating. Finally had costco pick it up. Husband has been sleeping on blow up air mattress 4 mos. unsure what to replace with. Thanks to Costco we didn\'t have to be stuck with it any longer. I keep doing research to try to find a GOOD mattress. After mos. of reasearch, definitely won\'t buy Sealy, Stearns and Foster etc. They all seem to do the same thing and just not made like they used to be!!!
After only 18 months, with a petite woman user, mattress collasped in the center. Totally uncomfortable. Back pain in epic proportions now. Going to try to resolve issue through warranty or but another mattress as this one has to go!
My husband has been complaining with his Sealy firm posturepedic mattress for two years. The mattress hugs around his body. We turn it every two-three months. When he gets up in the mornings, his back hurts. I checked the date on the tag and it shows 04-11-06. I have been looking at mattress but will not purchase a Sealy Posturepedic.
We pirchased our posturepedic mattress and after just three months found out it can not be flipped .We have the same problem as most but it\'s worse because it can not be turned. Do you know if this is normal?
I purchased a Sealy mattress in March 2012 after having a water bed for 12 years. The mattress is 6 months old and the whole way around the pillow top there are holes, some the size of quarters. I called Sears (the place of purchase) and they said the material is under limited warranty and they can not replace my mattress. I then called Sealy and they told me the same thing. Obviously, the material is of poor quality for the pillow top to be full of holes the whole way around it. The bed has had a mattress cover on it since we bought it. Now I am stuck with a mattress that I paid $1000 for and it is not even a year old. I will never buy a Sealy again and I will never buy anything from Sears again because they do not stand behind their products.
Very comfortable, but \"border wire\" broke within a year and they claim it?s not covered, seems irreparable and its not even 3 years old, total scam.
I bought a Sealy mattress and after only a few months it had gullys and was causing major back issues for me. It took 2 years of phone calls to have Sealy send someone out to look at the mattress. They said the mattress was defectibve and I could reselct but only from the Sealy collection. I reselected and it has been 6 months with the new mattress and now this one is in the same condition. I\'m in major back pain due to these horrable mattresses. Spent money on a MRI of my back only to find out it was the mattress. Please DO NOT BUY A SEALY MATTRESS
Bought the mattress new in 2008. For what I had to pay, I thought it must be a great mattress. It was for about 3 years. Then ridge in the middle and gullies on each side. I had back surgery years ago so I need a good mattress. It usually takes about 2-3 hours each morning to recover from the bad \"morning back\". I now find myself shopping again. This time it won\'t be for a Sealy.
Just purchased a new mattress in Jan 2012. Was sleeping fine on an old Sealy. This new one is really bad. The pillow top has turned to mush in less than 6 months. This new pillow top with more firmness across the middle of the body is terrible. The foam at the top is indented and the other has not so I feel like I\'m sleeping with my head lower than my hips- VERY UNCOMFORTABLE!!
After only one month there is a two inch
indention in the middle of the mattress.
I have to go through a whole process to prove this which is wrong. They should
stand behind their products and have a
representative come and see how poorly their mattresses hold up.
After 1 yr my sealy is mushy store
will not let me upgrade. Sealy said
has to be 1 1/2 inches down that
is ridiculous. Never buy a sealy.
Me and my husband love our mattress.it feels like we are sleeping on cotton.my back no longer hurts like it did from our previous mattress.. I love it and would def. recommend anyone to get it!
I bought a Sealy pillow top king size mattress last year. It has developed body indentations and is uncomfortable. I plan to call Ashley\'s furniture store and have it replaced. I hope they will honor the warranty. Also the mattress is very heavy and hard to manage.
Body indentations within a month. Store is going to charge me to have someone inspect. Very uncomfortable. Especially with a mound in the center of the bed. Would not buy from this company or chain again
I have 10 year old Sealy posturepedic that was great so we decided to get a new one, $1400 and it is junk after only 1 year a ridge down the middle and a 2\" gully on each side of the mattress where we sleep

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